LAUTECH Students Protest over Robbery Attacks (photos)

Ladoke Akintola university Ogbomoso is under seige by the cloud of robbery that has been happening for the past two weeks without break.

The robbers who come in three, would barge into hostels, collect laptops, phones, fancy valuables and yet would threaten the occupants of each hostels to sleep with each other, while they watch.

adelove global freight2
Prof. Gbadegesin- the VC had done nothing visible to stop this terror.

However, the SUG president ‘Solace‘ has shared phone numbers, he said belong to SAS, when does number are called, the robbers shows.

LAUTECH is under fire, during this raining seasons. The girls are crying, the boys are angry, but, nothing could be done with robbers with guns and ‘sharp’ axes who are confidence enough to pick meat from pots during their babaric operation.








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