Nasir El-Rufai Discovers Over 4000 Ghost Workers Who are Paid in Billions Recovers N30 Billion for Kaduna

The Kaduna State Government said on Saturday that it has recovered N30 billion from 470 bank accounts operated by the previous administration. The Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, stated this during the second Town Hall meeting for Kaduna Central Zone 2 at the Kaduna International Trade Fair Complex.

“The N30 billion recovered from over 470 bank account owned by previous administration will be used to fulfil some of the development promises I made to the people of the state,” he said.

The state government’s actions follows its decision to operate a Single Treasury Account, STA, for all its departments and agencies. Mr. El-Rufai also said the committee set up to look at problems of local governments in the state discovered 300 staff in the administrative department of Zaria Local Government alone.

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“What do they need all these staff in a depart of one local government for? ” he said.

“That is why after settling its monthly bills etc, the Local Government still needs a loan of N2 million before becoming zero.” Mr. El-Rufai also disclosed that N16 million is stolen every month from Kaduna South Local Government. He said all other local governments will access their allocated funds, with the exception of Kaduna North and South councils

. The governor also said 4,000 ghost pensioners who collect over N1 billion monthly from the state have been uncovered. He said N1.3 billion workers’ pension fund contribution was diverted to a bank, adding, “we shall find perpetrators and recover all such stolen funds.”


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