Robbers Dug Underground To Enter Bank In Akure – Police

Crack detectives weekend foiled attempt by some armed robbers to blow up and rob one of the old generation banks in Ondo State by digging an underground tunnel into the premises.
The gang, it was gathered, had dug over 15 meters into the bank premises from the fence which is behind the bank at Alagbaka area where it is located in Akure metropolice.

ADELOVE learned that the tunnel was able to contain three persons at a time, while the place from where the hoodlums operated, is isolated from other buildings.
It was gathered that the tunnel would have been dug into the banking hall if it had not been discovered by the detectives.
Police source said the gang that planned the robbery would have operated at the weekend when the bank staff would not be at work.

Sources said the bankers would have resumed to discover that the banks vault had been blown off and all the money carted away.
Speaking in Akure, the Commissioner of Police, Mike Ogbodu, said: “It was the banks’ surveillance squad that discovered the long tunnel dug by the suspected armed robbers behind the Ado/Owo Road branch of the bank.’’
“The length of the tunnel dug from the perimeter fence of the bank into the bank premises was about 10 to 15 meters.

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“The tunnel was apparently prepared to serve as a passage to the bank premises to carry out their nefarious act without being noticed.’’
According to the Police chief who conducted newsmen round the scene, items recovered include shovel, diggers and other tools, biscuits, pure water sachets and soft drinks.
“This is a new trend being employed by men of the underworld these days. Consequently, bank management are advised to be conscious of the happenings in their environment and also endeavour to always remove any barrier that could serve as cover for criminals,’’ the police commissioner said.

Similarly, a serial hacker, Daniel Obasi, who specializes in hacking Facebook accounts of important personalities in the country was also paraded by the state police command.
According to him, Obasi was arrested after hacking into the Facebook accounts of both the Ondo and Lagos states’ deputy governors, Alhaji Lasisi Oluboyo and Dr. Oluranti Idiat Adebule respectively.
Ogbodu said the suspects had been using the platform to dupe unsuspecting friends of his victims, saying several thousands of Naira were paid into his bank accounts.

He said the suspect “usually use the clone accounts to chat with friends, siblings and political associates of the deputy governors telling them there is a contract to be given out by their state governments and asked them to pay some specific amount into his account to help facilitate the contracts.
During interrogation, the suspects said: “I am Daniel from Imo State but live in Port harcourt. I opened a separate account of deputy governors and I used it to chat with people on the net.
“I did not hack into their accounts, I only opened new account on behalf of them. I use it to communicate with people. I have never hacked into their accounts.”
The suspect, who blamed his action on frustration, explained that he was a businessman before his business collapsed many years ago.
“Since then, I have engaged in cyber crime. I have not been long in this business. I have only clone accounts of Ondo and Lagos states’ deputy governors,’’ he said.



  1. I wonder my brother, the hole is a good trap to catch the robbers red handed. But one funny thing about the story is the 10 Meters, too short a distance to believe the story

  2. Nigeria Police and their lies!! It makes it look as if they are proactive in their duties with kidnappers, pipeline vandals, cattle rustlers and terrorists having a field day unhindered in different parts of the nation while men of Nigeria Police are still escorting VIPs, escorting trailers conveying goods and extorting money from commercial vehicle operators.

    Accurate information is that a gardener contracted by the bank’s branch to clear the grass was the one who discovered the hole and alerted the branch management who in turn alerted the Nigeria Police.

    This is exactly why no one was caught and now Police is taking glory for what they did not do.

  3. No one was caught … and the police could not keep vigil until such a time ONE of the “tunnel diggers” enters the tunnel — too bad. We were not expecting shovels and pick-axes to be caught. I consider this bad policing.

  4. The Nigerian Police and security system is a redundant and usless organization. Their approach to crime fighting makes NIGERIA to be den of kidnappers and armed robbers. After discovery of the tunnel, why not the Police stake it out in order to catch the culprits. Instead they went to the press and alerted the armed robbers. Is this a way to fight crime!. Now these bank robbers will be out planning for another bank robbery. Nigerian Policeis a redundant organization. Yeye de smell.

  5. Dis is just d beginning of crime. No job 4 graduate and high cost of education ravaging naija. Pls, create job and lez dis robbery.

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