(Episode 33) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

David’s Mom: ‘’what’s going on?, what does he want?’’ my mother asked, grabbing my wrist as she eyed Edwin.

David: ‘’mum please get back into the car. Go back to the car, I beg of you’’ I quickly pleaded to her. She gave me a very long look before obliging to my request.

Edwin: ‘’listen, we shouldn’t be fighting over Cassandra and you shouldn’t place your hopes on that girl. She is meant for someone like me, not you. Cassandra is my toy and will forever remain so. She is just using you and nothing more. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt your family but if you push me, then I will . let go of Cassandra and I promise never to disturb your peace again. This is my last warning’’ Edwin threatened seriously. I scoffed, shook my head and drew closer to him.

David: ‘’so I should leave Cassandra just because a boy like you is threatening me?. Fine, you are very courageous. I have heard you. You can go now’’ I said with a short laugh.

Edwin: ‘’don’t push me to hurt you please don’t push me’’ the silly boy threatened once again before disappearing into the night. I breathed deeply as I watched him disappear. I needed no telling that I have to come up with something. I had to come up with a plan to sink the mad kid before he destroys my life.

David’s Mom: ‘’what was the drama all about and who was that rascal?’’ mum asked as soon as I joined her in the car. I breathed deeply, very reluctant to open up to her but I had no choice than to tell her a little bit of the truth because she definitely heard almost all Edwin and i said to each other.

David: ‘’he’s claiming to be Cassandra’s boyfriend. You know how all these campus kids behave a times. He keeps bugging the poor girl’s life. I just don’t know how to deal with him. Moreover he looks and acts like a drug addict’’ I explained. Mum shook her head and sighed.

David’s Mom: ‘’It’s better you leave Cassandra and her campus life alone and face your future with Nora. That young man I just saw is capable of doing anything. He can kill you. He can even kill Cassandra just to get back at you. Please we have enough problems already, let go of Cassandra. Let’s find a way to settle things with Nora’’ mum pleaded desperately while I smiled. It was very obvious she was using the opportunity that just played out before her to talk me into building a life with Nora.

David: ‘’I have heard you mother. Let’s get to the apartment first. I hope Cassandra is alright’’ I breathed as I slowly drove my car into the compound.


David: ‘’Cassandra dear are you alright?’’ I quickly asked Cassandra as soon as I walked into my apartment with my mother. Cassandra really looked a bit colored and stressed up as if something was worrying her. I quickly came to the conclusion that she definitely saw Edwin that very evening.

Cassandra: ‘’yes I’m okay. Why do you ask?’’ she answered curiously. I gave my mother a quick look before returning my gaze to Cassandra.

David: ‘’let’s go to my room and talk’’ I commanded and headed to my room. She quickly followed me without another word.

On getting to my room, I turned, faced and studied her for some seconds.

David: ‘’you look very anxious, did anything happen when I went out to pick my mother?’’ I asked suspiciously.

Cassandra: ‘’nothing happened when you left the house and yes I look anxious because you are acting so weird’’ she answered intelligently.

David: ‘’I ran into Edwin minutes ago. I believe you guys had a good time together. Don’t tell me you didn’t see him’’ I asked with a raised tone while she shook her head in denial.

Cassandra: ”i didn’t see Edwin this evening. i can’t believe you ran into him. What’s the problem with that boy” she breathed in defense.

David: ‘’fine , on Monday I will be going to your school with a team from the police Anti Robbery squad. It’s time to get that boy locked up and you are going with me’’ I said seriously, expecting a happy reaction from Cassandra but to my surprise she simply gasped with fear.

Cassandra: ‘’no no no, you cant be serious. You can’t do that.’’ She cried.

David: ‘’yes I’m serious. The kid has to pay for stealing your money,for threatening me and for terrifying my mother. You will be the one to show the police where the little rascal lives’’ I said strongly, very determined with my plan but Cassandra was far from happy about it. She quickly drew forward and held my shoulders.

Cassandra: ‘’no you can’t do that. I’m going no where with you’’ she kind of screamed, leaving me with no choice than to ponder over how loyal and honest she was with me.

David: ‘’I guess you have an explanation for that reaction. Don’t you?’’ I asked while she nodded her head in agreement as we stared deeply at each other.

Cassandra: ‘’it’s not as if I don’t want Edwin arrested and dealt it but the problem is about my safety. Arresting Edwin means signing my own death warrant. His friends will come for my head and the police wont be there to protect me. I’m a young girl and I don’t want to lose my life over such thing’’ she explained, turning her back on me while I stared at her, not knowing what else to say. Of course her explanation failed to convince me and I kind of felt she was protecting the silly guy over something she wasn’t telling me.

Cassandra: ‘’I know you won’t understand my position. Of course you have never been to the university. You haven’t witnessed firsthand how dangerous and careless the cult boys are. But I beg of you. Let me handle Edwin my own way. I promise he will never disturb you again.’’ she pleaded, turning to face me with a deeply shaken mood. I swallowed hard as I stared at her uneasily. She softly held my hands, pleading with all her soul.

Cassandra: ‘’i’m very scared. You just have to understand that I’m fighting for my life. Yes I admit the i‎t is my friend but come on, you should know that no girl in her right senses will have anything to do with such a rascal. I’m just in a pit that I can’t escape. Let me handle Edwin my own way’’ she pleaded desperately.

David: ‘’so I shouldn’t involve the police?’’ I asked with a deep breathe. She nodded instantly.

Cassandra: ‘’yes involving the police will do more harm than good. Please for the sake of my life, let me handle Edwin’’ she pleaded one more time.

David: ‘’okay I succumb to your pleas. But if I see that rascal ever again, I won’t have any choice than to have him arrested. I said softly with a smile. She threw herself on me, hugging me tightly.

Cassandra: ‘’thank you. Thanks so much’’ she breathed happily.


After dinner, I headed to the second room to have a little discussion with my mother. I desperately needed to know her plans with Nora. Of course I had every right to know.

My mum smiled as soon as she saw me enter the room. It was very obvious she was expecting me.

David: ‘’mum you know we still have some things to talk?’’ I stammered as I sat beside her on the bed. She nodded and breathed deeply.

David’s Mom: ‘’I’m heading home tomorrow and I guess you want to know all I discussed with Nora?’’ she asked while I nodded like a child.

David’s Mom: ‘’you see Nora and I reached a very good agreement. Her child belongs to the family and so will have every right as you and your siblings. Nora equally accepted me as her new mother and from now onwards I will play a very special role in her life. It doesn’t matter if you give your consent or not. She now has a stake in our family. However I still have things to discuss with your dad. The issue with Nora’s pregnancy still need to be settled between the two families. You are free to get involved, you are also free to abstain. It’s all on you’’ she said with a very serious demeanor , her eyes running through me.

I couldn’t say a word when she was done and even though all she said appeared normal in some way, I just wasn’t prepared for it. I felt empty and hopeless.

David: ‘’I have heard you mother. Good night’’ I breathed, got up and headed to my room with a very clouded mind.


As I got to my room, I saw Cassandra sitting on the bed instead of lying down. She smiled as i walked in. The effects of the discussion I had with my mother still very much on me.

Cassandra: ‘’hey sweet, I really was waiting for you’’ she breathed. I slowly sat beside her, staring at her curiously.

Cassandra: ‘’I really don’t know how to ask you this but I desperately need your help.’’ She breathed, I urged her to continue.

Cassandra: ‘’it’s the issue of my birthday. Yes it’s true I lost the money you gave me but I still need to go on with it. You know all the arrangements has been made and I cant just cancel the whole stuff’’ she stammered, looking very innocent. But for the second time, I reacted very angrily towards her. I instantly sprang up with great anger , surprising her with my reaction.

David: ‘’you want another money to give away to your student boyfriend huh?. No no no. that’s not going to happen. I’m giving you no money for your birthday and that’s it”. I shouted at her.

Cassandra: ‘’but you promised earlier in the day to do anything for me?’’ she quickly reminded me.

David: ‘’yes I did but I cant give you another money for your birthday’’ I said once again.

Cassandra: ‘’’okay thank you. Good night’’ she breathed, drew back and fell on the bed, while I slowly calmed down, regretting ever shouting at her.

I instantly felt bad seeing her go to bed with sadness in her eyes but for no reason I couldn’t get myself to take back my decision and do her bidding.


I never gave her another money for her birthday but only gave her five thousand naira as she left early the next day. At first I thought she wouldn’t take the money but she did take the money with a drawn face.

As she left that fateful morning I couldn’t help but fear that our relationship might never remain the same again.

…. Stay tuned for Episode 34

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