(Episode 36) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

I quickly dialed Cassandra’s number once again, not giving her the chance to drop or switch off her phone. I really can’t describe how I felt that moment and seriously I equally was scared over everything. Cassandra answered after some seconds, giving me the chance to speak with her. I quickly cleared my throat while my heart pounded furiously.

David: ‘’Cassandra why are you doing this?’’ I asked softly, trying my best to tone down my voice.

Cassandra: ‘’what did I do?. I don’t understand” she asked quickly, pretending not to understand my question. I breathed deeply, uncertain of where to start. I really had lots of things to ask her but deep down I knew I couldn’t get myself to ask all the questions over the phone. I had to get her to my house first before asking the questions that could raise tensions between us.

I really was willing to do a lot for Cassandra. She was the first girl I had genuinely approached with the best intentions in my heart. It wasn’t a crime to wish the best for myself. It wasn’t a crime to wish to marry a graduate. And all those of you criticizing me on AdeLove, just know that God is watching you on 3D. Abi na crime to love ni? It wasn’t a crime to sacrifice a fortune for a woman i plan spending the rest of my life with.

Oh yes I knew Cassandra wasn’t faultless. I knew she wasn’t hundred percent perfect just like everyone of us. She equally was yet to give me great reason to walk away. She had never given me cause to be angry, jealous or overly suspicious till the present moment.

David: ‘’Cassandra’’ I breathed solemnly.

Cassandra: ‘’yes Dave’’ she answered softly.

David: ‘’why has your phones been switched off for the past one week and where are you right now?’’ I asked softly.

Cassandra: ‘’I travelled to Lagos to see my cousin. There was power outage in her neighborhood since Wednesday and I hate charging my phones outside. Electricity was just restored an hour ago and when I switched on my phone I saw lots of messages from friends, telling me all you did behind my back. I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe you went to my school to cause trouble. Couldn’t you have waited for at least a week or more before doing all the things you did?. I just hate being monitored. If you still have doubts about my whereabouts I can give my cousin the phone right now so that you can speak with her. If you don’t trust me, so be it. No relationship works without trust. I can’t have anything to do with a man who doesn’t trust me’’ she poured quickly, leaving me a bit relieved and speechless at the same time. I said it that Cassandra truly love me.. All of una saying negative things about me and Cassandra, just know that There’s God ooooo. Especially the AdeLove fans reading my story.

I just didn’t know what to say to her for some seconds as the tension in me slowly disappeared.

David: ‘’when are you returning?’’ I asked curiously.

Cassandra: ‘’Wednesday’’ she answered.

David: ‘’Stop by at my house on Wednesday. We still have a lot to discuss’’ I said softly, quickly making plans in my head.

David: ‘’yes it’s better we discuss more when she shows up. If she comes out clean, I won’t mind proposing to her?” I reasoned deeply.

Cassandra: ‘’okay fine, I will be there on Wednesday evening’’ she accepted quickly.


Early Tuesday, I travelled to my village to see my parents. It really had been long I last saw them and yes it felt good being home with them.

My mother wasted no time in showing me pictures of my lovely son with the stories of how he was delivered.

David’s Mom: ‘’yes I was there my son. I witnessed everything with my own eyes. At a point Nora screamed out your name as the boy dropped from her body’’ she narrated as I stared at the pictures one after the other. My eyes melted with tears of joy.

David: ‘’Unfortunately Nora now wants nothing to do with me mother. She hasn’t even allowed me to see my son’’ I Complained while my good old mother softly held my hand.

David’s Mom: ‘’you have to fight for her love if you really want her back in your life. She’s a good woman and I understand what she’s going through this moment. But are you still serious with Cassandra?’’ she asked , searching me with her eyes. I nodded immediately, her eyes quickly dropped.

David’s Mom: ‘’I hope you know what you are doing. I really do hope’’ she stammered softly.


I returned to the city the next day to prepare and wait for my Cassandra who was coming over that very day. I really couldn’t wait for her to show up. At first I planned buying an engagement ring but later kept aside the plan. I decided to wait till she shows up.

David: ‘’No Dave just give her the chance to prove herself before going further’’ I said to myself..


Cassandra showed up at exactly 6:45 PM looking very hot in her pink top, black jacket and tight fitting trouser. She really looked like a diva queen who just finished a photo shoot and all the reservations I had about her quickly disappeared as soon as I set my eyes on her.

Cassandra: ‘’good evening Dave” she greeted as she threw herself on me.

David: ‘’oh Cassandra’’ I breathed as I hugged her dearly. I really was charmed by her appearance and grace.


David: ‘’so why did you travel to Lagos without telling me?’’ I couldn’t help but ask Cassandra immediately we settled down in my sitting room. She breathed and frowned.

Cassandra: ‘’I traveled to Lagos because of money issues. I went to see my cousin who promised to help me with money for my practicals. You already know how difficult things are for my family. They hardly send me money and you hardly send more than twenty thousand Naira monthly for me. Moreover you haven’t sent me a dime this month and I didn’t want to disturb you because I know you have lots of problems to take care of. You really have been doing your best for me. It’s just that my department is a very difficult one. We spend a lot in , materials , practicals and text books. As a lady I also have to take care of myself. I’m really finding it hard to survive. Believe me’’ she poured out seriously while I stared at her not knowing what else to say. Her words, her composure , her appearance all looked too innocent. For a minute I couldn’t say a word as I studied her with my eyes.

Cassandra: ‘’seriously I’m really in need of help. The year is slowly coming to an end and I still have lots of pending assignments to submit. I badly need all the help I can get’’ she added as tears quickly appeared in her eyes, unsettling me. I swallowed hard, very shaken and completely stunned. She slowly opened her handbag and brought out a wrap of Naira notes.

Cassandra: ‘’this is all I got from my cousin. Just fifteen thousand Naira. I just wasted a week for nothing’’ she muttered, looking up at me.

David: ‘’but, but how much exactly do you need and what do you need the money for?’’ I stammered curiously.

Cassandra: ‘’we are having practical’s every Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays .They all involve money because we source for materials ourselves. I really have missed some of them and I have a lot of catching up to do which equally involves more money.’’ She added softly.

David: ‘’so you mean my sister spends this much in school?’’ I asked suspiciously, quickly calculating how much I spent on my sister before she got married.

Cassandra: ‘’I hope you know your sister is now married. I think her husband is in the best position to tell you how much she spends, moreover you can’t compare when we were in our first or second year with now. Mind you your sister equally is under optometry and not pure medicine. I hope you understand the difference?’’ she slowly explained, getting me angry with the question.

David: ‘’are you trying to insult me or what. Yes I didn’t attend any university but I know things. I can defend myself anywhere any time’’ I barked. She slowly touched me, smiling deeply.

Cassandra: ‘’I’m very sorry. I never meant to insult or make you angry. I adore you for who you are’’ she apologized softly, calming me with the apology.

Cassandra: ‘’but seriously , you really need to help me. I know you can afford helping me. You are a very generous person and God has been blessing you in return. Please don’t let me go back to my school in tears. You are all that I got now. I’m nothing without you. Please Dave I need your help’’ she pushed on and on.

David: ‘’how much exactly do you need. How much will be enough for you to cover your practicals?’’ I finally asked, when her pleas became too much to ignore.

Cassandra: ‘’just fifty thousand Naira. I will add it to the one I have and I promise never to bother you again for the rest of the year.’’ She quickly replied as her eyes brightened hopefully.

Oh Cassandra.. this girl go Suck me Dry!!! AdeLove Readers.. what do you think please?

….. Stay tuned for Episode 37

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  1. Oga ju.. give her the N50k.. she promised not to disturb you again. Just know that’s her last milking money and you won’t see her again!

  2. We never say we are against your relationship with CassMeDry… we are helping you to count the amount you’ve spent .. Are you giving the N50k or NOT???

  3. Last calculation on money given out by Mr. mumusco to miss Cass_me_dry is #245,000 plus the addition money given to her in the month of October which is 20K, which now #265,000, still waiting for the money on request……..Next episode please

  4. Na wah ooh! This world sha, some guls are out there praying 4 som1 who will truly love them n be this stupidly in luv to help them financially, they are also ready to love the guys back. Ca bien

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