(Episode 37) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

David: ‘’I’m currently not financially strong like I used to be, but I will try to help you out. Just don’t disappoint me in the end’’ I softly said to her.

Cassandra: ‘’oh dear Lord. Thank you Dave. You are one in a million’’ she screamed joyfully, throwing herself on me.

We ended up making great love all through the night , the girl was really super energetic. She fired me up with great energy, leaving me gasping as I asked for more. And yes she fed me with more.

Cassandra: ‘’do you still want more?’’ she asked after the fourth round, caressing my joystick as i tried to catch my breath.

David: ‘’oh Cassandra!, you are just too much’’ I gave up weakly, leaving a smile of satisfaction on her face.


Cassandra left on Friday morning with my fifty thousand Naira and after she left , I told my friend (Chinedu) all that happened between us. He really was amused as I narrated how we made love all through Wednesday night.

Chinedu: ”if that girl doesn’t kill you with her demands, she will definitely kill you with her body” he joked.

Chinedu: ‘’there is no doubt Cassandra is a very sumptuous lady. There is also no doubt that medicine is a very expensive course to study but I really think her demands are getting too much. She isn’t in a private university and I don’t believe her school will allow their medical students to spend the way she’s telling you’’ he said intelligently while i nodded in agreement.

David: ‘’I guess I should call my sister and ask for her help. The only problem with it, is that she’s heavily pregnant and I don’t want to put her in harm’s way’’ I breathed as I dialed my sister’s phone number.


David’s Sister: ‘’hey big bro, what a surprise. I cant believe you are the one calling’’ my sister greeted happily as she answered my call.

David: ‘’I need help. I need you to get someone to watch Cassandra for me. Preferably someone close to her’’ I said without replying her greetings.

David’s Sister: ‘’hmmm that can be arranged very fast. I guess your eyes are now opening. Anyway just give me two weeks. I know Cassandra’s close friend who will snitch on her for a little fee. Just hold on for two weeks’’ she promised. I smiled and hung up.

David: ‘’it’s done. We only have to wait for two weeks’’ I said to my friend, who smiled,

Chinedu: ‘’so what if it turns out that you are being played. What will you do?’’ he asked seriously.

David: ‘’I will kill her. I can’t live to see a girl like Cassandra dupe me and get away with it. i will die of heartbreak if i don’t take vengeance’’ I breathed strongly, leaving Chinedu gasping with shock.

Chinedu: ‘’that’s a strong choice of words brother’’ he breathed.

David: ‘’yes and I will do it’’ I promised, exchanging strong glances with him..

David: ‘‘But did i really mean those words?”



On Tuesday of the following week, my mother showed up on her way to see Nora. I quickly offered to go with her, with the hope of using the opportunity to see my son whom Nora blatantly denied me the privilege of seeing.


Nora was very happy to see my mother who was all smiles as they hugged strongly. She really was overjoyed to see my mother but her happiness never stopped her from showing her resentment towards me.

Nora: ‘’mum you know David isn’t allowed in here. Why bring him along?’’ she quickly asked my mother, ignoring me.

David’s Mom: ‘’my dear, I do understand your position but please you can’t continue denying him the right to see his child. You have to allow him my dear, even if it is for once’’ she said to the angry girl who eyed me, breathed deeply and shrugged in resignation.

She quietly took us to her room where her little sister was playing with my boy.

Nora: ‘’he was baptized on Saturday and I named him David just like you requested’’ she said to my mother who smiled with satisfaction.

David’s Mom: ‘’you are a very good and noble woman. I can’t believe you honored my request’’ my mother praised her as she carried my son while I silently watched on like a stranger, so touched but unable to contribute to the conversation.

I really was extremely touched and shaken as I heard my son’s name for the first time. I couldn’t believe Nora could be loyal and submissive even with the strong hatred she now felt for me. I couldn’t even make a move to touch my son. It was just as if I was scared of touching him, scared of staring at his face, scared of everything. My conscience really worked wonders on me that very moment.

David’s Mom: ‘’you no longer want to carry your son?’’ mum quickly asked with a smile. I composed myself, reached forward and carried little David, smiling foolishly as Nora, her sister and my mother watched me keenly.

Oh I was very, very nervous.


Nora: ‘’we have to talk’’ Nora suddenly said to me after some minutes. I nodded in agreement, handed over my child to my mother and followed her to the kitchen.

On getting to the kitchen, she stopped and faced me with a deeply colored face. I swallowed hard as I stared back at her, wondering what she intended to tell me that couldn’t be said before everyone.

Nora: ‘’listen David, I don’t like the way you always show up here with the slightest opportunity you get. I hate embarrassing anyone but if you continue with the attitude, I won’t mind embarrassing you in front of your own mother. Please stay away from me and my child. I don’t want him to have anything to do with you. Respect yourself and stay away. I beg of you’’ she said seriously while I stared at her, unable to say a word. I just couldn’t say anything to her. She had every right to be arrogant and disrespectful, but I felt she was taking things too far.

My silence however kind of touched her. She breathed deeply, smiled and drew closer to me.

Nora: ‘’I know I’m not in the best position to advise you but I can’t help it. You have reduced a lot. You are no longer as big as you used to be. I know things are not going well with you. But the worst mistake you made was falling in love with Cassandra. The girl is just something else. You can’t believe my sister has been seeing her all over the place with one doctor that just moved into this neighborhood two weeks ago. I don’t know how she can have the mind to hang out with another man in the same city you live in. Well maybe the guy is her relative I don’t know but you have to be careful. I don’t see Cassandra marrying a guy like you’’ she said softly, throwing me back with the news. I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe her for some seconds. My heart simply froze as my head quickly did some calculations.

Nora: ‘’I shouldn’t have told you this. I would have allowed you to find out things for yourself but I just can’t keep quiet anymore’’’ she added softly as I shook with rage.

David: ‘’Cassandra was in Lagos two weeks ago. Yes she told me she travelled to get money from her cousin. Has Owerri now turned to Lagos?. How come she has the mind to be with another man in this city, knowing full well that this is a small world?. No, something isn’t adding up’’ I breathed furiously.


I really wasn’t myself all through the rest of my stay at Nora’s house. My head was just full of thoughts and ideas. i badly needed to find out the truth. I badly needed to catch Cassandra red handed.

‘’But after catching her red-handed, what next?’’ I asked myself over and over as I drove to my shop, almost running over an old woman who was crossing the road without looking properly. I narrowly missed running over her because I wasn’t concentrating in my driving and had to stop to shout at her, but just couldn’t because she was too old to be shouted at. Instead I decided to caution her.

David: ‘’please madam you have to mind how you cross the city roads. You almost put you and me in a very big danger’’ I advised. She smiled and looked at me.

Passerby: ‘’my son the danger you should be wary of, lives within you’’ she replied and walked away, leaving me guessing the meaning of her words..


Chinedu: ‘’seriously what do you plan doing with Cassandra if your fears turns out to be true?’’ Chinedu asked as we enjoyed each other’s company on Friday evening at his house. Yes it really was three days after my visit to Nora’s house but all she told me were still very fresh in my memory.

David: ‘’I don’t know brother. Is it a crime to love?. Is it a crime for someone like me to wish marrying a graduate?’’ I poured out in frustration. My friend shrugged, saying nothing.

David: ‘’The irony of it all is that I’m still very much in love with Cassandra. She has this way of making me feel special. I just don’t know how to confront her. I equally don’t know what to do if all the stories about her are real. I don’t know what to do with that girl. I have invested a lot in her. My money, my heart, everything. I can’t just walk away and start from where?’’’ I cried.

Chinedu: ‘’that’s one thing about relationships that I’m scared of. Finding someone you love is not easy and when you eventually fall in love, you may end up loving the wrong person or being in a relationship with a girl sharing you with two or three guys. Believe me most of the guys out there don’t know that their girlfriends are sharing them with other guys. Sixty percent of girls’ double date nowadays, another twenty percent is just waiting for the right opportunity to double date and just twenty percent of girls can be trusted but then they are very difficult to find. Most times the good girls are the ugly ones. Just five percent of beautiful girls can be hoped on but please don’t quote me’’ he lectured while I swallowed hard.

David: ‘’but I thought it was poverty that makes most girls to cheat?. But in Cassandra’s case, I gave her everything she asked for. You can’t imagine how much I spent on her head, both the accountable and non accountable expenses. How can I just walk away as if nothing happened’’ I breathed.

Chinedu: ‘’I don’t see the reason why you should be lamenting. You are yet to catch her red-handed and your sister is yet to give you any news. Just calm down and let’s see how things go’’ Chinedu added intelligently. I swallowed hard and shook my head. Losing Cassandra would leave a terrible blow on my body. All the time and energy I wasted on her would then be a thing of the past and a big waste. Starting a new life would definitely be very difficult. Moreover Nora no longer wants anything to do with me and I equally can’t go down on my knees , crawling and begging for her forgiveness.

David: ‘’dear lord, help me. I’m tired of remaining a bachelor. Don’t let me do something nasty out of desperation’’ I prayed inwardly, hoping for the best. Just that moment, my phone rang and it was my little sister calling.

David’s Sister: ‘’Good evening Big brother. I have gathered all the information about Cassandra you need’’ she said excitedly. My heart instantly froze.

Even though I was dying to know all of Cassandra’s little secrets, I equally was very scared of what it could do to me.

David’s Sister: ‘’can you believe that Cassandra introduced one doctor Chris Eneh to her friends as her fiancée. I guess you haven’t met any of Cassandra’s friends talk more of being introduced to them?’’ she quickly poured out, leaving me gasping for breath while chinedu watched on with great concern.

David’s Sister: ‘’she met the dude some years back when he did his youth service in the school clinic. I think they lost contact or something but according to her friend, the guy appeared around May of this year and since then has been having a good time with her. He always sends a car to pick her up anytime he needs her presence. The guy is working at federal medical center Owerri and I heard they are very serious with each other’’ she summarized and hung up, leaving me so dead with the revelation.

David: ‘’oh God!’’ I gasped as my heart stopped beating for some seconds. The pain was just too much.

I almost fainted.


Chinedu: ‘’just take a deep breath and calm down brother. Don’t get yourself worked up’’ Chinedu calmly advised immediately after I narrated all my sister said over the phone to him.

David: ‘’I do wish I can just close my eyes and forget about Cassandra. I just wish there is something I can do to make all these problems go away. I’m really devastated. You can’t imagine the pain I feel right now, believe me’’ I cried solemnly.

Chinedu: ‘’how I wish I can be of more help. Seriously Cassandra is something else’’ my friend breathed with concern. I looked down with great pain.

David: ‘’I will try to forget her. I will try to push her to the back of my memory’’ I promised myself but then it was just mere words. It was just a promise made with a confused mind.

I couldn’t help but think of Cassandra no matter how occupied I was over the days, and as much as I tried hard to get her out of my head, I found myself thinking about her more and more.

A week slowly passed by without me speaking to Cassandra and yes I used all the strength in me to restrain myself from calling her and surprisingly Cassandra on the other hand never bothered to check up on me. However, as the second week slowly wrapped up I couldn’t restrain myself any longer and I found myself calling the girl I swore never to call again.

Yes I was ashamed of myself as I dialed her number but the pressure and urge to hear her voice was stronger than the shame I felt for myself that very moment. It was just as if I was under a spell and of course I was under the spell of love. Cassandra was the girl I invested my heart, my feelings and my entire soul on. I was yet to reclaim myself and it was something that seemed impossible at that moment.

David: ‘’Cassandra’’ I breathed as soon as she picked up my call. I couldn’t help but notice that the voice she answered with was devoid of the usual tone and softness that always followed it. It was as if she already knew that I was aware of her games. Perhaps it was my feelings that made me reason towards that direction. Perhaps I was right with the reasoning.

Cassandra: ‘’hey Dave, good morning’’ she greeted.

David: ‘’I’m fine; I’m really very surprised that you failed to check up on me all through the previous week. You never bothered to call my line even for once’’ I slowly complained.

Cassandra: ‘’I have been busy with school’’ she answered.

David: ‘’I really want us to see this weekend. How possible will it be?’’ I asked.

Cassandra: ‘’I don’t think it will be possible’’ she quickly answered.

David: ‘’how about next week?, Even if it’s just for few hours?’’ I asked but she surprisingly turned me down.

Cassandra: ‘’I will be very busy. I don’t think we will be seeing till the end of the year’’ she replied and hung up without giving me the chance to say another word. I quickly dialed back her phone number but couldn’t get across to her because her line was engaged with another call.

I felt extremely bitter as reality slowly closed in on me. There wasn’t any doubt that I was scammed with love. My case was just a hopeless one.


The month of November unceremoniously ended with Cassandra neither visiting nor showing any atom of care towards me and as December slowly dragged by I became more desperate and erratic. I still found it hard to stop thinking of Cassandra and each passing day left me more emotionally weak and empty.


Chinedu: ‘’I think you should find a way to settle with Nora, since by the look of things Cassandra is already done with you’’ Chinedu was forced to advise when he couldn’t keep quiet any more.

David: ‘’no brother, I’m not yet done with Cassandra. But I really do need your help. I can’t just let the girl go scot free. I must find a way to confront her. If it fails to work , then I will have no choice than to take my case to her parents’’ I poured out in desperation.

Chinedu: ‘’and what’s your aim with this plan?. I don’t get you’’ he breathed with eyes wild open.

David: ‘’relax and trust me brother. I’m really not thinking with my head this time around but I have a target’’ I answered while he shrugged, probably wondering if I was going mad or already mad.

Chinedu: ‘’but how about Nora cant you just make up with her?. I think you still have a chance with that girl’’ he added softly, searching me with his eyes but my face fell instantly.

David: ‘’Nora will never accept me back, not after knowing that I came back to her just because Cassandra played me. Moreover I haven’t seen Nora since the day I went to her apartment with my mother. Besides She made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with me when my memory was still fresh in her head, talk more of now that her wounds has healed. I’m just a failed man brother’’ I opened up.

Chinedu: ‘’well just give it a try. Visit her tomorrow with the intention of seeing your son. Who knows things can still work in your favor’’’ he encouraged me and just like he suggested, very early the next day I headed to Nora’s house like the biblical prodigal son who returned to his father after squandering his wealth but unlike in the bible, I knew Nora wasn’t going to welcome me with happiness.


One look at me that fateful morning, a scornful smile appeared on Nora’s face. It was just as if she read all my problems with just one look at me.


Nora: ‘’what on earth are you doing here?. Haven’t I warned you countless times to stop bothering me?. I guess you do need a restraining order from the court after all’’ she fired angrily, blocking the doorway with her body. I stared at her, not knowing what to say to calm her down. There wasn’t any doubt that she still was very angry with me. .

David: ‘’Nora I didn’t come to fight with you. I came in peace. I came to see my son and equally know how you are faring’’ I muttered, forcing out a smile to push my words but Nora was far from being sympathetic or should I say understanding. It was just as if she was waiting to pour out her anger on me over and over.

Nora: ‘’I’m very much okay, same as my son. Please don’t bother about him. I have told you numerous times that you are not welcomed in my son’s life until he grows up to decide for himself. As for now, I’m deciding for him and my decision is that you stay away from us. Moreover you are the person that needs all the care and attention you can get. Just look at you. Just look at how pathetic you now look. You look so thin, so withdrawn and so unkempt. It’s very unfortunate that you now look like a skeleton while the girl who obviously put you in this condition is currently having fun with another man down the street’’ she poured out furiously, equally sighing rudely. I gasped as her words hit me like dynamite.

Nora: ‘’Yes I saw Cassandra this morning with her new lover. I went down the street to buy things for my baby minutes ago and ran into them enjoying each other’s company in full view of the whole neighborhood, chatting and laughing shamelessly. She pretended not to see me and I equally ignored her. You have to get your acts together and move on because the Cassandra I saw this morning is definitely done with you and now frolicking with another prey. I guess you have learnt your lessons already’’ she added, leaving me totally devastated as sweat drenched my entire body.

David: ‘’so Cassandra is in town and yet she found it hard to spare an hour to see me??. I cursed as the pain in my chest grew out of proportion. I felt like crying that moment. I felt so terribly bad and humiliated. I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

‘’how do I handle this shame?. This heartbreak?. What do I do?’’ I wondered, while Nora smiled with satisfaction as she saw how worked up I was.

Nora: ‘’don’t ever show your ugly face here again, unless you are coming to present your wedding invitation with Cassandra to me. By the way, the doctor enjoying your Cassandra lives in the green duplex, two houses away from here. The house by your right when heading out’’ she added with a mockery tone before shutting her door on my face. An action that infuriated me greatly.


I had no choice than to pick up my miserable self and head back to my car. I was close to tears. My hopes, my dreams all looked shattered. I couldn’t help but wonder the type of story that would soon spread concerning me. I knew just like how the story of how I abandoned Nora spread, the story of how it all ended with Cassandra would soon spread, making me the laughing stock of the whole market community.

I knew Nora would like to get back at me by spreading the story with no holds barred.

Minutes later, I found myself stopping my car in front of the doctor’s house with no clear intention in my head. I just had no plans. I just didn’t know what I was doing. I just was emotionally wrecked.

I parked my car, sat inside and stared at the building for hours, while my head boiled as my heart pounded furiously. I just didn’t know what to do. I equally couldn’t control my feelings. I was just lost and hopeless. I needed to calm down but there was nothing to calm me down. I was nothing but a sore loser.


I sat in my car for close to two hours when I saw a young girl, walk out of the building. My heart froze as I stared at the girl who was no other person than Cassandra.

David: ‘’cassandraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’’’ I screamed with a very loud voice without stopping to think for a second. I jumped out of my car furiously, surprising the girl who froze with disbelief on seeing me.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 38

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  1. David is a moron, anyway it’s better to kneel down and beg Nora to forgive u an start with are b4 u became the talk of the town

  2. cassandra be like….. no dear I came 2 see my other cousin brother since you know I promised not 2 disturb you again. I really need 75k to pay 4 my timetable LOL

  3. cassandra be like….. no dear I came 2 see my other cousin brother since you know I promised not 2 disturb you again. I really need 75k to pay 4 my exam timetable LOL

  4. Eeyaa! well #295.000 spent so far excluding monthly allowance raging from 20,000 to 25,000 for almost 5months. And also iVAT.

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