Meet the Chicken that first tweet LOL … See more photos

Meet Betty the chicken. Her favorite movie is Chicken Run, her natural feather-color is a golden brown—oh, and she helps run the Twitter account for the barbecue chicken company Chicken Treat.

The Western Australia-based restaurant chain hopes Betty will attain the Guinness World Record title of the first chicken to tweet an actual five-letter word from the English dictionary, an honor of extreme poultry prestige. Betty is making these attempts from their official Twitter, with the tweets she pecks out marked by the hashtag #chickentweet.

chicken tweet

So far it has only managed one word, ‘bum’. However not everyone sees the funny side with animal rights activist saying the restaurant uses the chicken to unwittingly promote the slaughter of fellow chicken, according to TIME magazine: “Betty is unwittingly working to promote a firm that exists only to execute and barbecue her brethren for human consumption.”

chicken tweet1



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