(Episode 38) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

David: ‘’Cassandraaaaaa!’’ I screamed once again as I closed in on the shocked girl who stared at me as if she was looking at a ghost. Of course she had every reason to be shocked and scared but as a drama queen that she was, she quickly composed herself, weighing me up as I drew closer to her with a very angry look.

Cassandra: ‘’my God! Dave!, what the hell are you doing here?. Don’t tell me you are stalking me?”” she asked quickly, taking a step backwards. Her question really got me very angry. She had the nerves to ask if I was stalking her. Such an annoying question it was.

I felt like slapping her that moment. I felt like squeezing life out of her but as a gentleman I controlled myself.

David: ‘’so this is your school huh?. I guess you are heading to lectures huh?. Stupid liar. You are so despicable. I can’t believe I fell in love with someone like you’’ I poured out with great anger while she stared at me with fear in her eyes.

Cassandra: ‘’Dave listen, it’s not what you think. How about you wait for me in your house?. I will meet you there in the evening’’ she begged, trying to calm me down. But I wasn’t ready to listen or reason with her. My head was just so filled with anger, with resentment, with fire. I just was like an enraged bull, looking for a fight.

Cassandra: ‘’you know this is a very quiet neighborhood. We shouldn’t be drawing attention’’ she added quickly, throwing a quick look at the gate she just emerged from, as if she was scared of something.

David: ‘’tell me, who are you staying with?’’ I asked, breathing heavily. She drew back and made to walk away but I quickly grabbed her hand stopping her. To my surprise she fought me, struggling to break free from my grasp and screaming like a possessed girl. In an instant it quickly looked as if I was trying to kidnap her under broad daylight. I couldn’t help but notice that some curious bystanders were already walking towards us to probably assist her.

I was forced to release my hold, which gave her the opportunity to run back to the doctor’s compound. She quickly locked the gate from inside while I furiously kicked on it like a mad dog.


Gentleman: ‘’what’s going on?” I heard a gentle man ask me from behind. I ignored him and continued hitting on the gate until a middle aged gentlemen emerged from the compound, staring at me angrily. I quickly concluded that he was the doctor enjoying my Cassandra.

Cassandra New Manfriend: ‘’please can you tell me the meaning of this nonsense you are doing. Why are you chasing after my girl and why are you disturbing the whole neighborhood?’’ he asked with a loud voice as I seized him up.

Cassandra emerged once again from the compound and stood behind the doctor, eyeing me furiously. I swallowed hard as I looked around me. I could count about a dozen eyes staring at me.

Manfriend: ‘’is she owing you?, what’s this nonsense all about?”’ the young man asked once again.

David: ‘’I came for Cassandra and not for you. Cassandra is an adult capable of defending herself. My issue is with her and not you. She is my girlfriend and has been my girl since the beginning of this year’’’ I poured out in desperation, shocking the young doctor who stared at me with disbelief. I couldn’t help but notice how his eyes quickly went all over me.

Manfriend: ‘’please don’t be offended but I find this extremely intriguing. Can you at least introduce yourself to me? Your name and what you do. We are gentlemen and I believe we can reason and solve the misunderstanding like men’’ he said intelligently, calming me with the matured words. But before I could answer Cassandra quickly interrupted.

Cassandra: ‘’my dear don’t waste your time with him. He is just a trader from across the street who is very obsessed with me. You have work to do, don’t you?. Please don’t keep your patients waiting because you want to hear what this guy wants to say. He isn’t worth it or is he your level?’’ she chipped in rudely. The young doctor seized me up once again, probably surprised to know that I was nothing but a trader.

Manfriend: ‘’just stay from my Cassandra or I will have you locked up. This is a residential area and not a market place. I can’t believe I wasted my time trying to listen to you. Of course I should have known that it’s only a tout or a mad person that follows a woman to her husband’s house. Just get the hell out of here’’ he said coldly, instantly becoming rude. His words crushed my ego, my feelings and the remaining pride I had left. I took a deep breath before doing the unthinkable.

I took a quick punch at the doctor, throwing him off balance with a knockout blow. Cassandra screamed while I waited for the young man to retaliate.

Oh Cassandra!

…. Stay tuned to Episode 39

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  1. I wish d Doctor to be a good boxer so he cAn beat d hell out of u, chimpanzee way wAnt wine and dine wit human. He don pass him boundary. Next episode plzzZZ

  2. Hmmmm!!! Mr. money miss road, i pity ur life, after this event, then u will know there is difference between “I shall be there” AND “I was there”…..….Ur money don miss road enter were power dey…..Hahaha, after this one, u no go ever love again for ur entire life…. idiot!!!…….Next episode please.

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