(Episode 40) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

David: Since the beginning of the year I have been spending not less than twenty thousand naira on her head every month. I equally paid her hostel rent, plus the large sum of money I gave for her birthday. The list is quite a long one. Here, take a look at this paper, I wrote down everything I spent on her, from day one we met’’ I said calmly, offering a piece of paper in which I wrote down account of every dime I spent on Cassandra’s head to her shocked mother, who took the list, read it and gave to her husband who read it and jumped up with shock. I doubt if they have encountered or heard about the kind of stunt I was pulling that calm afternoon.

Cassandra’s Dad: ‘’four hundred and fifty thousand naira! ‘’ the old man exclaimed with great shock. Chinedu instantly stared at me with disbelief.

David: ‘’yes and I was kind enough to remove some unnecessary expenses from the list. Now listen; I want my money before the end of this year or your daughter won’t be free to celebrate the new year’’ I threatened and stood up.

David: ‘’my phone number is equally on that piece of paper. You have to hurry fast because the year is almost over’’ I added, smiled and walked out with Chinedu, leaving the old couple extremely stunned. They couldn’t even call me back nor did they try to negotiate a settlement with me.


Chinedu: ‘’holy me!, you got balls brother’’ Chinedu screamed as soon as we were in my car. I smiled and breathed deeply.

David: ‘’I pulled it off very well, didn’t i?’’ I asked. He shrugged, unable to find the suitable words to use on me.

Chinedu: ‘’but seriously isn’t what you just did a childish behavior?. Do you think Cassandra’s parents will simply run around and send you the money?’’ he finally asked after some seconds..

David: ‘’you can think whatever you feel like. I’m already mad, so anything I do now is out of madness. Let’s just wait and see what happens next’’ I replied softly. He shook his head in disbelief, saying nothing else.

Deep down I felt a little bit of relief. I felt a little surge of happiness. Yes seeing Cassandra’s parents very shocked made me happy and I sure was ready to continue with my stunts.


I returned to my apartment around 8pm that fateful Sunday very tired and sleepy. I was about taking a shower when my door bell rang. I lazily headed to the door, wondering who could be visiting by that hour. To my surprise I saw Cassandra standing on my doorway with a nervous smile.

For some seconds I couldn’t believe my eyes.

David: ‘’what do you want?, I can’t believe you have the guts to show your face here’’ I breathed angrily, weighing her with my eyes. I was ready for any surprises. I definitely knew she came for something.

Cassandra: ‘’I came for us to talk. Please just give me five minutes’’ she begged.

David: ‘’isn’t it late?. Come on what exactly do you want us to talk about?” I asked seriously.

Cassandra: ‘’please can you at least let me in?” she begged softly, leaving me with no choice than to oblige.

She gracefully walked into my apartment, stopped at the center of the room, turned and faced me.

Cassandra: ‘’I was in my hostel when my parents called to tell me what you did at my house. I left everything I was doing and hurried down here’’ she said softly, stopping to see if I would reply but I kept quiet , leaving her with no choice than to continue with her speech.

Cassandra: ‘’listen Dave, I know it’s quite unfortunate that things ended this way between us but you have to understand and calm down. I tried to love you. I did everything to make you happy. I was obedient, dutiful and respectful towards you. I gave you my body; I spend countless nights with you. I did everything possible to love you but unfortunately we can’t tell the heart who to love. I tried so hard to fall in love with you but the connection wasn’t just there. We don’t reason alike, we don’t have anything in common. Our dreams are so different and my heart never for once stopped for you nor did I for a day tremble under your touch and caresses. I’m so sorry you found out the truth this way but you should know that I cared and still care for you. I wouldn’t have introduced you to my parents nor do a lot of silly things with you if I didn’t care for you. Please let’s stop this fighting and remain friends. I beg of you’’ she poured out solemnly, drawing closer to hold my hands. But instead of comforting me, all her speech did was to get me more annoyed. My heart boiled with rage. My soul was simply on fire. I struggled to control myself but just couldn’t.

Sensing the fire in my eyes, she quickly drew back, breathing with fear as she watched me cautiously.

David: ‘’Cassandra, Cassandra, Cassandra!’’ I breathed with fire. She trembled, taking more steps backwards.

David: ‘’you killed me. You murdered my soul. I’m now nothing but a shattered man. Why give hope when you knew quite well that there wasn’t any connection between us. Why lead me through these months with great hope and aspiration. Why make me invest on you, knowing full well that I meant nothing to you. I can’t stand what you just did to me’’ I barked, shaking with rage.

Cassandra: ‘’I’m so sorry you feel this way but I equally can’t help it either. Please just forgive and forget everything. I beg of you. I will never forget the help you rendered in my life’’ she begged carefully, tears appearing in her eyes.. Instead of settling my spirit , her words made me more angry and before I knew what I was doing, my hands were already round her neck while she screamed and kicked as she gasped for breathe.

Cassandra: ‘’please let me go, let me go please’’ she cried out. I slowly released my hold, biting my lips as I stared into her eyes. I swallowed hard as I gave her one last long look. I couldn’t believe it was all real. My beautiful Cassandra gone for real.

David: ‘’you and your parents have till the end of the year to get me back the money I spent on you or I swear I will kill you. I will kill you with my bare hands, don’t dare me’’ I barked furiously as she ran to the door.

Cassandra: ‘’Dave I can’t believe you have gone mad. Madddddddddddd’’ she breathed, shook her head and disappeared into the night.

I threw myself on my sofa and cried uncontrollably. I couldn’t believe I was now behaving like a mad man to the extent that the girl behind my behavior now calls me a mad man.

Unfortunately I never had the time to recover my head nor money. Just a week later, Cassandra was declared missing. All fingers quickly pointed at me.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 41

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  1. Yeepa! it’s payback time lol .. same way you talked to Nora.. now you are receiving yours back from Cassandra. Goodluck bro

  2. Hahaha…..David why is it ur other names always start with letter “M”………1st was “Mumusco” followed by “Money_Miss_Road” and now is “Mad_Mad”..……Nawa oooooooohh!!!……AdeLove next episode please.

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