(Episode 1) My Dad wants me for Governor’s Son, but i Love Tunde, our Househelp

It was a pleasant morning, and its just been a week since my twentieth birthday, I heard a voice from upstairs, Shade! Shade!, ah, it was my dad, (he is going to london for a business trip, and I’m on holidays, my mom travelled to dubai last week and won’t be coming home for a long time, and now my dad is also leaving… )

Shade: Yes daddy, I answered.

Dad: Shade, as I told you earlier, I’ll be travelling to london to spend some days there, I know you’ll be left alone and you’ll miss me and your mom, its for the best, we need to upgrade our company and increase the demanding rate by our customers.

Me: (I don’t even understand what he’s saying) okay dad ***with a smile on my face***

Dad: okay, before I forget, Tunde our new house boy will be looking after the house, Tunde! Tunde! He shouted.

——Tunde walked in——–

Tunde: Yes sir, I’m here sir **looking excited**

Dad: You will follow all what she will tell you, you’ll also not fail or disobey her orders unless you want to sleep in cell

Tunde: ah yes sir, I’ll not fail you sir

Dad: okay Shade, I’ll be on my way

Me: okay bye dad.. I love you dad, safe journey **i said smiling as his driver came and drove him off***

My father had reached the airport when he called me saying he is about to leave, I then prayed on the phone for him and he hanged up telling me to take good care of my Self.

Immediately I called my boyfriend, I asked him to come over to my place that my father had now travelled, I waited for hours and was just staring at my wrist watch when tunde showed up putting on a short boxer and a singlet.

*****Tunde was a student at the university of lagos, doing computer science, he’s fairly tall, slim and muscular with a dark complexion, he speaks good English and from my dad’s theory, he needed to raise enough money to pay his school fees and buy a new laptop of about 200,000naira for his project in school.

Being a house boy or girl for our family can fetch a huge fortune, and tunde was lucky because my dad knew his parents so well*****

Tunde: Shade, what will you like to eat for the afternoon?

Me: ***Staring at his muscular and s*xy body*** Nothing! Don’t disturb me okay?

Tunde: I’m sorry, I can see you’re sad by the departure of dad, accept my apology miss shade

Me: Apology accepted, leave now jare….

****even if i schooled abroad, I still knew a little yoruba, and i noticed he smiled when I included “Jare” to my sentence***

I was still very worried as its almost getting late and i haven’t seen any sign of my boyfriend, as he told me he’ll come visiting and come spend some intimate time with me

***sounds funny but I’m still a virgin at 20*** I waited a couple of hours and bang! My phone ranged…

Boyfriend: hello sweetheart

Me: why honey, I’ve waited decades for you to come over, what’s keeping you boo?

Boyfriend: honey, I got caught up with some important stuffs, and you know my dad came and he needs me to help him arrange some important documents.

Me: aww why now! Your dad is really getting between us.

Boyfriend: Honey get 2 go now my dad is here already

***Cuts the call***

Ah, I felt really bad and worried, its been a long time since I really talked with him, he was literally mad at me after I refused to have s*x with him, but it seemed he has gotten past all that. I decided to go see him myself, I carried the car key, entered the car and Drove off to his house, I horned, and the gateman yelled, “oga no wan see anybody today o…” I guessed he did not see my car, he just shouted out of ignorant… I yelled back “Musa! Musa! Open the gate”

Musa: oh, madam shade, I no know sey na you

Me: you’d better not known, as I drove and parked my motor vehicle I spotted his car, I asked the gate man;

Me: musa, is my boyfriend around?

Musa: miss shade, me I see am for oga e waka with one fine girl enter inside room. Pha, since morning.

Me: have you seen his dad?

Musa: oga father no dae in town o… Me I no see am for oga father.

Me: okay musa thank you very much. ***i removed 1,000Naira note from my purse and handed it to him. ***He smiled and said

“Nagode”(Nagode is a hausa word for Thank you”)*****

I walked into the house with full confidence knowing my boyfriend can never cheat on me, he always says he loved me and will never cheat on me. ***I opened the door***

Me: Jesus! Wha What Are you do dooing? I….i…TrUsted you…***burst into tears***

Boyfriend: its not what you think, please wait

***he held my hand***

Me: don’t touch me! Don’t even dare! I hate you disgusting bastard!

Random girl: leave her, let’s enjoy what we were doing…

Boyfriend: shut up you harlot!

Me: sobs, **cleaned my tears and carried my bag and drove off**

I reached home, feeling heart broken and depressed… Then Tunde walks in…

Tunde: hey shade, where have you been, you just drove off and seemed you’ll never return

Me: I’m not in the mood to make jokes okay? Just get lost

Tunde: okay, I’m sorry if I’m bugging you

Me: mtcheew…

I was really tired, to add again the heartbreak, I couldn’t even eat anything the whole day till it was late and i didn’t even know when I fell asleep but I was a bit concious and I remember quite vividly that i didn’t sleep with a blanket on, but someone covered me my blanket, who could it be if not Tunde?

…. Stay tuned for Episode 2



  1. The topic of this story seems interesting.. i know it won’t be easy for the househelp.. he must pass through hell. Anyways, next please!

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