(Episode 2) My Dad wants me for Governor’s Son, but i Love Tunde, our Househelp

I woke up yawning and stretching, my body, I opened my eyes, I did my prayers, took unto my slippers and went to the bathroom, took my toothbrush and Tunde had already made breakfast I went to the dinning and eat in the same table with Tunde, he was sitting directly opposite me , I was still strained by the heart break my boyfriend had caused the previous day

I didn’t even answer him when he said good morning, I felt fatigue and a huge loss of appetite that made me eat little. But Tunde was eating like a hungry lion.

Tunde: you enjoy the food right?

Me: No!

Tunde: its really nice, I think you’re not feeling too well, the chicken is really great.

Me: Na you sabi ***remembering the incident last night that someone had covered me with a blanket***

Me: Who covered me a blanket last night?

Tunde: I did. I saw you felt cold and folded your body so tight, so I thought I might help by covering you the blanket.

Me: hmmm

***I felt cared for, when he said that, but isn’t he crossing his boundary?***

Me: don’t try that next time, okay? You know my father will not take it lightly if he were to find out you really did that. Let it not repeat itself, is that clear?

Tunde: Crystal clear sir, I mean madam

Me: hahaha, you’re a real funny boy, but you need to understand that I don’t like being played with okay?

Tunde: Okay.

***i stood up and took the toothpicks, as I got chicken meat hooked all over my teeth***

I was a bit bored that day, my father had called earlier and asked how I was faring, after so much phone conversation he decided to hang up. I was bored and went to Tunde’s room to call him and ask if he could play chess which I’m sure he can, I walked down the stairs after failed attempts of him being available, I walked through and I entered his room without knocking, surprisingly I saw him Naked!!! I quickly shut the door… And stood outside his door

Me: oh, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry about this okay

Tunde: there’s nothing to worry about, its my fault really, I left the door opened

***He quickly wore his boxer and opened the door***

Me: okay, i just came to find out if you can play chess with me?

Tunde: why not… ***he dressed up quickly***

We went to the parlour, played chess and laughed with, I thought to myself, “I think I’m falling in love with this guy”, he played better than me, as he played he kept on staring at me till I don’t know how I kissed him….


Everything happened so fast that day, I could still see shock in his face as he was so puzzled how I could give him such a warm kiss, you know I haven’t really given any chance to my Ex and i think its all my fault we broke up, Tunde was very surprised that a girl like me with high standard and influence will bring herself so low to that level, anyway, it wasn’t really my fault i felt strained and depressed following my hectic and bad day that all started from my fathers departure..

I moved to the refrigerator, brought out some water and drank a bit of it, I went outside the living room since facebook can be very boring sometimes, I decided to put my headphones and play chris brown song, the “Loyal” track is always my favourite.

I listened to it for a while, then I heard footsteps of someone approaching, who else it was Tunde!

Tunde: Excuse me, can i talk to you for a moment please?

Me: yes go on…

Tunde: what you did when we were playing Chess, what was it for?

Me: I’m sorry, I lost control, I’m now starting to feel. I’m in love with you.

Tunde: Hmmm, your father will kill me if he were to find out please I’d appreciate if you pretend nothing


Me: Chillax, its just me and you, No One will suspect anything, you see, I’m a Virgin **on hearing this, he looked calmed** and I just broke up with my boyfriend, I love you, for your uniqueness, gentility, and calmness.

Tunde: hmm, I love you too, but don’t you feel you will be taking a big risk!?

Me: ***I moved closer to him, I held his hand and he felt a bit shy, and he couldn’t resist me, I had all the physical qualities of a diva, my curvy shape, my nicki minaj butt and all that*** Tunde, I’m in love with you can’t you see that? Come here let me show you something. ***i carried him to my bedroom, he looked worried, I tried my best to contain him and make him feel comfortable.***

We sat down, and i told him how my previous day had been, we discussed for a while, and we turned on the television and watched a movie for quite a long while, I told him how I broke up with my previous boyfriend, and he encouraged me and gave me some very good piece of advice, I was beginning to feel comfortable with him, I even leaned on his lap, and slept off, that night we slept in the same bed, it was a warm night, I really enjoyed his close relationship with me only at that point in time, he’s really handsome.

Early in the money, around 6am, I woke up, breakfast was already prepared, and my friend Tobi called and told me she’ll be coming to visit, Tunde was outside, doing some sanitation when my friend tobi came in.

Tobi: wow, shade, you’re looking good, what’s the secret?

Me: its God oh…

Tobi: okay sha, who’s that handsome guy working outside?

Me: its our house boy oh, he just watches over the house…

Tobi: hmm, he’s cute oh, for a house boy, introducing him to me, I think I should hook up with him he seems cool though’

***This made me irritated, if she wasn’t my friend I would have given her a dirty slap, but you know, I had to pretend as if nothing was going on between me and him***

She still insisted I introduced him to her… I felt upset but i really had no choice than to do as she asked so i allowed her to talk to him. And she was getting too serious, she started touching him and Tunde felt comfortable with it, he did not even complain, they exchanged phone numbers and I was just sitting next to my popcorn pretending to be watching a movie, and when ever they made a joke I will just put a sacarstic look on my face ***i will pretend to laugh*** until I felt so uncomfortable and jealous I had to leave the sitting room, before my friend had left, she came to my room and told me how she admired tunde, I looked at her and I sighed. I then wore something, and escorted her outside the gate….

But she kept on coming, and these time with new cloths she bought for Tunde…

….. Stay tuned for Episode 3

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  1. Some Ladies could be so b*tchy.. Tobi @wrong side. She wouldn’t expect Shade to tell her she was dating Tunde. Atleast, study the environment first, use scope to know if something going on between Shade & tunde before putting head inside. She just jumped like a monkey… Oyah (Antelope) t’onbe!!!

  2. i prefer tunde to date tobi than to date shade, dating shade can land him into trouble, if u people have watch “HOSTAGE”, u will knw what am talking about

  3. Shade u better open up to ur friend tobi about ur feelings towards tunde, before what u have @ hand becomes that of another….. Just a piece of advise…… Next please

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