(Episode 3) My Dad wants me for Governor’s Son, but i Love Tunde, our Househelp

Me: who did you buy those cloths for?

Tobi: Tunde of course!

Me: Why? Did he tell you he needed any of those?

Tobi: hmmm, can’t I buy gifts again?

Me: hmmmmm ***feeling Slightly Jealous***

*****Tunde cuts in, I never knew he could be such a womaniser, or didn’t he love me anymore like he said??******

Tunde: welcome tobi, I missed you a lot **hugs**

Tobi: I missed you too, I bought this stuffs for you, I hope you’d like them?

Tunde: wow, this is so nice of you, what can I do to repay you?

Tobi: nothing can be greater than two happy lovers


Me: hmmm, I’ll be going out to the store, see you guys later **i walked away open the car door and closed it with force and drove off…**

Tobi: what’s wrong with her, did anyone upset her?

Tunde: ah, i don’t know, maybe she woke up on the wrong side of her bed…

Tobi: hmmm let’s go inside.

***I drove to a nearby eatery, and sat for a while and ordered for hamburger and a can of malt, coincidentally, i saw, my Ex boyfriend eating with another girl, it disgusted me, I had to rush my food and I payed the waitress and left that vicinity immediately,..

I was a bit relieved and I decided to drive around town for a while to kill time, so I can go spend quality time with Tunde as soon as that Traitor that claims to be my friend leaves the house, so I drove for about an hour, something immediately added to my thoughts, I decided to buy tunde my own special gift and a laptop for that matter, isn’t that what he has been expecting? So I drove to the ATM and tried to cash out enough money to purchase the laptop, but the ATM was like a pin in my neck so I went straight to the bank and redrawn the money, that money was part of my savings, my father usually deposited enough money monthly for me.

Tunde told me earlier that he loved Hp products so I went to a laptop/tech shop and bought a new laptop. worth 130,000NGN, and drove home delighted to surprise my boo!, I drove home horned at the gate, the gate man opened the gate, I saw my friends car still parked in the compound, I was surprised what she was still doing in my house upto this hour, maybe she’s watching MTV or so, but I was furious and was going to use some deceptive techniques to chase her out of my house, I parked the car, walked straight at the house, and opened the door, nobody was there, I kept quiet, and walked to my room, and opened the door! Oh my God!!!! I found Tunde and Tobi completely Naked…………


***I felt like I’ve been pierced by a very sharp object, finding Tunde and my besty naked in bed? It was terrifying*****

Me: What the hell is going on here?

Tobi: I can explain, I can explain, reduce your voice before someone hears please

Me: I can’t believe this, how could you bring yourself so low to engage in this profane act in my own fathers house? Huh? And you tunde speak up? Justify yourself, what do you have to say?

Tunde: eh its the devils work (he stammered)

Me: Tobi, leave my house, from today, you cease to be my friend, Get out! (I yelled)

Tobi: it’s not over yet, he’s mine okay, and I love him, we did nothing wrong.!

*****she quickly took her bag and dressed quickly and left, leaving me and Tunde alone******

Me: Tunde, why did you have to do this, despite my love for you?

Tunde: I’m sorry.

Me: Sorry? You’re just sorry? You’ve totally made me start a beef with my best friend and I now hate my childhood friend.

**hmmm, he came close to me and started wiping my tears**

Tunde: I love her okay.

Me: what? You still have the nerve to say that? Come here is she better than me? *****i removed my blouse and tried to seduce him while I hung my hands around his neck*****

Tunde: enough okay save your virginity for someone better, I’m sick and tired of you telling me what to do okay? Just stop.

Me: hmmm don’t make me hate you, after all you are nothing, just a good for nothing house boy!

****i still Felt surprise cos I’ve never seen this version of him before*****

Tunde: Thanks for the compliment

Me: I’m calling my dad and I’m going to tell him everything

Tunde: go ahead! I’m not your child okay.

Me: ****I got very sad I held his leg**** Tunde, I love you more than you can ever imagine, I went to buy you the new laptop you were saving for and I felt really devastated seeing you with my best friend, please stay with me, I’ve never felt heartbreak before please don’t do this to me

****tears rolled down my cheek****

Tunde: you deserve better, am not good enough for you. And I can never love you, I’ll be stabbing your dad in his back if I do.

******he opened the door with force and swerved away*****

I felt shame and pained and wondered why he will refuse a beautiful girl like me so I followed him and as I was bout to enter his room I heard him make a phone call.

Tunde: hello sir, I’m glad to serve you, but plans have changed, I’ll be traveling to town tomorrow and I wish to resign. I hope you find someone as trustworthy.. goodbye.

…. Stay tuned for Episode 4

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