(Episode 4) My Dad wants me for Governor’s Son, but i Love Tunde, our Househelp

I was so devastated on hearing him make that phone call, I had to go to the bathroom, and clean up, I really didn’t know what to say, I kept on thinking and thinking of a plan, how could tunde leave me this way? How and why could he? I loved him so much but he wasn’t concerned about all that, all he wished for was to please my dad, and I guessed all he thought of was not to date his oga’s daughter as they call it… But you know, after all that happened with my former bf, I’ve learnt a lesson, maybe chasing after all the rich guys, you wouldn’t really or you’d hardly find love….. And I think there’s a strong force pulling me closer to Tunde…

********Someone badges in*******

Tunde: shade, I’m sorry, I’ll be leaving, I’ll no longer be working here, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings in anyway….

Me: I really have nothing to say okay, but if you feel hurting someone else and getting away with it is cool then okay….

Tunde: bye…. I’ll miss you and the house

****just before tears rolled down my cheek, I heard a horn…. PEeeeeeeep…. it was my friend’s Tobi Honda car…******

Me: What the F**k is Tobi’s car doing here!?

Tunde: ah she volunteered to pick me up…

Me: wait, you’ll be staying with her? **with a puzzled look**

Tunde: Yes, any problem with that? I’m no longer under your control madame…

Me: hmmm

Tunde: don’t worry nothings going on between us

****PEeeeep…. She horned harder*****

Me: what’s wrong with that b*tch? Tell her to stop disturbing this environment…

Tunde: remember that was your besty and you’re using mean words on her, girls sha…… I’ll have to leave now….

Me: Like I care……. Anyway I’ll help you with your bags…

Tunde: I’ll really appreciate that Shade, but there’s no time for that now…

Me: I insist…

Tunde: hmmm

****i had the sole intention of helping him with his bag cos I wanted to create a scene by kissing him infront of Tobi******

So we came close to the car, he collected the bags and when he was about entering the car Tobi came out, and said “I told you he was mine, you’ll never have everything friend, you’re rich I’m not as rich but I’ve got someone that loves me”

On hearing this, I accelerated my plans, I moved close to Tunde and gave him the best kiss I could ever give him, he was so shocked he stood there without moving or responding, I was 99% positive he’d push me off but hell no, he didn’t….. Until I stopped…. And told him bye… And went back to the house, I was filled with joy… Meanwhile tobi was mad….

Tunde: Get in the car, let’s go

Tobi: what the hell happened there?

Tunde: I’ve got no Explanation, you saw what happened

Tobi: what do you mean you’ve got no explanation?

Tunde; I said Get in the Car!!!!!!!

*****she entered the car immediately as if Tunde was her commander, while I was outside laughing though it was raining a bit*******

Tobi: next time don’t you shout at me again as if you’re the owner of the car or I’m I your driver!?……

Tunde: or Else you go beat me? Hmmm

****back to my own problem I felt really pained that night, I barely slept well, I woke up sent the maid to buy breakfast and my head was filled with crazy thoughts like “what if he’s on bed with tobi now” “What are they both doing now”

****I heard a knock on the door, ko ko ko… I then remembered I sent for breakfast****

Me: Whaaaaat!? What are you doing?

****it was Tunde, he came back?******

Tunde: I missed giving you breakfast…

****he winked*****


I felt really happy and proud to have him back, although I had to pretend I didn’t miss him, he literally asked the maid who i sent and collected the duty and bought everything himself…. He looked bright and handsome that morning, he hugged me and I felt his warmth and love, though I was not sure if he really loved me, as he was going just about entering the kitchen to prepare my breakfast…

Me: Tunde, Once again I’m so happy you’re back.

Tunde: there’s no place like home abi…

Me: why did you suddenly decide to come back?

Tunde: you know how annoying tobi can be, I felt we were never meant for each other and your dad, I can’t just disrespect your dad just like that by leaving….

Me: Oh, Okay, I understand, so who is meant for you!!?

***I was happy I asked him this question with full hope that he’s going to say I’m meant for him***

Tunde: there’s this girl I meet, she stays in Abuja….

Me: Okay just forget it. It’s clear you are never serious…

****i don’t know why he always behaves like this, I even started asking myself silly questions like, am i not good enough for this guy, anyway, I didn’t know what to do really, he then walked in with my breakfast****

Tunde: breakfast is ready…. I hope you’ll enjoy it…

Me: hmmm, enjoy what? After all the pain you’ve created….

Tunde: I thought you said you loved how I make breakfast? Isn’t that what you said before?

Me: hmm, all I love is to be close to you okay? And stop acting as if you’re dating, I checked your phone and I haven’t even seen any number that looks like you’re dating.

Tunde: ah, shade, it’s not like that, you see, your dad has better plans for you okay, and I can’t change that, if all you want is for me to change his plan, its impossible. I can’t. I love you but I can’t. Can’t you see what your dad has done? Without your dad I won’t even be in the university.. That man supported me throughout everything okay…

Me: okay I see, you’re saying, I don’t have the right to choose who I want to date right? That my dad wants the influential type guy to be with me right, the governors son, or even the president son? Mmh?

Tunde: that’s not what I’m saying angel, what I’m saying is…. I can’t be your type I’ll be betraying your dad if I do so….

Me: bla bla bla, you just called me an angel… I get it, you love me, but just don’t have a chance…. Come here kiss me, hold me, come on, I’m all yours now,

****i tried all my possible best to make this dude see that I can give him everything but he just won’t see it****

Tunde: Enough!! Enough okay! Finish your breakfast madame.

****i eat my breakfast while I was thinking of him, you know it’s always nice when you eat and think, he was just there, doing pushups, I just stared at his muscles, he finished doing his routinely exercise and went to the shower, I waited for some time, then a nasty thought came into my mind, so I sneaked to the bathroom door and peeped through a small circle, Wow! He’s so Hot! I stared and Stared …. Suddenly my phone rang, sh*t!******

Tunde: who’s there? Is anyone there?

Me: uhmm, no ones there, I was just coming to check the tap.

Tunde: I hope so… I thought it was a peeper…. Ahaha you don’t peep right?

Me: just shut up and take your bath abeg…

***just to check who called, it was Tobi! Why will she be calling me? The phone rang again…..***

Me: hello, what do you want this time bitch?

Tobi: nothing, you see, I’m sorry bout everything, I never knew you were into him, you should have told me…

Me: mtcheew….. So why are you calling?

Tobi: come over to my place okay, I have a surprise for you…

Me: hmm okay…. I hope it’s a good surprise… I’m on my way, and next time don’t steal my man

Tobi: as if your dad will allow you to date that low cl*ss guy…

Me: okay, I’m not coming again.. if he’s low cl*ss then I’m low cl*ss too…. Period!

Tobi: okay I’m sorry okay….

Me: okay let me take my bath, I’ll be there as flash..

*****i was just wondering, what does this girl really wants with me this time anyway I’ll know when I get there******

On driving there, I reached tobi’s place, she looked very nervous, she then hugged me, and I parked outside, i asked her why I couldn’t park inside, she said the gate was faulty and stuffs, immediately I entered the gate, 2 huge guys came out locked the gate, they used handkerchief to rub on my face and the only thing I could remember was tobi’s voice saying “Ahahaha that virginity of yours will be gone today”.

…. Stay tuned for Episode 5

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  1. @Gabriel A… For your information, Tunde might be a househelp but he’s a solid Undergraduate of UNILAG. So watch it!

  2. For God sake, why are ladies/women so wicked, especially when it comes to fighting over a guy….
    .Tobi u must be devilish!!!

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