(Episode 5) My Dad wants me for Governor’s Son, but i Love Tunde, our Househelp

****I felt like the devil hit me with a hammer, I felt betrayed…. Why would tobi have such evil motive? What have I done to her that she will act this way.. I wonder how jealousy can control people. As my vision got blurred as a result of the drugged handkerchief her boys used to rub on my face, I could hardly remember anything, just that I kept imagining why tobi will do such a thing, she kept on laughing, and it made me more angrier, then they carried me inside, before they could open the door to put me, I heard a voice. And it was Tunde’s, on hearing his voice, I felt relieved. And luckily he came with our gate man (our gate man is very slim, he hardly does complex duties******

Tunde: What the hell?

Tobi: emm it’s not what you think, they came and took her off, they took her inside, emm some huge guys, I’m so scared… Please do something, help my friend…

Tunde: why didn’t you call the police or someone? I know you’ve got something to do with this, you deliberately made that call so you can lure Shade to your evil nest, this was all a setup…. Anyway, Guy, don’t let this woman leave here she’s got some explaining to do.

***He said with a real angry face****

Gate man: okay, I don lock the gate sef, where she wan p*ss? Or she wan disvirgin me too?

****Tunde rushed to the room, with a big stick, his father was a police and he really got great skills when it comes to fighting, he fights like Iron Monkey, just as they were about to pull my skirts Tunde steps in….****

Tunde: O boy, Wetin dey do una? Free that girl now! you mad?

Thugs: Who goes there?

***immediately they said this, Tunde rose in rage, and attacked them, he smacked one in the head, causing him to faint, the other one was tough a bit, he messed up Tunde’s Mouth real bad with punches and even collected the stick and engaged Tunde with it, Tunde blocked with his hands, but the pressure was too intense it broke his hands tunde was lying helplessly in the floor****

Thug: *Wiped Tunde on his back with the big stick** O boy you mad? Who you think sey you be? Infact you never born… ***wiped him again in his legs***

Tunde: just let her go, hit me, but don’t hurt her… Please…

Thug: make I make one call, dem go smoke you today, I dey handle operation you wan com spoil am? Abi you no know sey na mi be the don for this town?

***Wipes Tunde again the third time****

Tunde: Ahhhhhhahhhh please, what do you guys want, stop doing this… Ouch.. Ouch… Ohhhh…..“ Gate Man Call the Police! Call the Police! He yelled”

Thug: ***Wipes him again!*** Shut up! Anymore noise I go silence you for life

****I felt really terrified, how could all this be happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?

I’ve only seen hostage held in movies, but now I’m so unfortunate to be a victim, I felt more fear as the other thug guy Tunde smacked down was starting to gain consciousness******

Thug: Red Scorpion get up! Make we finish this girl commot here.

****On hearing this, my adrenaline rose to it’s peak, I didn’t know when I was holding a sharp broken iron hanger I pierced him on his neck and he fell down bleeding, my heart was pumping fast…. Did I just kill someone?******

Me: oh my God, Oh God, did I just kill a man, Oh No…

Tunde: Yes you just did. And I’m glad you did. If not we would have been dead by now.

***i went close to the dead thug and collected the stick he held, just to be sure we’re save***

Tunde: No…… Watch Out!

Me: What?

Tunde: Behind you…….

****i turned around with full flexibility, It was the other thug, he was with a pen knife, immediately I hit him on his head, that exact same place tunde hit him****

Me: go back to sleep animal!

Tunde: nice shot, you looked s*xy when you hit him… And where did you learn to hit things like that?

Me: I was in a baseball team back then in the UK

Me: anyway be a man and get up! Or else I’ll give em my virginity… **chuckles**

Tunde: ahhh…**as he struggles to barely stand***

******suddenly, a car parked outside, telling the gate man and tobi to lie down flat or they’ll shoot them*******

Tunde: Shade, we’re dead. The friends of the thug youu killed are here….

*****Bang Bang! Open this door! Open this door before we shoot it open! Open it now!*****

Me: ***i felt scared, but do I have a choice? No I don’t. I went close to the door with fear that immediately I open the door they’ll shoot me dead, I opened the door****

Police: it’s the police, hands on your head, sergeant search them…. And wait, who killed this men?

Me: they tried to rape me…. After my friend had set me up, so I had no source of defense than to hit him with a broken hanger which……… ***the officer steps in***

Officer: Shade? Is this you? What are you doing here……? And who are you young man? Sergeant Matthew, take that young man to the hospital he’s messed up…

Me: sir, like I said earlier, my friend, i’m sorry, that GIRL, the one you saw outside set me up for a gang rape… With the sole purpose to terminate my virginity. We just got lucky, we would be dead by now…

Officer: sergeant mark, without questions, arrest that woman outside, Shade is a girl I’ve known right from small as a honest girl… So she couldn’t lie… Sergeant Ayo, call. Some professional to dispose this dead body, and arrest the man lying unconscious. Right now, I’m calling your dad to tell him about this incident. Anyway who’s the young man that looks messed up, is he your saviour?

Me: kind of…. He saved me…. And he’s my boyfriend.

Tunde: Whaaat? Sir do not take what she says seriously, she’s just relieved that I saved her butt and she’s just trying to make me feel better for how messed up I am..

****we went to the hospital, got checked, I had no serious issues whatsoever, but Tunde got really messed up Bad, he had fractures, internal bleeding and a broken shin bone, we were then discharged, we went home… Tunde took his bath, got to his room, then I entered.****

Me: hi

Tunde: hello, you were a hero out there.

Me: ***bursts into tears*** I can’t believe I killed someone… ***as I said this, he came closer****

Tunde: you did what was right to save yourself… There’s no two ways around it. Either you kill or you get killed okay? So cheer up a bit, you look beautiful as ever.

Me: ***he felt really weak, he couldn’t even move he’s neck well when we were talking. I just Zeroed my mind and kissed and sucked his lips, I kissed him real bad, I even felt his di*k rising, we kissed and kissed, I removed his singlet, we continued kissing I removed his trousers and removed my own blouse, we continued and I felt him, he was very hard… He was enjoying me, I thought to myself, could it be it? Has he fallen deep for me already? As I was about to remove his boxers…..***

…… Stay tuned for Episode 6

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  1. Now i’m begining to see why the two love birds (Shade & Tunde) love grow strongly… Already passed some escapades … next please

  2. Wow! shade, i no know say u be Jackie chan ooh,……twale for the heroine of the day @Shade…..Next episode please.

  3. Goodbye to Tobi cuz I can’t imagine how long she’s gonna last in prison, shade and Tunde enjoy ur. Little life go joor,

  4. Your dad wants to buy you a comfortable foam to lie on you are wanting to lie on bare floor. Pls check yourself clearly and find out if something is wrong with your senses.

  5. Your dad wants to buy you a comfortable foam to lie on you are wanting to lie on bare floor. Pls check yourself clearly and find out if something is wrong with your senses.

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