(Episode 6) My Dad wants me for Governor’s Son, but i Love Tunde, our Househelp

As I was about to remove his boxers….

Tunde: No.. Stop. You don’t have to do this…

Me: what? I thought you’re comfortable?

Tunde: it’s not just right…. You don’t have to take advantage of me just because I’m on injury, it’s not just right okay….

Me: ***Feeling surprised by his reaction*** what! you mean you’re not enjoying me?

Tunde: No! I mean we can’t do this… Go to bed now… Its clear that I’m exhausted. You too need to rest.

Me: Okay ***said with heavy Sarcasm***

Me: but do you know tobi can be so wicked? Why will she pull that kind of stunt?

Tunde: I thought she was your friend? I thought you know what she was capable of doing that made me break all my bones….

Me: hahaha, she’s like that witch we saw in that movie

Tunde: hmmm, I’m exhausted, don’t want to laugh now..

***just before our conversation spiced up, Cling…. Cling…my phone was ringing… Who could it be..??? Oh it’s my dad****

Me: Hello daddy

Dad: hello darling, how are you, are you hurt? the officer called me and told me about what happened, I’m glad you didn’t think twice before you stabbed that criminal to death.. I know you must be feeling bad about it, but the truth is, those men where bad men and you did the needful, because those men wouldn’t think twice to hurt you if they had their chance. Anyway how’s Tunde? I heard he was a savior?

***in the background***

Tunde: tell him I’m fine, tell him I’m not hurt, tell him I’m well… Don’t tell him I’m down..

Me: No, I can’t lie, you’re down and he has to acknowledge that.

***Left Background***

Dad: hello, are you there?

Me: yes dad, tunde was messed up bad, he even has internal bleeding due to the severity of the beating

Dad: okay, tell him to stay strong, and also, watch him, let him not start leaving the house suspiciously, you know, he might get involved in antisocial activities..

Me: oh, daddy, he’s a really good person. He’s presence in this house has made my life easier

Dad: And how do you know that? Is he talking to you this much? I won’t tolerate any of that nonsense okay… he has to know his boundary.. I’m coming back to Nigeria next-tomorrow to see how things are since I left it.

Me: daddy you don’t have to come back, I’ve got everything under control, and the company earnings is rapidly increasing.

Dad: young lady, I left you in a tense situation, and you almost got yourself raped! I also arranged a meeting with the governor’s son, so he says he’ll like to have lunch with us…

Me: dad, you know I don’t like that boy he’s so rude.

Dad: hmm, okay, I’ve got to hang up now, I’ll talk to you later.

Me: bye daddy, I love you…

Dad: I love you too…

******Cuts the call******

Tunde: what was that for? I told you to tell him I’m fine -_-

Me: the bible says “thou shall not lie!” And it will be a sin if I lied to my dad.

Tunde: assuming we got married, you’ll play a big role in disobeying me.

Me: hmmm, we are gonna get married one day, I love you and that cannot change okay.

Tunde: I hope you see you’re trying to destroy my future? Who’s paying my tuition fees? Its your dad! And if he finds out you have feelings for me, my career will be done for good.

Me: anyway, he says he’s coming next tomorrow and he’s inviting the governor’s son for lunch with us..

Tunde: I guess he wants you and the governor’s son to hookup… I’m not fortunate to be the governors son or any sort of rich kid so I’m of no good to you. I want the best for you, and getting engaged with the governors son will only make our lives better. You see I love you but you have to do what’s right. I’m going to bed.

****he kissed my hands like a gentle man will do****

***thats the first time Tunde’s words ever got to my head, tears roll down my cheek, I felt very emotional, you know, I was born and raised in a rich home, and I always got what I wanted… Could it be I just Couldn’t get this One?*******


***I felt very touched by all tunde said, he must be so strong to withstand my seductive body, but I felt I’m loosing grasps of him, he’s our house boy yes I know, but I’m in love with him and I know he feels the same way too, but he’s just scared of my dad’s futuristic reaction when he finds out about everything. but I’m never gonna let that happen***

Cling….. Cling…… Cling….. My blackberry alarm woke me up, I felt really fatigued, you know that feeling you get when you did chronic jogging and woke up in the morning with aches all over your joints… My mind was filled with thoughts and sadness for the governor’s son, my dad was finally coming that day, he called and told me his flight to lagos airport was already taking off in five minutes, I just thought “today’s a hard day for me”.

Tunde woke up earlier than usual, but he didn’t act like the loving house boy he used to, he didn’t even show concern on what I’ll be eating for breakfast till I yelled I’m hungry…!!!!

**Pee..Peeeeeeep…….. Woah,! That’s my dad’s car, gracious! He’s back safely**

Me: Wow, welcome daddy, thank God for your safe arrival…

Dad: wow, you look beautiful darling, I was expecting to see bruises from the incident that happened, but you look great.

**Tunde badges in**

Tunde: ah, welcome sir, so good to have you back sir

Dad: I see you look relaxed since I left, well I’m back now and you’ll be working very hard, first start with this car, I want you to make the whole body and tire shine.

**With a Slight Frown on his face***

Tunde: sir I’m not feeling well, you know I was hurt really bad from the attack

Dad: it doesn’t matter, washing this car won’t make you die. Will it?

Me: ahhh daddy, take it easy on him, he was terribly hurt..

Dad: hmm okay. Park the things I brought inside, Tunde, there’s still other stuffs I left at the airport, so you’ll go there later to pick em up..

Tunde: yes sir, okay sir, I’ll do just that.

***My dad is a Very Strict Man, even at my age he still scolds me, though he can’t hit me, my only punishment will be to freeze my bank account, but I still felt uncomfortable for his strictness with Tunde, we went inside the living room, while tunde had gone to the Airport, then my dad started telling me about the governors son, he told me he would love if we got married, I felt so uncomfortable with his conversation with me****


Dad: honey, I want the best for you, and there’s one thing I hate, which is a disobedient child, the governors son will be coming to have Lunch with us here tomorrow and I want you to show him Love, I want you both to get intimate that moment, because I’ll be leaving you two alone, will you do that for daddy?

Me: Uhmm, I don’t know that…

Dad: Are you crazy? I want a direct answer from you! Don’t spoil my mood or I might hate you as my daughter, do you know the amount of business deals I’ll be loosing if you don’t get engaged to the governors son? Don’t make me get frustrated okay I love you.. And I know it’s wrong forcing love on you, but you just have to do it for your daddy, come here, give me hug…

****I had no choice, he cuddled me like his baby, tears rolled down my eyes, as all and who I thought about was Tunde****

The next day fast approached, Tunde was feeling really strong, he prepared breakfast for me and my dad, I just looked at him, cause he has a really s*xy body, he does body building and he’s always around the house without his shirts on, he served us breakfast and I was carried away by his body, until my dad noticed….

Dad: Shade what are you looking at?

Me: Nothing daddy.

Dad: Tunde, I won’t tolerate indecency in this house okay, so put on your shirts, you have a nice body shape, maybe one of this days I’ll take you for shopping for being so loyal to this family.. So you’re now like a son to me… So be decent okay? You know I have a real sensitive daughter.

Tunde: Okay sir, thank you sir, It will be much appreciated to get me new clothing.

***It was getting to Noon, and the dining table was already set, I dressed up to appear very attractive, climbing the ladder as my father had plan, we waited patiently for the governors son arrival, my dad sat on the living with me directly facing toward him from the other chair as we watched television to kill time, suddenly the horn of a car sounded from outside, and it was the governors son…. Deep inside me I wanted something bad to occur that will suspend his visit but it didn’t****

Dad: oh yes, he’s here, let me go welcome him inside…

Me: oh, okay, ***felt relieved a bit, I thought he’d ask me to do the receptionist thing***

He came inside the house, I greeted him as every respected lady will do…

Gov.Son: hi, you look beautiful, you’re an exact replica of your mom.

Me: thanks, you look handsome as well.

***Dad cuts in…. Okay, beauty and handsome, I just got an urgent call from my very old friend so I’ll be back in half an hour to join you both, enjoy…. Stretches his hand to the dining table***

Dammy(The President’s son) was a wealthy guy, but I wasn’t really into him, but I was trying my best to contain him, he just kept complimenting me, telling me about his success and all sorts of unnecessary things, we eat lunch and popped french wine that was on the table, I didn’t really like drinking wine so I guess I had to pretend and fit in. He then started a funny but romantic conversation with me.

Gov.son: shade, I’m single you know, and it’s not good for me. Time ticks faster on people on our end.

Me: hmm, yes I know…and I feel sorry about that.

Gov.Son: **Stood up, walked around while he was making an explanation bla bla he then walked behind me** Close your eyes, I have a suprise for you.

Me: oh okay, I love surprises **I was starting to think my dad gave him a list of things I loved***

He then wore me something I felt like a Necklace around my neck.

Gov.Son: open your eyes dear

Me: Wow, Awww, these is the 16million naira diamond encrusted necklace I saw on fashion Tv that I told my dad I wanted on my next birthday, who told you I wished for this? Or don’t tell me my dad has been giving you Expo’s? Hahaha I love you okay…

Gov.Son: okay, show me you love me…

I wasn’t really thinking straight again when he made that statement, he has done so much for me by getting me that necklace, so I was just full of excitement I stood up, held him on his neck and we started kissing on the dining table. While I showed him love as my dad had ordered. We then talked for about an hour, I felt really bored, I had to lie to him I needed to use the toilet just to meet tunde….. Because he was the love of my life…

**Sneaks into Tunde’s Room***

Me: Tunde, hi, look what he bought for me… The 16million naira necklace…

Tunde: after giving him such kiss? You deserve an Airplane sef….

Me: are you not happy I got this? Don’t tell me you were spending your time stalking at us?

Tunde: I’m disappointed in you…

Me: but you said you want what’s best for me?

Tunde: I lied okay! I can’t just sit like a fool and let that guy flirt with you….

Me: oh.. So you’re now jealous?

Tunde: hmmm, maybe, you see, I said all those things about who’s best for you or I don’t deserve you, just to relieve myself, now I’m ready to face my fears even if your father kills me.

***I felt very excited on hearing this, he sounded very brave, I just couldn’t hold my feelings anymore, I kissed him sat on his laps and gave him the best french kiss ever***

Tunde: shade! Shade! Someone is coming, I think it’s your dad’s footsteps…

Me: **still kissing and cuddling him** stop joking okay, I’m trying to makeup for the kiss I gave to governors son… I’m not hearing footsteps, or do you have some kind of supernatural ears?

Tunde: shade, stop! Stop! It’s your dad…. Am serious….

*****Someone Opened the Door*****

….. Stay tuned to Episode 7

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  1. Who actually opened the door, shade’s dad or the Gov. son……can’t wait to find out…. AdeLove next episode please.

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