I love smoking Shisha so bad, not Cigarette – Actress, Ella Mensah confesses

Nollywood actress, Ella Mensah, has disclosed that her view of life is just to live in a manner that makes one happy. This was as she chided those criticizing ‘her habit’.

Ella, who was brought to lime light by her role in ‘Playboy’, in a chat with Vanguard, said contrary to pictures on her social media pages, she smokes but people have confused what she inhales as cigarettes which isn’t true.

The controversial actress who has been involved in a number of allegations ranging from lesbianism to her ‘unusual’ persona, said, “When I post pictures on the social media and I have smoke in my mouth, a lot of people start saying, so she smokes, she’s this, she’s that, and I tell people that in life you do what makes you happy. We all know smoking kills so if you want to smoke and kill yourself, that’s your problem.

“I’m tired of everybody saying you smoke and you have fans, what story are you telling them.

“If I smoke, I’ll own up and tell people yeah I smoke, is there anything wrong with me smoking? It’s my life but I don’t smoke.

“I love shisha, I love shisha so badly that if all I wanted I have them and I don’t have to work again, I can smoke shisha 24/7 all day every day,” the 28-year-old actress added.



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