(Episode 8) My Dad wants me for Governor’s Son, but i Love Tunde, our Househelp

***As I heard this I said to my self “I’m in Big Trouble” Oh lord, let them not find out where I’m hiding. I was so terrified especially when i heard my Dad asking Gov Son to search Tunde’s Room****

Govt.Son: Sir, you know very well I’m not a house boy, why would you ask me to search for her there?

Dad: well I’m handing my daughter to you, why not consider this as part of the prize? Am I not old enough to tell you what to do? I see how wealth has clouded your sense of reasoning….

Govt.Son: I’m so terribly sorry if I sounded rude, I was Trained To Be respectful, and i’ll sure be a respectful father and husband. I’ll catch her here I assured you (he grinned)

****“In Your Dreams” … i muttered ****

Dad: okay, get in there and search for her…. I’ll be really disappointed if my daughter will be hiding here..

***As the Govt.Son made that horrible extra terrifying statement “I’ll catch her” I became more scared, I won’t be hurt really, but i was worried about Tunde’s Future, as this is what we are talking about here, he could be done for, my dad promised to send him abroad after his final year to MIT but this dream could be gone if I’m caught, I’ll be ruining his future with my hands.. why is all this happening, Oh Lord!!!****

Tunde: Sir I won’t allow this, I can’t believe you don’t trust me, what if she’s not here? And you, you’re the Deputy’s Governors last son you should be more matured..

Govt.Son: daddy shade, I smell shade’s perfume here…. I’m 100% sure she’s here…

Tunde: What the hell? Sir will you believe I will ever lie to you?

****My heart rate increased, Tunde was courageous and determined, he tried all his best to divert my dad and the governors son but the governors son was a pain in the neck, he just really wanted to get rid of Tunde, he knows I’ll definitely come up with an excuse and my Dad believes me, but he will never trust Tunde again for lying to him and Tunde life might be ruined, I felt like I’m killing someone with my hands, Tunde kept on trying to prevent them from searching the room but it was a do or die affair, the question the Gov.Son and my dad kept on asking Tunde while I was sweating Seriously under his bed was “Tunde, We’ve Searched everywhere in this house, Shade cannot be Found, We Want To Search Your Room that’s All” and Tunde will try to Counter Oppose them by saying “Sir Why don’t You Trust Me Anymore?”*****

Dad: Dammy, you must love my daughter so much to know kind of perfume she wears

Govt.Son: Yes… I Admire every part of her, Sir will you tell this Houseboy to give way while i search this Room?

Tunde: Daddy Shade, Sir, Please, You can’t Search my Room, it’s a violation of privacy, you lived in the US and you know a lot about searching someone’s Room without permission… Please don’t search my room.

Dad: Tunde, I’m beginning to feel you want it the hard way, **my dad alerted the maid** Sarah! Sarah!

Maid: yes sir, I’m here sir.

Dad: go and call the gate man to jack Tunde out of here while we search this place, Tunde is like my son, but I’ll know if he is a real son or a liar today.

Maid: Okay sir. What happened Sir? Tunde is a Nice boy O..

Govt.Son: Who Are you asking that Question?

Maid: I’m sorry sir, please sir, I’m sorry.

Govt.Son: You had better be sorry.

Maid: thank you sir, let me call the gate man to jack Tunde Away…

Govt.Son: Wait! before you go, you know Tunde is muscular and strong, judging from his body structure he does heavy exercises, call the car washer men two of them, in case Tunde misbehaves.

Maid: Okay sir.

***Whats Going on? Is this really happening? I would never marry any Governors Son so Rude even with the most wealth… I stayed under the bed and it was getting stuffy, and I started to feel discomfort, then it became worse, I was about to sneeze, and you know Sneezing is so involuntary, you can’t control it, any Sneeze sound at this moment, it’s a worse scenerio for my Dear Tunde, so I tried my best to control it by holding my breath but it was not really working out well****

Maid: Gate Man!!

GateMan: Who is Rat?

Maid: You can’t even speak english, oga dey call you…

GateMan: For What? Person nogo sleep again?

Maid: Na serious problem o…. Dem wan jack Tunde, e be like sey e theif somethig and he no wan mek them enter house catch am o…..

GateMan: ah, oya make I wear my cloth, the Tunde wey I know no be theif, he no fit Tiff at all…

Maid: I tell you, Tunde is a honest boy oh, dem wan kill person pikin because dem dae send am to school to the best Tech school in nigeria we no go hear word, and Tunde sef eh, sha he no wan bring bad name give him family, and na that Govt.Son dammy dey cause all this wahala.

GateMan: Shutup your dirty mouth, Amebo, dem send you mek you call me and you dae here with your big buttocks dae pour me spit, no wonder,all this time I no sabi that winch wey dey press me for night, so na you?

Maid: no insult me oh, I dey warn you oh….

GateMan: Shut up jare, na so you go dey press people, no wonder that hausa gate man been run, shey now I don be your friend? you nogo press me for night again? Fat Amebo…

***(Amebo is a local term used to refer to gossips)***

Maid: na me you dey curse? Hmm I’m going inside if you like you come, if you like you don’t, I’ll just tell oga you said you’re not coming…

GateMan: no vex fatty, come to think of it, I’m suspecting shade and Tunde to be dating o… And that could be the Problem Oh…. Anway let’s go and meet them upstairs…..

Maid: how you go think that kind tin sef…. Abeg come go fight Tunde if you go fit…..

****I heard the gate man footsteps as he walked through the stairs, they were approaching to meet with Tunde, I became scared, and the bed was getting hot, I was sweating like a christmas goat, but i could only hold on to a miracle that can save me, I just knew that might be the end*****


GateMan: sir you sent for me.

Dad: yes, I want you to move this man from the door post now…

GateMan: ah, okay sir, Tunde! Move…. I will jack you oh….? Respect yourself now, or you wan create scene here?

Tunde: Sir I thought you trusted me, you, you… Y…..ou don’t believe me? (He’s voice changed as if he was going to cry)

**Tunde was so hurt, he wished he had just told the truth that I was inside with him rather than lying, his eyes were red, he felt he had let my dad down and betrayed my dad, even if he wasn’t going to stay with us he should have told the truth…. Oh God, I thought of what to do but I had no idea and I couldn’t stress my lungs much longer. I had to sneeze****

Dad: Tunde, what are you hiding inside your room? Are you now a herbalist?

GateMan: oga, wait abeg, let me push him away…

****they finally got access into his room, and they were searching seriously for me, they checked everywhere but they couldn’t find their dearest Shade (lol)*****

Govt.Son: shade, I know you’re here, come out honey, don’t be scared, you did nothing wrong, come out… You can’t hide….

***I tried to stay as quiet as I could, but I couldn’t hold my sneeze any longer if they searched 5 more minutes I’m gonna let go****

GateMan: Sir e be like shade no dae here….

Dad: so Tunde was right all along, hmm, so Tunde, why didn’t you let us search in the first place?

*** I finally sneezed….. Ouuuuuchuu…..***

Govt.Son: sir, I heard something……

Dad: what? What did you hear?

Govt.Son: Someone Sneeze inside that Room

Tunde: ah it was me, I sneeze a lot sir, I feel sick today…..

Dad: check his room thoroughly, search everywhere…. I’m starting to feel my daughter is inside here…

***I knew this was game over, I’m so scared now, what do I do? Suddenly my phone rang, luckily it was in vibration mode, it was my friend Adeola, oh…. She’s calling at the wrong time*****

Dad: check under that bed…. You haven’t checked there…..

***my heart was beating fast this time, suddenly I remembered I had an app on my Andriod phone, Tunde gave it to me, you can actually send text to it and it uses your voice to speak, I then typed … “Hello daddy, there’s a snake at the backyard, I’m at the backyard, help, help” then I called my dad and immediately activated the app***

Dad: (phone ringing) it’s shade, hold on…. Hello? Shade? Eh? Snake? Hello? Hello? Oh, she has cut the call.

Dad: Shade is at the backyard, a snake is trying to attack her…. GateMan go to the backyard now immediately…

Govt.Son: so she’s at the backyard?

…. Stay tuned for Episode 9

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