Lol!!! See what Governor El-rufia is eating(pix)

The man who doesnt ‘send’ anyone has done it again. He recently told his critics of his appointments to go climb a rock n fall down and die.

Now its a sugarcane in public glare!





  1. Our level of development has passed the level of use of gutter or crude language on fellow beings, especially people in positions of authorities! This is a man trying to prove to us that there’s no difference between him and us! He needs and deserves commendation!!! The other day, IBB worn sporting canvas to Council of States Meeting, we derided and insulted him! How do we please Naija people?

  2. Thank you Bart for a very reasonable comment. Nigerians always overdoing things, people should be allowed please to live their lives, eat what they want, wear what they want. What’s wrong with eating Sugarcane, it’s actually nutritious with natural sugars, and for pete’s sakes why abuse someone for wearing sneakers?

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