(Episode 10) Naija’s Interesting Story

Me: “You are kidding right?. I can’t believe you just made that silly joke” i replied with shock. She rolled her eyes, grabbed her handbag and a fetched out a piece of paper from it.

Comfort: “here is the test result” she said, offering me the paper which i refused to accept. Instead, i stood up and stared at her furiously.

Me: “i don’t know the game you are trying to play here but if it’s more money that you want from me just spill it out” i barked. She stared at me and breathed deeply.

Comfort: “why do you always think that everything is all about money?. You got me pregnant and you have to take the responsibility” she breathed strongly.

Me: “this was never part of our agreement” i reminded her.

Comfort: “yea it never was but i’m now pregnant for you. I didn’t put the pregnancy in there by myself. You did” she accused. I bit my lips and backed her.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t even remember sleeping with her without protection.

Me: “what you are doing isn’t right Comfort. You know i never slept with you without protection” i reminded her.

Comfort: “yea you are right, but maybe you failed to notice that one of the condoms you used on me had a leakage or something. I’m no virgin Mary. You got me pregnant and we have to make plans for the baby” she defended herself.

Me: “you said “we”?. You must be out of your mind involving me” i screamed.

Comfort: “you have to find a way of making plans for me and equally open up to your wife before this thing comes out public. I won’t hide the truth when people starts asking questions” she threatened seriously. I simply eyed her and stormed out of the hotel room while she ran after me, catching up with me at the hallway. She strongly grabbed my left hand, forcing me to stop.

Comfort: “this isn’t like the last time you walked out on me. The baby i’m carrying is ours and there isn’t anything you can do to deny it” she said quickly.

Me: “i have a wife Comfort and i can’t make you my second wife” i said to her, snatching my hand from her grasp.

Comfort: “I hope you know what you are doing?. I won’t bring up this issue with you again but don’t come crying when the consequences come crashing at your door step” she threatened, eyed me and left the building.

I just didn’t know what to do or which way to go. I badly needed a child but not from her. I couldn’t help but think of my wife’s reaction if she discovers what i had done.

Me: “no there must be a way out” i breathed. There wasn’t anyway i was going to allow Comfort to be the mother of my first child.

Me: “what if she ends up giving me a boy?. That would be total calamity, my family will never have peace again. Of course we are in Africa where the first male child of a man is most times the heir to everything, whether legitimately born or not” i reasoned fearfully.

Me: “oh my God no” i breathed, very uncertain of my future.


I couldn’t eat nor concentrate on anything as i got home later in the evening and at night, I simply stayed awake, thinking of the trap i got myself into. There wasn’t any doubt i needed to seek out Comfort and try every possible means to get her abort the pregnancy. Yea it really was a heavy decision, considering the fact that i was yet to have a child of my own. I just couldn’t risk destroying my peaceful home by accepting a child from a woman not married to me.

However i knew convincing Comfort to get rid of her pregnancy was an impossible task i was ready to give a trial. I equally knew the silly girl was trying to cash in on my wife’s inability to have a child to get some kind of deal for herself. I have seen such thing happen in movies and i wasn’t going to allow it happen to me.

Early the next day, i rushed my breakfast and headed to my office. I called Comfort on the way and asked her to meet me at my office as soon as she can. She showed up about forty five minutes later, looking very serious and ready for a fight.

Comfort: “you better have something good for me sir” she said as she sat down and faced me. I smiled and stared back at her.

Me: “so what exactly do you want from me?” i asked curiously. She smiled and breathed deeply.

Comfort: “of course you know what i want from you. A good home for my kid. Good health and education insurance for him. I want to be a part of your family as well” she poured out while i calmly controlled the anger boiling up in me.

Me: “so where will that leave my wife?” i asked her.

Comfort: “she won’t have any choice than to be accommodative. I’m not asking to move into your house but it still won’t stop you from telling her the situation on ground” she replied quickly.

Me: “you are so wicked!” i screamed at her.

Comfort: “after fucking me with all the styles you could think of, you expected me to move on and find a husband. Can you even count the number of times you had sex with me?. I bet we had more sex together than you had with your wife” she sparked and stood up.

I scratched my head and stared at her speechlessly. Her replies and behaviour cleared told me that she was very happy about the pregnancy. It was obvious she had wanted it all along.

Me: “how much do you want in order to get rid of it?” i asked quietly. She shook her head and drew back with fire in her eyes.

Comfort: “i’m having this baby my dear and don’t dare under estimate me. I know what to do and how to have my way in everything. Better start making provisions for me because i doubt if we are ever meeting again to discuss this issue. I have my school clearance to do. Bye bye” she hissed and left my office while i speechlessly watched her leave.

The silly girl was somehow leaving me with no option than to stain my hands with her blood out of desperation.


I couldn’t decide on anything to do concerning Comfort’s pregnancy nor was i able to tell my wife about it.

Slowly two weeks passed by without Comfort showing up to disturb me, a development that made me very scared at first but when the third week equally passed without her showing up, I felt perhaps she had changed her mind towards using the pregnancy to hold me down.

The second week of December slowly arrived, making it a month i last saw Comfort. I couldn’t imagine where she was or what she was planning and i equally held myself from calling her on phone. My wife unfortunately was still yet to get pregnant and this time around was overly worried because according to her, she was scared of meeting my parents during the coming Christmas without anything to show for our marriage.

However On Tuesday morning, in the second week of December, Comfort surprisingly showed up at my office looking very serious and cold. I was shocked to see her but tried my best to maintain my composure.

Comfort: “so how far sir?. What plans have you made for me?” she asked seriously as she sat before me.

Me: “plans?” i repeated slowly.

Comfort: “yes of course. I stayed away for a month in order to give you time to organise yourself and make preparations for me. Are you trying to tell me you did nothing?” she asked while i speechlessly stared at her.

Comfort: “i’ll be going for my NYSC next march, and i’m planning to serve in this state due to my condition, so i really don’t understand you. Anyway i guess i will do everything my own way, since you are not ready to make it easy for us” she poured out, stood up and left without another word while I bit my lips nervously as i wondered what she had up in her mind.

There wasn’t any doubt she had something well planned out. I tried thinking of what she could do as she threatened but nothing came to my mind.

I however soon found out what her threat was all about later that evening when she surprisingly showed up at my house by 7pm in the evening when my wife and I was having dinner. I couldn’t believe my eyes as i saw her walk into my sitting room after my surprised wife answered the door bell. She slowly settled down on my couch, gave my wife a long look before leaving her eyes on me as i abandoned my meal and nervously drew close to her.

Comfort: “i’m sorry for coming so late and i also apologise in advance for the shocking news i bear. Thanks for not asking too much questions before letting me in” she said with a cold smile to my wife who was absolutely shocked and confused with her boldness…

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  1. This Comfort is really a devil. She came to the man and made the evil deal.. now she’s bent on marriage by force with innocent man. Hmm.. what a pity. Not all women are like this oo.. Please Men should not generalize us oo lol

    • Hi Lawal Kemi It should be placed at your convenience soon. Thank you for being a wonderful fan. Stay Blessed & Happy Sunday to you!

    • Hi Lawal Kemi It should be placed at your convenience soon. Thank you for being a wonderful fan. Stay Blessed & Happy Sunday to you!

    • Hi Lawal Kemi It should be placed at your convenience soon. Thank you for being a wonderful fan. Stay Blessed & Happy Sunday to you!

  2. COMFORT bad pass CASSANDRA or SISTER MARRY, dis comfort Na satan disciple, her mission is to scatter peaceful home since she’s aware DAt Mr lecturer is novice in dis game of lust.

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