(Episode 11) My Dad wants me for Governor’s Son, but i Love Tunde, our Househelp

As Dammy the Gov.Son dialed the police number, I was kinda worried, really, this guy could be wicked, more like the devil himself, I went to him and tried to stop him, instead, he threatened to slap me if i insist begging on Tunde’s behalf.

***Immediately I found out how serious Dammy was, i quickly hinted Tunde of the threats he imposed***

Me: Honey, have you been in prison before?

Tunde: No, why are you telling me this? Or has he called the police?

Me: hmmm, yes he has, what are you going to do now? I’m so worried. Can you just try to apologize to him?

Tunde: No! I can’t do that, I can’t reduce myself so low to that extent. Anyway I’m ready for anything that comes next. Have you tried to plead with him from taking this action?

Me: yes I have, but he almost p*ssed his anger on me, well I just don’t know what you should do, would you consider running?

Tunde: no I can’t run, running away from the police will only make me look like a criminal.

***i went closed to him, sat with him and held him firmly on his cheek with my hands***

Me: look at me honey, look at me, you’re not a criminal okay, I love you and that’s what matters, you’re so important to me and no one can change that, not even the police.

**Tears were rolling freely down my cheek as I said this, and his eyes were red, we came so close, and our lips were near close, While we were about to kiss I heard a car parked outside, and as I peeped through the window, behold! it was the police***

Me: it’s the police.

Tunde: are you serious?

Me: come have a look

***the police were closing in as they climbed the stairs, the governors son immediately rushed downstairs like a child and went to them telling them lies on what had happened as he directed them to our room****

Me: Tunde, Lock the door.

Tunde: Okay, Okay..

****the police reached the door post******

Policemen: Who’s in here? Open this door!

Policemen: Open this door or we will drop it with gunshot!

Gov.Son: break this door, he is inside with my wife.

Policemen: do you mean he held your wife captive?

Gov.Son: yes, yes, arrest him. He has been sleeping with her too.

***i was so shocked to hear this, the gov.Son is a devil indeed, he just came to ruin my life and worsen that of Tunde and he has made matters worse by lying***

The police started hitting the door with their big boots, which made way for the door entrance, the moment they got in, they rushed and held Tunde while he was been handcuffed.

Tunde: what did i do?

Policemen: you have to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you in the court of law.

Tunde: used against me? What did I do?

Policemen: You are charged for so many things.

Gov.Son: take him away and stop all this noise please.

***i really felt bad, I picked my cell phone and called my dad and narrated the whole ordeal to him and he promised to be home soon****

Me: please don’t take him anywhere he didn’t commit a crime…

Policemen: young woman, your husband here, reported to us everything that happened so please let us do our job.

Me: What? We are not even engaged, he is making this all up to punish Tunde.

Govt.Son: officers, you know how women behaves, so don’t listen to her, Take him away!

Me: No! Please, I’ll pay anything, he can’t spend a minute in prison while I’m still alive no! Don’t take him….

Tunde: shade, please don’t worry, everything will be alright.

Govt.Son: hey! Musa or whatever, open the gate! Open the gate…

***they locked Tunde up in a car and drove him off to their stations. I became so sad, tears rolled down my cheek, i felt something great had been taken away from me.

Me: welcome daddy, thank God you came, there’s a very serious issue..

Dad: don’t call me your Dad anymore if you think I will help bail That Demon called Tunde out of sale!

Me: But dad…

Dad: Shhhh… I know everything, dammy the gov.Son called and told me how Tunde tried to rape you in his room. I wish he rots in that prison!

Me: Dad… That’s not true, he is a big liar!

Dad: shut up! If there’s any liar here, I think it’s you… what where you doing in his room in the first place?

Me: I swear dad I always go to his room to read some books, I’m not lying dad. Tunde is more pure of heart than this evil liar that calls himself the Gov.son, you have to believe me dad.

Govt.Son: I saw everything Sir, your daughter is still a virgin, and she’s still very vulnerable, any small romance fantasy could lead her to disarray.

**my eyes turned red and my heart pumped ten times faster as he kept giving my dad untrue information, I rose in rage and I didn’t know when I started shooting my anger at him**

Me: I hate you! You think pulling this stunt is going to make me marry you? Well if I were you, I’m going to park my things and leave this house! The truth is Tunde is a houseboy, but he beat you up! You are not even man Enough for me! You think I’m on to those flashy cars, diamond rings and all that? Well I hate you and from now on, you are my greatest nightmare, you may succeed in manipulating my dad! But I tell you, you’re never going to Win my heart, not even in your next life, so park your things and leave this house right now! (I started crying…)

Dad: he is going nowhere… The person that will be leaving is Tunde.

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