Why Boko Haram no longer potent threat to Nigeria – Gov. Shettima

Following the United Nations’ (UN) pledge to sustain its support to the government of Nigeria to restore normalcy and security to the North East, Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno state has said that the Boko Haram terrorists no longer constitute a potent threat to Nigeria’s territorial integrity.

The Governor gave the remark at the North East humanitarian stakeholders meeting organised by the Federal Government in Maiduguri.

Shettima said today marks another significant day in our long progress to forever ban insurgency from our lands and to place the North East region on the trajectory sustainable growth and development, peaceful coexistence, security and stability.

“It is a well known fact that since the year 2009 our region has been caught in war that is imposed by unquestionable matters of health, a war of brutality that has no correlation human history.

“A war that is chracterised by wanton destruction of lives and properties, genocidal scale, fatal destruction of towns and territorial occupation by terrorists.

“Mass abduction of innocent vulnerable boys and girls and even adults, displacing of millions of Nigerians into refugees in their own land.

“But it is equally well known fact that in the last six months we have witnessed a new impetus in the counter insurgency effort so much so that a new hope of optimism is assured that the end of all this madness is finally in sight.

“Thanks to the ample political will demonstrated by President Muhammadu Buhari which has manifested in the creation of regional international anti-terrorist alliances as well as the remarkable improvement in the training and equipping of our armed forces.

“Our gallant and patriotic troops have become better motivated and have taken the war to the insurgents and have largely succeeded in degrading their capacity as a striking force.

“Such that this undesirable elements no longer constitute a potent threat to the Nigerian territorial integrity, thus despite the renewed but desperate and cowardly campaign of bomb detonation currently undertaken by the ungodly Boko Haram in the process maiming and killing multiples of innocent people.

“We all know that their days are numbered,” said Shettima.


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