(Episode 21) Story of a Lady with a beautiful smile that’s killing me softly

Ikeyina: “I am quite surprised the police think I would do a thing like that Papa,” Ikeyina said to his father.

They were seated in the living room in his palatial home at GRA Onitsha.

Chief Ikemba: “I am sure they will realize before long that you are not that type my son.”

Ikeyina: “I like the girl of course, but it is no use if she does not feel the same way about me, so why would I want to force her to marry me?”

Chief Ikemba: “Exactly. That is senseless, but you know the police, they would like to throw their weight around and give the impression they are working.” The door opened and one of his security men rushed in.

Gateman: “Oga, some feofle want to see you,” the meguard said. “I think dey be folice sir.”

Ikeyina: “That is fine, please send them in,” Ikeyina answered calmly. He was relaxed, showing no signs of nervousness.

Officer: “Thanks for having us in your house Chief Ikeyina.”

Ikeyina: “You are welcome to my home officers. What can we offer you?”

Officers: “Nothing sir, we are on duty.”

Ikeyina: “Even water?”

Officers: “We are fine sir.”

Ikeyina: “Okay, I tried anyway. This is my father by the way.”

Officers: “Good to meet you sir,” Aliu, Tunde and two of their colleagues from the Anambra State Police Command answered.

Chief Ikemba: “It is a pleasure,” replied Ikemba.

Officers: “We have to go straight to the point Chief. Please can you tell us where you were on the 26 of July?”

Ikeyina: “I can’t recall. You see I am a busy man, but I can have my secretary look at my schedule and lists of appointments and furnish you with my whereabouts on the said date. You said July 26 ?”

Officer: “Yes.” Ikeyina noted that down. The questioning went on for nearly an hour. They asked whether he had been involved in any dealings with NITEL of late, and he said no.

Ikeyina: “I have a landline here and a few of them at the office. I got the lines years back, so I have no other phone line.”

Officer: “Do you know this young woman?” They showed him a picture of Ononye. He looked at the picture for a while, and gave it back to them.

Ikeyina: “I have never met that girl my whole life.”

Tunde: “How about this young man?” Tunde handed him a picture of Chukwudi.

Ikeyina: “No, I don’t know him either.”

Officer: “You wanted to marry Linda of late but she turned down your hand in marriage?”

Ikeyina: “That is correct.”

Aliu: “For an accomplished person like you, I reckon that must been a real slap on your face,” Aliu asked.

Ikeyina: “I knew the whole idea is that I felt dumped, disrespected and let down, and as a result, I chose to take her boyfriend out of the way. Well, I am a decent man. I do like the girl. Which man would not? She is very pretty and intelligent. However, I would never harm her for that reason. I have known her family all my life, my Dad here will confirm that.” Ikemba nodded affirmatively.

Ikeyina :“I like her, but I would never do a thing like that to win a girl’s heart. I am too big to stoop that low.”

Officer: “Okay sir. Please do you have any plans to leave the country any time soon?”

Ikeyina: “How soon?”

Officer: “In the next six months.”

Ikeyina: “No, but if I do, I will be sure to contact you before I make any travel plans.”

Officer: “Well we have a restraining order from the court. You are not to travel for the next six months. we will have to confiscate your passport for the time being.”

Chief Ikemba: “Don’t you think you are going too far Mr. Police?” Ikemba asked. “It is okay Papa. I will give them my passport. I am more than willing to clear my name from this mess. Please come back if you have further questions.” He went inside and returned with his international passport.

Tunde and Aliu seemed to have hit another dead end.

Tunde: “The guy seems like a real gentle man. He is calm and composed. He does not come across to me like someone who would attempt to harm anyone,” Tunde suggested on the way home.

Aliu: “Keep your psychology to yourself Tunde,” Aliu warned him.

Aliu: “For now, everyone is a potential suspect until proven otherwise.” Back in Enugu, they showed Ononye Ikeyina’s picture from his international passport.

Aliu: “Is that the man that hired you for the kill?”

…. Stay tuned for Episode 22

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