(Episode 13) She married a man she hardly knew, too late to turn back hands of time

However, that hadn’t stopped him and Adamu from discussing the business of their employer.

Adamu (Gateman): ‘Okon Okon, you don dey go?’ Adamu had intercepted him one Wednesday.

Okon: ‘ehen na, I go sleep here?’ he had replied irritated.

Adamu: ‘How madam Daisy na?’ Adamu had asked smiling sheepishly

Okon: ‘See me see trouble oh, na me be Madam keeper?’

Adamu: ‘ahn ahn, take am easy, we being get kwata?’

Okon: ‘me i get better place to go so i no get time for your nonsense’ Okon had replied and made for the gate.

Adamu: ‘but come oh, how you see this madam and oga issue na’ Adamu had asked undaunted by his nonchallance. Okon had sighed and halted. His interest piqued.

Okon: ‘Adamu my friend, Madam no dey happy at all’ he had said, pity etched on his face.

Adamu: ‘walahi, oga no dey try!’ Adamu exclaimed, his hands akimbo.

Okon: ‘at all at all, he no try. Madam Daisy dey very nice i swear’ Okon had concurred

Adamu: ‘…and fine too’ Adamu had added sharply.

Okon: ‘Yes oh. Infact she be correct woman’

Adamu: ‘But why she con agree marry oga just like that na?’

Okon: ‘Me i no know oh, you know all this big big men with their wahala, who know which kain problem make her gree’ Okon had replied.

He too had unconsciously long folded his arm across his chest like his partner. They had looked so serious then, discussing Daisy and Jide.

Adamu: ‘Haba ba! If to say i get money like oga, i for don marr…’

Okon: ‘you for don wetin?’ Okon had cut in sharply. ‘I no even fit laugh’ he had added looking around as if to confirm no one had been listening.

Adamu: ‘na true i talk na’ the delirious Adamu had added undeterred.

Okon: ‘abeg oh, no be me and you, being dey talk am’ Okon had said, drawing his ears in an ‘am innocent’ gesture.

Okon: ‘bye bye’ he had added quickly and left the bemused Adamu still standing without a sign of remorse.

Adamu: ‘Abegi, you too dey fear!’ Adamu had called out to no one in particular, before retiring inside.

Daisy never knew the house aids had discussed her, she was too wrapped up in her grief and regret to pay attention to the glance of pity Adamu and Okon often had on their face whenever they addressed her.


Daisy switched absentmindedly between the numerous station that DSTV offers, they didn’t catch her fancy anymore. The events of previous months gone by had dragged her head out of the clouds and align it with reality. She realized albeit belatedly that the Life of the Kardasians for example were so different from the life of an average Nigerian family. This was Africa, not America where everything goes, you don’t play by the movie rule here, everybody wasn’t so nice and people didn’t fall in love with you, just because you harbored secret fantasy about them or eventually agreed to marry them. Everyone was up and doing, looking for a means to better their life, they didn’t have time to become love sick, theirs was a give and take drill, almost never a ‘happily ever after’ affair.

‘…reality sting Daisy, this is not some Africa Magic s.hit’

Those were the words of Jide that night, words that ceaselessly tormented her whenever she allowed her mind wander. Daisy station search hit Africa Magic and she halted for a minute. A scene of some Nollywood actors having a beach party was showing.

Daisy rolled her eyes disgustingly, what planet were these guys from? She wondered angrily and switched off the Tele. Long ago, she would have been hooked. Not anymore. With a sigh, she stood up and made for the door, a walk round the estate would do a refreshing work she thought.

The shriek of her phone halted her, it was vibrating noisily on the dining.

Daisy: ‘forgot that’ she said and retraced her step. Daisy didn’t have much callers, just mama and Brenda. She mostly didn’t even remember she had a phone except at night or times when she wanted to listen to music with it.

Daisy: ‘Hello’ she said. Two guesses and you would know who was calling.

Caller: ‘Dee what’s up’ the other end replied.

Daisy: ‘nothing’s new. locked in that’s what’s up’

Caller (Bren): ‘Get a life girl. Jeez!’ Brenda said irritated. Daisy sighed, she had no idea on how to accomplish that.

Daisy: ‘How’s Boston…’ Daisy was saying, she wasn’t in the mood for ‘get a life’ tutorial from Brenda. she had unrelently made it a duty to tutor her whenever she called. But then it was easy for Brenda to say, she had families here, even had a life waiting for her whenever she decided to come back home. What had she? It was best if they just ended the call right not.

Bren: ‘Don’t try to side track the issue here, how many times have i…’

Daisy: ‘oh, Bree, please don’t start okay. was on my way out when you called, if you don’t have…’ Daisy was saying with, her raised voice.

Bren: ‘oh yes! go on! shout at me! let me take the blame! come on! am the one who gets the anger while that mothafucka dude goes around tripping! Keep shouting girl’ Brenda shouted angrily.

Daisy kept quite. That had touch a cord.

Bren: ‘Am sorry Dee, but am pained to see my friend going through this, you are nolonger Daisy the flower, you are a shadow of yourself, i dont know if i can recognise you again. If you sound this way, then who knows how…’

Daisy: ‘That’s okay, i don’t need pity you know!’ Daisy cut in. ‘I don’t need pity okay!’ she repeated almost shouting.

Bren: ‘And pity you wont get! Fighting is what you are gonna do, so you better get ready!’

Daisy shook her head bitterly, this wasn’t a thug of war, she simply wasn’t like her, she couldn’t stand Jide, all she wanted to do was run in his presence. Her broken heart couldn’t handle another rejection.

Bren: ‘Are you there?’ Brenda called, Daisy had been silent.

Daisy: ‘Am here, but going out soon, you’ve ruined my mood already’ Daisy replied exasperated.

Bren: ‘I intend knocking you out of your inertia too’ Brenda said undeterred.She had called for something else, but her friend’s mood was really getting on her nerves.

Daisy: ‘How do you intend to do that, this is Nigeria you know, the men here are different’

Bren: ‘Not the men exactly, but the environment, even the leverage ladies over there give! No! Its this beaten up, am-a-poor-trodden-defeated-piece-of-poo attitude you manifest in front of that man, that’s what different!’ Bree replied angrily, she felt like shaking Daisy out of her inertia.

Daisy: ‘Is this why you even called!’ Daisy shouted angrily wondering why she hadn’t cut the call already.

Bren: ‘No! i called to inform you that am hitting Lagos next week!’ Brenda shouted back.

It slowly hit Daisy.

Daisy: ‘you are not kidding me’ she asked calmly.

Bren: ‘I don’t kid, i deliver!’ Brenda shouted, still angry.

Daisy rendered a heart piercing scream, it was hard to imagine she had been the down beaten girl of minutes ago.

Bren: ‘jeez Dee calm down!’ Brenda said, her anger subsided now.

Daisy: ‘oh you! Why didn’t you tell me!’ Daisy said, trying hard to contain her excitement.

Bren: ‘forgotten how pathetic you were minutes ago?’

…. Stay tuned for Episode 14

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  1. Daisy’s life is not different from people inside jail. She can’t be free wit her roomate (husband). She can’t even get laid by him. And is that your legal married husband? na wa ooo

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