(Episode 22) She married a man she hardly knew, too late to turn back hands of time

The grapevine had it that she, whatever her name was, had been Mama’s assistant overseas. And every hand pointed to mama as the brain behind the marriage. Her boss had not been very pleased to be married then and even now, she could bet he still wasn’t pleased. Oh well, it was the life of the rich, and they had funny ways of living it. Her boss wasn’t the type to give in to gossip and frivolous talk, she sure stood at a risk of running into problems with him if he knew she had been supplying the grapevine tiny details about him. since she didn’t want to lose her job, the best thing to do now, was to provide food for him and then start minding her own business.

Ade: ‘where are you headed with your head in the clouds?’ Ade asked startling her. He was eyeing her with a flirtatious grin now.

Dorothy: ‘goodmorning Mr. Ade, am off to get…’

Ade: ‘Its okay, i trust you know where you’re going’ Ade said uninterested.

Dorothy: ‘sure’ Dorothy replied and made to leave.

Ade: ‘and is he around, your boss?’ he asked.

Dorothy: ‘yeah’ she replied making to leave again, but Ade held her hand now.

Ade: ‘you are yet to give me a suitable feedback on my proposal’ he said softly.

Dorothy: ‘with all due respect sir, this is an office and…’ she was saying, gently pulling her arms from his hold.

Ade: ‘that’s okay’ Ade said, slightly irritated and loosen his hold. He didn’t care much for low class chicks anyways, he had class and they came in only as alternative. Soon he was waltzing away, not a glance back at her. Dorothy looked scornfully at the retreating figure of Ade, hissed and rolled eye.

Dorothy: ‘ashawo lo omo’ she cursed under her breath and continued her journey.


Ade: ‘hey man, whats up!’ Ade said soon as he stepped into Jide’s office.

Jide didn’t look up from the document he was perusing, and didn’t act like he’d heard someone speak.

Ade: ‘come on, don’t give me that, i only came to say hi’ Ade pushed further.

Jide hit his desk in anger then. ‘I would count it a favor if you just left’ he said between clenched teeth.

Ade: ‘calm down dude, am not here for a fight or something’

Jide: ‘your presence alone is repulsive, it makes me feel like hitting the life out of you, so please just leave my office’ jide shouted angrily.

Ade: ‘was there something i did?’ Ade asked feigning innocence ‘i just came to ask if we should expect you at the club tomorrow, or like last week that you…’

Jide: ‘clubbing is the last thing on my mind now!’ Jide screamed in exasperation. How was he going to shake Ade off! He wondered in anger.

Ade: ‘relax man, the boys put me to it, i don’t feel like seeing you either’ Ade replied in disgust.

Jide: ‘good! Then be gone’ Jide shouted pointing at the door.

Ade: ‘not after you calm down man!’ Ade retorted. What was wrong with the f.ool of man, he thought. He wasn’t the only one with dislike issues here!

Jide stood up and made for the door, there was no reasoning with the irritating animal. The day when he would get his was so around the corner! he thought angrily.

Ade sighed at the retreating figure of Jide and grinned as he banged the door. He was not the least shaken or remorseful, anything he could to get back at Jide was perfect.

Their feud dated back to their university days, and even though Ade was sure Jide wasn’t aware of it, he still held the grudges nonetheless. He hated Jide’s gut, hated the fact that the he was arrogant and yet got away with it. Acting like a spoilt brat everytime, because he was rich and famous in the business scene. While people like him had to struggle for everything – money, status, position, attention and even love.

Yes love! That was the bane of contention here. Jide had gotten the girl Ade had loved back then in school, even though now, everyone had splitted ways and moved on, Ade still nursed his defeat. The girl had been attracted to his jide’s wealth, and Jide had capitalized on it even though he had known that he (Ade) was interested.

It shouldn’t matter anymore to him because he was not unto the girl anymore, he bedded more classy chicks now. It was simply a matter of hitting Jide with a dose of his own medicine.

He’d totally forgotten about the pretty woman whose wedding he had immensely contributed in. The woman he had had no qualms whatsoever, if she had been forced upon him, and the woman who he’d pleaded with Jide to pretend liking at the wedding then.

But now he had realised that she was the perfect bait. Yes, he hadn’t given it much thought then because Jide hadn’t accepted her, but now, judging by his sudden jealous and protective tendency towards her, he was sure Jide was finally falling. Therefore What Grace had been shrewd enough to notice and wave when he had made advances towards her then, he hoped Daisy would gladly play into. Grace was more like a buddy to him now, too bad, she hadn’t made it down the aisle with Jide, not that he cared who married who anyways, It was just a game of little revenge, nothing more

Ade: ‘nothing more’ Ade said aloud now, standing up from Jide’s desk where he had unconsciously sat during all that musing down memory lane.

Ade: ‘watch out, am coming for you’ Ade said to the thin air, looked around the moderately furnished office, adjusted his tie and blew off the imaginary dust from his shoulders, then waltzed out of Jide’s office.

When Jide left his office, he headed straight to his father’s. It was better to get all the blows today had to offer, he thought.

After that wedding incidence, things became far from being cordial between him and his dad, infact it wasn’t only their relationship that had been affected, everyone in his family steered clear from him, and if Jide had glowed in it before, he didn’t anymore, infact it added to his pains. Because ever since he started craving for a family with Daisy, the cravings for his natural family doubled too.

As he walked down to his father’s office, which he had rarely entered the past few months, he longed for forgiveness from him for he too was willing to forgive and let go even his grandmother for their interfering acts.

Jide: ‘goodmorning dad’ Jide said soon as he stepped into his father’s office.

Jide’s Dad: ‘morning’ his father said without taking his attention from the newspaper he was reading.

Jide: ‘you sent for me’ Jide said when his father didn’t say more.

Jide’s Dad: ‘yeah’ he replied, flipping to another page of the paper ‘your grandma sent in some items, am sure you know what else to do’ he completed, his attention still on the paper.

Jide: ‘and she couldn’t call me herself’ Jide replied, a hint of rejection in his tone.

That made his father raise his brows in surprise and peer at Jide from the top of the paper he held. But it happened in a flash, even Jide hadn’t noticed.

Jide: ‘okay’ Jide sighed and headed out, stopping momentarily when he got to the door and glanced back at the still nonchalant stance of his father.

When the door to his office closed, Mr. Olukoya dropped the paper he had so much been engrossed with and stared at the door which his son had just shut.

It hurt him that his first son had drifted away from him, now he understood why Jide had reacted the way he did and he no longer felt anger towards him.

If anything, he wanted to get back to their former mutual relationship. Even though they hadn’t been on a very close level then, atleast they weren’t this distanced.

Right now, he could only wish for his son’s love and forgiveness, but he wasn’t going to push it, if there was anybody who had pride, arrogance and ego in one make up, then that person was Jide, the very child who had taken after him in these traits. Worst still, his was of a modern dimension, they didn’t bend easily.

Sighing once more in resignation, Mr. Olukoya went into the business of the day.


Bren: ‘you feeling the music!’ Brenda screamed excitedly over the deafening sound of the music. The glass she held protested the careless wave of the hand holding it up high and a drop of its content hit the table where Daisy and Brenda sat. But Brenda was far from caring.

Daisy smiled nervously at her friend, her eyes darting around the dimly lit and suffocating club house for the upteenth time. Her mind telling her that she had no business here whatsoever.

It wasn’t like she was a novice at this things, its just that Mama had weaned her out of the habit, courtesy of the weekends she’d always spent with her back then in Boston, now Daisy felt like a square in a peg hole.

Bren: ‘please, be lively for a sec! This is not a mourning house or something!’ Brenda scolded dropping the glass of wine on the table. Her friends lack-lustre mood was really irritating her.

Daisy: ‘am lively’ Daisy frowned and drained the content of her cup, settling it down, she smiled another weak attempt at bravery. All her initial excitement obviously, was fast draining

Bren: ‘okay! I know just what you need to get into the mood’ Brenda said excitedly, stood up and danced towards the bar.

Daisy eyes trailed her friend’s move till the bodies of dancers few steps away, shielded her. Then she shifted her attention to the smirn-off ice on their table.

Daisy: ‘oh well’ she said resignedly, and poured herself another glass full.

Her nurse instinct prompted her on the dangers inherent in over indulging, but Daisy ignored it, she desperately needed something to shake her off this depressing mood that annoyed her so. Had she totally lost the sense of fun? She wondered angrily.

Minutes later Daisy’s gaze was on Brenda, she stood with one hand on her waist, the other brandishing a bottle of Amarula wine, her pose like that of a Model and she was smiling confidently at Daisy. Daisy returned the smile.

Bren: ‘luck has finally caught up with us!’ she screamed still on that pose. ‘Some handsome dude, who’s being to Theresa’s school for the gent, bought me this so effortless, and he promised more from where this came from!’ she completed slumping into her seat.

Daisy smiled, dressed like that, she knew Brenda could just as well call it a walk over to obtain whatever she wanted from this guys ogling at them ever since. She personally wasn’t interested in playing charming on them.

Daisy: Why?

She was unhappily married to the man of her dreams, and she’d rather deal with him than anyother unnamed guy even if he didn’t seem to appreciate her love.

Bren: ‘so you gonna snap out of it or what?’ Brenda asked while she busied with un-capping the wine.

Daisy: ‘give me just a little more time’ Daisy replied smiling.


The cap flew open and the wine bubbled out. Daisy clapped now and Brenda poured some into their cups, happy that her friend was finally warming up.

Just then Iyanya’s ‘your waist’ track filtered into the air and the atmosphere changed, previous dancer shifted into another gear of dance step, while those seated rushed to the dance floor to go begin the business of waste shaking.

Bren: ‘that dee jay is killing me!’ Brenda screamed excitedly. ‘Hurry up with the drink, lets go strut our stuff, and teach them dude the real deal!’

Daisy nodded and smiled, she wasn’t a big fan of Nigerian music, but with hit track like this, she really didn’t have other choices!

She wriggled her legs to the rhythm now. If Brenda wanted her to dance, then dance she would. All she needed was a push, hopefully this would do the trick. Daisy thought and drank generously from her wine.

The girls chattered on and on for the next couple of minutes, gearing up for the imminent dance, when a male form towered over their table.

Man: ‘what’s the probability of meeting two lovely ladies on a lovely Friday at Ojez night club?’ the voice patronized.

Their heads raised to see a guy smiling broadly at them. One face registered recognition, the other sized the man from feet to head, before putting on a disgusted and bored look.

Daisy: ‘hi’ Daisy said smiling.

Man: ‘hello, tis a surprise to meet you here’ the male replied.

Daisy: ‘you too, uhm…uhm’ she was grappling with his name.

Man (Ade): ‘Ade’ the guy supplied.

Daisy: ‘yeah Mr. Ade Daisy said grinning foolishly, she hadn’t actually known his name, but she sure knew who he was.

Ade: ‘I see you girls are having a great time’ Ade said, his attention directed at Brenda.

Daisy: ‘Yeah, surprisingly we are’ Daisy said and drained the wine from her cup.

Bren: ‘yeah a great time we had, till you appeared’ Brenda said drily.

Bren: ‘do you know this dude, Daisy?’ she asked, not the least taken in by his pleasantry, irritation was what best described how she felt at the moment.

Daisy: ‘yeah…’ a belch ‘…sorry’ a giggle ‘he is…no…was…the groom’s man’ Daisy completed. The wine was starting to take its toll on her.

Bren: ‘whatever’ Brenda replied waving her hands.

Ade: ‘so can i join you girls?’ Ade queried

Daisy: ‘sure…’

Bren: ‘not a chance!’ Brenda cut Daisy short. ‘Its a table for two, guys ain’t welcomed’

Ade: ‘all guys or this guy?’ Ade replied

Bren: ‘Don’t matter’ Brenda countered.

Ade: ‘maybe for Daisy here, but for you…’

Ade: ‘am perfect! Besides…’ Brenda sized him up again

Bren: ‘… you’re not my kind of guy, so eva-po-rate!’ she completed cutting Ade off.

Ade was far from backing down, infact, he was excited by her attitude, he was one to hit on, sassy, spoilt and arrogant females, and this female here sure reeled of it! Her intonation and kit-up was another, he loved the ‘wild’ classyness spelling all over her. obviously, she had no idea how irritating and obstinate he could be. He smiled.

Ade: ‘I could try match up’ He challenged further.

Bren: ‘we ain’t in a biz of match making here’

Ade: ‘I still don’t mind’

Bren: ‘Don’t hurt yourself over trying, cos you ain’t getting it dude’

Ade: ‘a trail will convince you!’ Ade continued, standing there confidently like that was his only care in the world.

Bren: ‘i dont even give trails for convincing’

Ade: ‘too bad, Cos you missing out sweet girl’ Ade said smiling. This was his kind of chick, he thought excitedly.

Bren: ‘o please! Don’t call me sweet, cos i ain’t’

Ade: ‘That’s better, cos i love them bitter girls’

Bren: ‘okay! Its official’ Brenda shouted banging the table. ‘…you are a big pain in the ar.se’. Giving him a scornful look she stood up. ‘and be gone before i return! If you want no trouble!’ she completed, hissed and walked away her head raised high in pride.

Ade: ‘trouble is my middle name’ Ade chuckled to himself. Then turned his attention to the foolishly smiling Daisy.

Daisy had followed the verbal war between them in amusement, downing more and more of the wine, her mind was in a haze now and her body felt weak, the loud music was doing wonders to her nerves and hitting unrelently at her head. Daisy couldn’t tell how she felt at the moment.

Ade: ‘your friend?’ Ade asked coming to sit at the just vacated chair. She was obviously drunk, he thought.

Daisy: ‘yeah…’ Daisy giggled ‘…don’t let her attitude get to you’ a wave of her hand, ‘she gets like this when she wanna be on the defensive’ she completed, a funny smile playing on her face then made to pour another drink for herself.

Ade: ‘don’t you think you’ve had that enough?’ Ade asked.

Daisy: ‘have I?’ Daisy asked foolishly and paused ‘just wanted to kill this nervousness’ she shrugged and continued with the wine. ‘besides i love its taste’ she blurted, then drank a volume, bringing down the cup to smile foolis.hly again at Ade.

Ade smiled back. He couldn’t possibly stop a grown woman from indulging herself, now could he?

Ade: ‘Jide didn’t come?’ he asked casually.

The question immediately changed her countenance, to be replaced with a forlorn look. She twisted her lips and dropped the wine, her mind momentarily flashed back to the note she had dropped on the dining before leaving that evening. Her eyes scanned the place for a clock, but saw none. Who would place a clock in a club? She wondered drily.

Daisy sighed, it became clear to her now what she felt. Pain. She exhaled deeply, her face betraying how she felt inside.

Ade noticed her changed expression, and found himself pitying her inspite of himself. Here was a woman who very well loved his brash friend. But here she was, probably doing this to spite Jide, or to prove a point to herself or satisfy her friend’s whim. He wasn’t sure which.

Ade: ‘what’s her name?’ he asked

wanting to change the topic.

Daisy: ‘didn’t get that…’

Ade: ‘her name, your friend who just left…’ he was repeating when.

Ade’s female friend: ‘This is where you’ve been? couldn’t you tame your flirtatious nature even for a while!’ a female voice shouted angrily.

They both looked up to see a lady, standing by their table, visibly angry with hands on her hips.

Lady in red! Daisy’s antenna picked. Her elusive brain could never ever forget this particular person!

Ade: ‘Grace am so sorry, i sighted some friends and decided to come say hi’ Ade said standing up.

…. Stay tuned for Episode 23

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  1. Morning @Deola.. Morning Everyone. I think Daisy is depressed. She needs clubbing to be happy. i wouldn’t blame her though

  2. How Stella got her groove back. Madam Daisy, no over do ur revenge o for grace is still around the corner + it’s time Jide come out plain at least ask his Grandma some questions na..

  3. Grace is going through pain and jide and Daisy as well,, so for this to work out well, they have to let go of the past…..

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