(Episode 7) How my husband was killed on our wedding night with a knife buried in his chest.

Detective: However it can be added to your charges but i believe your lawyer won’t have a hard time winning over the charge. But you also have to swear to keep your mouth shut if it comes to that. You know i can equally end up in prison over it” he said seriously, while i nodded. I couldn’t even find the voice to talk. The plan was just so terrible to hear. Of course it was nothing but a sucidal plan. I knew the health implications of such deed, but it was a better option than prison. Seriously the detective was going out of line just to save a clueless lady like me. It wasn’t as if we paid him to help me. He simply was doing it for free. As if he knew what was going through my mind.

He reached out and held my hands.

Detective: “when i joined the force newly. A young male student was picked up by our patrol team some miles away from a Robbery scene. We all knew the boy was innocent but still held him just to prove a point that we were working. Unknown to us, the boy was asthmatic and as soon as he was thrown into the cell, his health condition got very bad and before we could run around. He died. Since that moment, i decided to help the innocent. But you see, in police work it’s not always easy to be on the right path because we all obey orders and answer to our superiors whether we like it or not” He said softly. “you are a bright young woman but i’m afraid, if i fail to get good results. You will have to take your destiny in your hands. You will have to harm yourself. That’s the only thing that can buy us more time. Yes you will try committing suicide but I’ll be right on time to save your life. Anyway let’s pray it doesn’t come to that” he concluded and stood up while my head swelled with thoughts.

Precious: “God please don’t allow things to get that bad. Don’t allow me to try out suicide as an option” i prayed softly. It was such a difficult moment and decision to take. However i still had two days which was enough time for a miracle to happen


Later in the evening my brother came visiting with a flask filled with food, but food really wasn’t what i needed that moment.

Precious Brother: “i’m sorry for coming late, i really was held up with work. Dad is now safely home. I spoke with him few minutes ago” he said pleasantly while i ate slowly. “so what’s up, any breaking news?” he asked when i was done eating. I forced out a smile, thanked him for the food before telling him all that happened earlier in the day. He listened eagerly, frowning when i got to the suicide part of the plan.

Precious Brother: “no no no i don’t support that. What’s the detective thinking by suggesting such nonsense. No that’s bad” he said seriously, but before i could answer, detective Jeremiah showed up that moment with a heavy frown on his face.

Detective: “i’m afraid i brought more bad news” he said as he stopped before us. “the Americans are now pushing for the case to be moved to their country” he calmly announced. My brother and I gasped with shock. “i got a call few minutes ago to prepare my documents and everything i have on the case. We don’t even have the two days anymore” he explained seriously.

Precious Brother: “but that’s impossible!. The murder was committed in Nigerian soil. The trial should be here” my brother protested seriously.

Detective: “I think you should take that up with the federal government if you have the right connections. I really had the feeling such a thing could happen but kept it to myself. Our leaders hardly deny the American government anything and this case is nothing different. Seriously many things has been happening which are swept under the carpet without the public knowing” he summarized with resignation.

Precious Brother: “but i can’t go to court. I can’t stop them legally?” my brother asked seriously. The detective breathed deeply and shrugged.

Detective: “well if you can get the court to sit before your sister is moved out of the country. Then yes you can. But she’s married to an American citizen which somehow makes her an American as well, moreover i learnt her dead husband already procured all necessary traveling papers for her before his death, which makes everything a lot easier for the Americans” he answered.

Precious Brother: “damn” my brother cursed.

Detective: “but we still have till morning to come up with something new” he added while i cleared my throat and spoke out for the first time.

Precious: “i think i have a plan” i suddenly announced, surprising my brother and the detective with the cold smile which appeared on my face with the revelation.

Of course i had a new plan in my mind. A plan which was nothing close to the suicide attempt the detective proposed earlier in the day. So what kind of new plan came to my mind that crucial moment?? Hmmmm

…. Stay tuned for Episode 8

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  1. how’s that possible? transferring case to U.S while incident happened in Nigeria. Do not let them rob you of your right. This cannot be done according to Constitution.

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