(Episode 2) The Rich also cry … Modified Version of a True Story

I was so infuriated that I could not hold myself as I walked to the table to confront them, when I got their they remained unperturbed, dad smiling as he saw me and offered me a sit

DAD: Look young man, your too young to handle such kind of lady, you have made me find love again

Yes I knew dad is a chronic womaniser but what I never knew was that he had no shame in him, I felt stupid and wished death upon myself as I left the hotel that night, only to wokeup the next day in a hospital, I was told I got drunk and drove on high speed and rammed my car on the street lights on the road, with bandage tied to my head and my arm also tied with bandage too, I could feel blood stains on it, a clear sign that I had sustained serious injury, angry why death didn’t take me that was my mum opened the door to the hospital room, from her swollen ears and the way her face was swollen also, it was obvious mum had been crying since, she dropped the food flask she was holding on the floor and began to cry again

MUM: Dele o! you will not kill me, what is wrong with you? do you want to kill yourself, I thought you dropped that habit of drinking

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We both hugged and cried together, minutes later mum decided to go see the doctor in his office and that was when my mum’s driver Femi walked and sat beside me, after sympathizing with me, he looked at the door and then turned to me whispering

FEMI: My guy popsi wan marry new wife o! him bring am come house this morning, if you see this girl, dark and fine well well like your babe Folake

My breath seized, my worst fear has come to dine with me, I stayed in the hospital for four days and when I was discharge, I got home only to walk inside my parlour to see Folake wearing the same bum shorts I bought for here sitting on the dinning table with my father as they ate together.

Dad got married to Folake traditionally and I never stepped my feet outside my room on that day, my love for Folake had turned hatred overnight, on the sunday after the thanksgiving service after the lavishly thrown party at home and all the guest all gone, I decided to go the garden and while away in thoughts, my phone in my hand and a pack of orange juice, I saw the shadow of someone in the dark and I walked faster to see who was there, on getting closer I noticed it was Folake and she was on phone answering a call as she laughed with the person on the other side of the phone

FOLAKE: Babe no be small money this man get! I say I don arrive, if no be God connect me like this how I wan take help my poor life?

She laughed and continued

FOLAKE: Dele go cope na! him go understand, no be say sef the chief sabi anything for bed, trust me na, ma binu I go talk to you later

And she turned and saw me standing right at her back, she hissed shoved me by the chest and walked into our mansion, it was now obvious Folake was here on a mission and I swore to do anything within my powers to foil all her plans.

Back from their honeymoon in america, Folake looking so robust and shiny, dad employed her into his company and they went to work together every morning, business call came and dad travelled out for weeks, I was all alone in my room when Folake walked in, I almost threw my laptop at her and she just smiled saying

FOLAKE: Baby boy! I need your hard stuff, now your popsi is not around, c’mon lets have some good time

I wondered how she could even muster courage and walk into my room to say that, I walked her out of my room, she left my room but not without threat words

FOLAKE: I Folake Oniru, I will show you a lesson, you walking me out of your house, am offering what your father is eating {touching her boobs} and your reject it

She left and later that night I was returning from an engagement, as the gateman opened the gate and I drove in, he waved at me to stop, in his normal way I thought he wanted to come tell me about his numerous family problem and then ask for money but this time was different

GATEMAN: Small Oga! you know say you be my person, and anytime I get problem na you dey always help me, I no go see pepper wan enter your eye still leave am

ME: C’mon talk to me, you know am tired and feeling sleepy

GATEMAN: Small oga, this new madam oga marry so e be like say ogbanje dey worry am, she don enter room with oga two boys for two days now and now sef as I dey talk to you now na your mother driver dey kolobi am now inside the driver room

I Opened my car door and rushed out, heading to the boys quarters at the back of the house, I rushed to Femi’s room and used my whole body to jam the door open, only for me to see Folake riding Femi as they were totally nake.d, Femi jumped out of the bed, hurriedly wore his boxers as I was looking round his room to search for an Object to hit both of them with, I saw a machete by the corner of the fridge in his room, I grabbed and chased them, Folake had only the bedsheet from Femi’s bed tied round and Femi only his boxers on as they ran towards the gate, I was able to give Femi a deep cut in his hand as they dashed out of the compound.

I waited for the return of chief Dada to tell him of my discovery and how marrying Folake is the worst single decision he has ever made..

….Stay tuned for Part 3

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