1. Fayose needs to be call to order. 6months is not enough to access four years race. What has Fayose himself done in Ekiti? He should concentrate on his duties as governor and deliver his pledges to Ekiti people rather than all this nonsense criticism.

  2. Fayose really have no work. If it is a commoner, an illiterate writing to criticize the President, one will understand. He is taking issues personal and I see it as the hatred Fayose already had in his mind at thinking that Buhari would not win. Tell him to stop CRYING OVER SPINNED MILK. He should learn to behave maturely and like a literate person. He has children who are grown ups and I never anticipated he should still be behaving like this at almost becoming a grandfather. What is he teaching his children? not not respect elders maybe. He is a disgrace to the Yoruba race that people would always say are respectful!

  3. Now I know this man has really lost it.what exactly has he done for ekiti state.the power in ekiti is one of the worse if not the worse in the country,cost of living is very high yet no meaningful source of income,save the teaching occupation in the state.when filling stations of all states were selling fuel at 87naira per liter,all filling stations in ekiti save BOVAS were selling above 100naira per litre yet you could not do anything to control the situation.you are just looking for cheap attention.mind your business,and leave the president to handle his.Well Mr President is wiser than listening or reacting to your childish cry for milk.Save ekiti state which obviously is too much a task for you to handle.Mr President is already saving the country from the gutters it had been dragged in since the demise of president Musa Yaradua of great memory

  4. This Fayose should be taken to Aro, no responsible leader and father will open his mouth and be talking senseless like this, you are not the only governor in this country neither he is only PDP member. He is just a useless fool that want attention by all means

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