See Photos Of Oshodi Market After It Was Destroyed By Lagos State Govt

Owonifari market in the Oshodi, Oshodi/Isolo Local Government Area was destroyed in the early hours of today by Lagos state government officials. See more photos below…


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  1. Ambode will sell the new building to Tinubu and coy. Watch out !!!
    It truly this Ambode want to work, he should 1st complete the outstanding projects let behind by Great Honorable Govt. Raji Fashola. And follow his footprint. Not doing this, that sound like a selfish political interest.

  2. I expected govt to have given adequate notice of 15 days.More importantly some of d traders were not allowed to move their belongins, this is crue and inhuman. Nobody is against modernisation

    • Don’t be too sure. I know someone whose mum had a shop there. She said they were given weeks’ notice. All those traders knew they were going to lose their shops within weeks but as it always is, they will claim the didn’t know so as to garner pity. Besides, Lagos State offered to relocate them to Bolade. They should move to the shops being offered to them there.

  3. Another group of Nigerians thrown into joblessness. Oh our political leaders! God dey oh and he is watching very carefully. Remember whatever a man so no matter how highly placed in the society or state or country he will surely reap.

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