(Episode 36) I’m scared my crush could break my heart … Irresistible Story!

My relationship with Adenuga, like most, started out great. He made me feel like the most special girl and like he only had eyes for me. In turn, I have been 100 percent faithful to him prior before he left me. I still recall at the beginning of our relationship, how i am still crazy about him and love him very much.

Just all of a sudden prior to our breakup before i met Yousuf, his trust for me has diminished for no apparent reason. He will literally, out of nowhere, come at me with crazy accusations of cheating and being unfaithful (talking to guys, “lying” about where I am, etc.) — typical insecure guy behavior. But you know that when a man accuses you of cheating for no good reason, usually he is the one who is guilty.

Adenuga: “Cyndy” Adenuga gasped as soon as he saw me. I breathed deeply and stared at him with a coloured face. Bella’s abusive words really hurt me alot, it was a miracle i still was able to stand on my feet.

Adenuga: “leave us alone” he ordered her. She eyed me for the last time and returned to the apartment. I drew close, gave him the food flask and heaved a sigh.

Me: “it’s breadfruit, mum sent me to deliver it. You can keep the flask” i said coldly, turned and made to leave.


Adenuga: “stop please, you can’t just go like that” he begged nervously. I smiled bitterly, turned and gave him another look. He couldn’t even invite me into his apartment, what a shame.

Me: “don’t worry i’m perfectly fine, i have to get going” i answered,

Adenuga: “but wait a minute, let me get my car keys and take you to your lodge” he offered.

Me: “i said i’m alright” i insisted with a slightly raised tone.

My eyes were filled with tears as i made my way to my lodge. I couldn’t believe all that just happened. I couldn’t believe life could be so bitter. My experience that evening looked as if i took a glimpse at my future. I couldn’t believe i was caught up in such a mess. I couldn’t believe myself, my fate and everything around me.

Me: “could Adenuga be lying to me?, is he just trying to take advantage of me?, is he truly in love with me? What if everything is just a mirage?” how do i know my destiny?” i wondered. I thought of Yousuf, i remembered Joyce’s warning, i remembered how it all began.

Me: “dear Lord show me the way” i prayed. It’s one thing to be in love and a dangerous thing to be in love with the wrong person. Adenuga really knew how to sweep me off my feet, but love alone can’t guarantee a happy future especially in Africa.

Getting to my lodge, I rushed straight to Joyce’s room without caring to stop at mine. My friend really was so shocked to see my swollen eyes. She quickly held me, and stared at me with curiosity.

Joyce: “don’t tell me something happened at home?” she asked nervously,

Me: “no no no, it’s Adenuga, i don’t understand what is happening anymore” i cried and poured out my heart to her. She quietly listened and hugged me.

Joyce: “no one is above mistake dear, the most important thing is realizing your mistakes on time. I warned you earlier but you chose to follow your heart. This is Africa, and folks reason differently down here. You can’t swim against the tide, you just can’t.” she murmured.

For the first time, my eyes opened to reality and my thoughts ran wildly. I didn’t know what to believe. I was in love with Adenuga but i had no choice than to seek for a way to suppress my feelings.


Joyce: “you can’t guess what happened to me on my way back from church early today?” Joyce said with a smile, breaking me away from my thoughts. she knew i was very depressed and really was finding a way to cheer me up.

Me: “what happened?” i asked unseriously.

Joyce: ‘A boy walked up to me, “hello dear how was church service?”, he asked.

Joyce: “Fine oo”, i replied with a straight face. “I have been admiring you for a while. I do come out to my balcony each morning as you leave for lectures just to catch a glimpse of you”. He said to me. My dear, i almost busted in laughter oo, see toasting nau. Joyce narrated, clapped and laughed. I smiled and listened attentively, curious to know the end of her story.

“Which level You dey?” the silly boy asked me,

Joyce: “i still dey my first year” i lied. You needed to see how he licked his lips my sister. His next comment almost made me slap him. “I’m in 200 level, Microbiology, hope we can be friends?, i will be happy to have your phone number?” he asked me. Chie i bit my lips and eyed him. Imagine 200 level boy toasting me on a Sunday afternoon, i don suffer. she shook her head, while i continued my laugher.

Joyce: ‘I was still controlling my anger when he held my right hand as if we were mates, trust me. I slapped shit out of that hand, imagine small boy toasting his aunty” she sighed, feigning anger. I laughed heartily,

Me: “free the boy jare, it’s a free world” i joked.

Joyce: “So you can still laugh like this?” she smiled and shook her head.

I left her room, two hours later, smiling and a bit relieved. I really was glad to have gone there. I slept without thinking of Adenuga.

Early the next day, Joyce came over to my room fully dressed and ready for lectures. I hurriedly prepared and together we left for school.

Joyce: “are you still worried about Adenuga?” she asked after a while. I sighed and said nothing.

Joyce: “my dear this is the right time to move on with your life. Your destiny isn’t with him, I think you should grab the second chance life is granting you with Osas, moreover he is better and more trustworthy than Adenuga. Please don’t blow away this opportunity, it may not come again. Osas will soon be travelling” Joyce pleaded seriously.

Me: “but i feel nothing for him, seriously i like him as a friend and nothing more” i protested,

Joyce: “don’t talk like that dear. You feel nothing for him because you havn’t opened up your heart or given it the opportunity. Think about it, you can get many Adenugas out there but you can’t get a rich, intelligent unhooked young guy like Osas easily. He will be picking us after lectures, please don’t act coy with him again. I beg of you” she begged seriously. I breathed deeply as i weighed her advice.

Me: “Is she right? Can i get to forget Adenuga with Osas?” how do i open my heart?” i wondered deeply. I was unable to concentrate on my lectures that fateful Monday. Just like she told me, Osas showed up by 2pm to pick us. I felt nervous as i entered his car.

Me: “Lord help me” I prayed.

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  1. Hmmmm cndy i pity u oo, everybody just dey eat u clean mouth. U gat no respect even for ur self. Just pray oo for a beta partner and stop being

  2. shine ur eyes Cyndy, follow ur heart not frnds advice. b4 now she would advice u 2 go for yosuph but now na Osas. not all dat glitters ar gold. Deside on ur own & back it up with prayer.
    next Adelove

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