Jonathan ran Central Bank like Idi-Amin – Soludo

Professor Charles Soludo, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria has accused former President Goodluck Jonathan of running the apex bank during his presidency the way former Ugandan President, Idi Amin, ran his country.

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Similarly, the APC has said the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, “squandered” the resources of the country, as the APC met nothing on the ground to run the country.

In an interview in the current Business Edition of The Interview, Soludo said it was regrettable that in spite of the bank’s statutory independence, it continues to be a victim of high-wire politics, often “electrocuting” the bank’s leadership.


According to him, “imagine a scenario where a president can order the CBN to create an intervention fund for national stability and CBN literally ‘prints’ say, N3 trillion, and doles it out cash to the Presidency to prosecute an election campaign or for just about anything he fancies. It is a scary thought.

“We are going down a dangerous path that ruins the economy. I don’t know any other country where such is tolerated, except perhaps what I watched in a movie about Idi Amin and his governor of central bank.

“Recent revelations regarding the ‘arms-gate’ (revelations involving former NSA Sambo Dasuki on $2.1 billion arms scam) and the apparent abuse of the CBN as ATM by the presidency should get reasonable people thinking.”



  1. General Babaginda is a very wise man, when in 1992, General Obasanjo criticized Babangida on the state of the economy complaining of none payment of Pensioners, Teachers salaries and the transition program that has become like a pregnant woman whose pregnancy is now in perpetuity etc. The wise General said thus: “THE VIEW OF THE PASSENGER CHANGES WHEN HE TAKES TO THE DRIVER SEAT”. Of course we all know what happened during OBJ second coming to power, all the issues he criticized Babaginda for, all happened in his second coming to power and he couldn’t solve them. In this country Nigeria, when you are not in power we assume we can bring about a state of eldorado for our country. A beautiful country can only come when the citizens work for humanity, when those who have been in power or position of authority and are still strong and young return to Agriculture so the nation can feed it self and stop the importation of rice etc. People like Soludo should stop embarrassing us with comments on institutions like CBN which he once headed and return to farm for the benefit the people. It’s only when you are in the service of your fellow human being that you are in the service of your GOD and Creator.

  2. Soludo has no moral right to criticize Jonathan or any past or present government personnel as his hands is all dirty with misappropriation of funds when he was CBN Governor. Soludo should SHUT UP AND GET OUTTA HERE.

  3. Soludo should shut up.Has he now become an angel?lt is said that those that leave in glass houses should not throw stones.lf his hands were clean,why did he say that he did not want to join issues with Lamido Sanusi,former CBN governor,who succeeded him ;when Sanusi criticized the way Soludo was running CBN before he took over?

  4. Soludo,Is same not happened during your terms? Are you not the same pple. You are part of what is happening to Nigeria today and God will expose all of you. All your children will share out of the punishment unless you refund our stolen money.

  5. Soludo printed polymer poor quality naira notes and swindle nigerias millions of dollars. Where did he got the money to buy those choice properties in Abuja. His salary from day one till date can not afford one of those properties. The most corrupt cbn governor we ever had and that was why late Yaradua refused to renew his term and appoint sanusi. Jugde what ssnusi met. Financial system at point of collaspe under soludo. Soludo is a shameless man. How bdc did he allocate to himself and his cronies to reeket foreign exchange deal for him. Thief!

  6. What I know and very sure of is that former president GEJ did not provided d needed leadership for his country nigeria, especially in d area of financial discipline. Imagine d homogous financial resources he wasted inorder to win reelection which he lost, imagine all financial resources diverted by his govt on prosecuting boko haram insurgency, and many countless wastages in form of stealing , corruption & embezzlements. He actually failed d nation & his goodself.

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