Buhari allocates N500bn for school feeding

President Muhammadu Buhari budgeted N500billion for school feeding and social SAFETY NET in the 2016 budget.

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Lawan who reacting to Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe’s (PDP Abia South) reaction to the budget blamed the previous administration for the lack of funds due to the embezzlement, adding that, the 2016 budget was commendable contrary to other opinion.

He noted that the 2016 budget was the 17th budget he would be debating as a legislator and noted that not more than 40 per cent implementation was achieved in the last 16 years.

“The proposal before us is the first budget where the executive has deemed it necessary to give ordinary Nigerians genuine hope.

“N500 billion allocated for school feeding and social SAFTEY NET is commendable.

“It is time to say oil should not continue to play dominant role as we have suffered economically and politically: it is time to diversify this economy.

“The direction of the executive is the way to go. `That is, we should make every effort to have the real sector-agric mining and manufacturing.

“The budget deserves the support of everyone, including my colleagues on the other side. When we were in the opposition we supported the PDP, they should support us,” he said.



  1. We don start ooo. N500 billion on top wetin? Please don’t feed our children instead empower the parents. This is a way to chop money. Say no to this in the budget. This is a roforofo budget. Sai baba please retrieve the budget and amend it. shikena!

  2. Nigeria under PMB is in lane one on the economics management and social well being of the nation and we will soon overtake other counterpart in the race!

  3. This is another gateway to looting/ stealing/ overinvoicing by contractors. Pls which state/ schools. Man stealing will never stop. How do they come up with estimate of 500billions. Which student figure. Baba u are planning to steal like the previous govts. May Allah forgive you! Ameen.

    • mikeobi, put it into ur empty skull that Baba can never still Nigeria’s money,he can never, because he is not one of those ur brother thieves!

  4. Suffering is a very big problem,so,Nigerians now see school children feeding and social package as a strange thing!na wa o! But,some of us were told the story of how undergraduates in those days were feeding fat,and we all wish those good old days should come back so,if this government is starting from the elementary schools,thank God,may be,those good old days are coming Back sooner than we expect. What ought to be our responsibility is to watch out how it will be implemented and managed,we also owe the government the duty to expose and report any act of mismanagement of the policy by any individual,it’s our civil responsibility as a citizen.

  5. Create jobs, not feeding PMB, #500bn is too much for feeding of school kids. Their can feed them, if PMB give them jobs.
    I think PMB is missing priority !!!

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