Would you allow your Sister or Wife leave the house dressed like this? See Photo

Can She withstand the pressure if Boiz begin hustling for the Oranges? This is a picture of a Ghanaian teenager, but it could as well be Nigerian youth because morals know no ethnicity Where are her parents??

I could remember vividly some advices from our elders when we were still pretty young at the time, Our girls need to be sheltered from danger, not exposed to it. They need time to be formed in a protective atmosphere before they can deal with the external pressures that arise from the threefold enemy: the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Folks, would you allow your sister or Wife leave the house dressed like this? Just curious to know though

lady indecent



    • You are just an adorer of evil…why can’t you just come out straight to say you are the person here. That is how you people populate the kingdom of the devil. This is condemnable and we should not dilly dally about it. women of none value!

  1. Many women today dress this way cos that was how they brought up by their parent so they get used to that, that’s the major reason why we must be discipline and when u are discipline, u will discipline ur child to go the right way

  2. Stupid stuff, the surroundings clearly show its a school hostel of some kind.. does adelove actually have confirmation that she wore it out…it could be for just that environment where there are predominantly girls/women..

  3. You recognize harlots through their attire. There is an attire of harlots and what you show is one of them. If anyone allows that, then the wife or daughter is a sex hawkers.

  4. You body is meant for you and your husband or wife only,it should never be exposed to anyone else except during treatment in the hospital.My wife has never dressed like that and she will never do that not just because I won’t allow it but because she already knows the truth in Christ

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