1. Lol….what has happen has happened, pity the owner of the money. they shld throw the rat inside burning fire. The torturing is not enough.

  2. The owner of the money, not the RAT, should be punished for being careless. He/she is rich enough to have $100 (N40,000) kept at home but could not keep a tidy home.


  3. This is insightful! What then do we do to the human rats eating our commonwealth? Remember the one who went and hid millions of dollars in a septic tank? In fact, for attempting to abuse the greenback, America should deal with that guy after a thorough punishment has been meted out to him in Nigeria.

  4. look at the way this rat is even looking at the photographer!

    I guess it is saying

    “you too dey there, you carry camera they snap my yansh, no worry, I go catch you, you go hear wehn!!!!………

    Anyway, mhm, Oga CLARUS, abeg come untie me O, no be me chop your dollar, na NKEM OWOH wey dey chop people dollar O!

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