Photos of Kemi Olunloyo who slammed Olajumoke Orisaguna she may go back hawking … See more

Left on the picture below is Olajumoke, while on the right is Kemi Olunloyo, Daughter of former Oyo State Governor. It can be recalled that daughter of former Oyo State governor, Kemi Olunloyo has slammed breadseller turned model Olajumoke Orisaguna, saying she’s no role model or icon. She also called Jumoke a dropout who can’t speak English and she may go back hawking someday. See more photos detailed:

kemi olajumoke

Another photo of Kemi Olunloyo detailed below:

kemi olajumoke1

kemi olajumoke2

This is her Dad, Victor Omololu Olunloyo doing some kind of dance and campaign at Rauf Aregbesola’s 2014 campaign in Ede, Osun state. Aregbe was his student at Polytechnic Ibadan

kemi olajumoke3

She seems interested for Senate Seat 2019. She declared her interest come 2019. See photo detailed below:

kemi olajumoke4



  1. What her business if she’s not a role model, I life start from somewhere. A question for her? What’s english speaking, go to Asia and other part of europe it only 5% of the country speak english and 95% speak there language. We are waiting for u on Senate Seat 2019.

  2. She is just a spoit child who will never understand life. She is cut of from the environment in which she stays. She can’t be anything other than a big jar of glass with nothing inside. Life is more than being born with a golden spoon.

  3. Kemi is a drug addict I guess,what do u expect from her. Eni ti gbogbo aye ti pati,,she is looking for recognition ni, eerie lasan lasan

  4. The sooner we start giving less importance to English in this country, the better for us. There are soccer stars, models, business moguls; who have prospered in their various fields around the world and they know next to nothing in English. Europeans, Americans etc. are beginning to learn and speak our language; but on the contrary, our 2019 senator to be (for her mind) thinks its the right time to kill Jomoke’s dreams because she doesn’t speak English. You are not a senator yet and you are propagating issues like this. What will you do if you ever get there?

  5. For the evil u wish Jumoke, u shall never get to senatorial seat IJN because the evil that man do, live after them. Idiot!! Oyo state will serve ur father and still serve u. No way!!! Your kind of person has nothing good upstair to better your town/state/country.

  6. Kemi go and seat down you are going no were 2019.Oyo state will never vote for you with your altitude .We want a responsible woman to represent us not like you.You have nothing to offer.
    Are you Olajumoke’s God why are you condemn the your lady ,God has destine it that her time have come.Are you not the same woman desrespect your father sometime ago and you want to go to Senate we did not forget all your past.

  7. Olajumoke is not a role model today because she has just took her 3days to be announced to d whole world. By d time she becomes literate kemi u cant be anything near her bcos she has begun her fame with precious values and diligence. Not someone like u who depend on ur heritage to make it in life. Rather than castigate help jumoke fulfill destiny through her new career destined by God. Learn to think like normal humans

  8. Notwithstanding, she knows the bandwagon effect of the breadseller turned model ,many young girls would start to see d need not to focus on their education…

  9. May God bless Olajumoke and continue to lift her up to the zenith of God’s plan for her beyond every evil imagination of men in Jesus name…Who God has lifted up no power anywhere can bring her down… If God be for us most especially Olajumoke, no man can be against her. God bless Olajumoke…God bless all her well wishers and family…God bless Nigeria in Jesus name…

  10. How can someone be so stupid and be jealous of someone that GOD had lifted up. IJN it shall be well with Olajumoke and she would never go back hawking again. Hun ENIYAN

  11. Madam Kemi, you see yourself; what curses and useless attention you have brought upon yourself? It is just beginning. Next time, you will be WISE. It would have been best to be silent than talk at all. Are you happy with yourself now? as your pictures have been displayed in the news. Ladies use makeup to cover up flaws even when they are no model, you also do but today, all is seeing your real ugly self.

  12. What a stupid and senseless comment from the ugly Kemi. With her silver spoon background,she can never get to where Jumoke is now. Jumoke is a Testimony , an inspiration and hope for others. Senate ko, Aso Rock ni. She’s BID politically.

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