Man set on fire by vigilante, suspected of stealing a bus … see video Clip

A man accused of stealing a bus has met cruel fate in the hands of Vigilantes. The last moments of the suspected thief was captured on camera as he burned alive. The man was hit repeatedly before he was set on fire.


The group suspected their terrified victim of trying to steal a bus and took the law into their own hands. The horrific incident took place in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, reports La Prensa .

According to the Venezuelan Police Chief, Elisio Guzman, only one in ten criminals caught by police end up in jail.

He said: “As long as the state does not continue to respond, the public lynchings will increase. The police can arrest them, but then they go to the tribunal and are set free.” The UN ‘s Global Homicide Book says the country had 53.7 killings per 100,000 inhabitants in 2012.



  1. Senate should pass a bill that will stop jungle justice in this country, because many innocent citizens have gone because of this

  2. How can you really take laws into your hands, is high time there start punishing all this unreasonable citizens of Nigeria.

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