SexStarved Man watching p0rn0graphic film grabs 8-year-old and brutally r*pes her … See Photo

A s*x-starved man who couldn’t control his sexual urge while watching a pornographic film in his room has forcefully grabbed an 8-year-old girl and brutally r*ped her. A 33-year-old security man, Freedom Barryneh has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly r*ping his neigbour’s 8-year-old daughter.


It was gathered that Barryneh lured the girl into his room after she demanded N10 from him to buy biscuit. The incident reportedly happened at Akali Street, in the Ajegunle area of Lagos State.

It was revealed that Barryneh was watching a pornographic film when the minor entered his apartment and persuaded her to stay with him. He then told the little girl identified as Sandra (not real name) to undress but she declined, saying her mother would beat her for doing so. Then, he forcefully dragged her into bed and tore her clothes before r*ping her.

After that, he sternly warned her not to utter a word of what happened to anybody. However, the little girl could not take the pain coming from her private parts so she ran to her mother and told her everything.

The victim said, “I asked Mr. Freedom (Barryneh) to give me N10 to buy biscuit and he did. He took me inside his room. He was watching one video that was showing naked men and women. He asked me to remove my clothes, but I said my mother would beat me. He pushed me and put me on his bed. He removed my clothes and put his thing inside my private parts. I was afraid of telling my mother.”

Her mother, identified only as Ellen, reported the incident at the Ajegunle Police Division which led to the suspect’s arrest on March 3. Medical reports confirmed that the girl has a broke hymen with bruises around the infroitus and suffered from “whitish foul smelling vaginal discharge.”

Barryneh, who hails from Rivers State, admitted giving the girl N10 to buy biscuit, but denied r*ping her. He added that the allegation was an attempt to blackmail him.

He said, “I work with a private security outfit. She and her friends were playing when she came to me that she needed N10 to buy biscuit. She stood somewhere in my room waiting for the money. I was watching a love movie titled, ‘Naked Weapon’. It involved s*x. I was surprised when her mother reported at the station that I raped her daughter. I never had s*ex with the girl. I only gave her the money.”

He was charged to an Apapa Magistrate’s court by the police prosecutor, Sergeant Francisca Okere Court on two counts of rape where he pleaded not guilty.

The presiding magistrate, Mrs. O.A. Adegite, who admitted him to bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum. The case has been adjourned till March 24, 2016



  1. Hmm! Firstly , 8yr old wouldn’t lie about being raped, secondly, watching any movies that’s involved sex around under age is an offence.

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