How to easily spot RunsGirl at any Event Party

Guys, this is a must read for you to know if that woman you are interested in is a homely girl or another runs girl selling herself for money.


At entertainment shows, events and public programmes, it is very easy to spot runs girls (girls who can just do anything for money especially with influential people. They are called the high class prostitutes). Many are identified by their indecent dressing, mannerism and provocative dance. For the guys, these are 8 simple ways to identify a runs girl.

  1. Erroneously shaking their butts when dancing

The way some ladies erroneously shake their “bumbum” during entertainment shows can cause serious emotional imbalance for a chronic monk. When top artists take the stage to perform even without music playing, they will start advertising their butt aggressively hence move it in a longitudinal direction against the joystick region of guys. This is a clear evidence that such ladies are irresponsible.

  1. They faint when a celebrity is performing

I know many of us must have been to shows where you saw ladies crying while some will faint when a celebrity is performing on stage. They are nothing but attention seekers. Many of them are irresponsible and have no iota of shame that they will even climb on stage dying to hug a performing musician. They will act this way just to deceive the musician that they are his true fan. I wonder the kind of guys dating these ladies.

  1. They Dress Half-Unclad

Another way to spot these wayward ladies is that they are always fond of wearing skimpy with the bosoms dangling from north to south just to look elegantly appealing to suitable chairmen. In as much as guys are fascinated by these things, the truth of the matter is that no responsible guy will his right sense of reasoning will take such a lady home for marriage but only for intimate satisfaction. They can only attract players and can never attract a guy for serious relationship let alone marriage.

  1. They Approach Guys Seductively

It’s very disgraceful for a lady to approach a guy she barely knows with her tongue open. The funny thing is that such ladies don’t feel ashamed about such act because they feel it’s best way to convey her message better. This is nothing much an act of irresponsibility.

  1. Chewing bubble gum loudly

For a lady who during an entertainment show, blow chew gum loudly shows that she is a nothing but a slut. Creating this unnecessarily scene pinpoints that such lady lacks decorum and she does not deserve any form of respect.

  1. They roam unnecessarily at the show premises

When you spot a lady unnecessarily roaming for no good reason, be sure that they are advertising themselves. This is done to make guys notice they are around so that these men can approach them. You will see them re-adjusting their bra and skirts every now and then.

  1. Drinking Irresponsibly

Some of the can even drink urine if it were a beer and you will begin to shake your head in disgust and contempt. Even it’ s a show and not a beer parlour but it doesn’t stop them from smoking or drinking and by the time they are drunk, they pull off their shirts and start dancing unclad.

  1. They receive calls often

For a lady who receives call every now and then during a show indicates that she is a runs babe. What else could it if not her series of chairmen disturbing her with calls as if she is a call centre agent. For any guy who is willing to settle down, he should never give in to whatever lustful invitation she displays to him.




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