Why you should hold PDP responsible for the ongoing fuel scarcity – Tinubu shares reasons

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, has asked Nigerians to hold the Peoples Democratic Party responsible for the ongoing fuel scarcity across the country.

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Speaking to journalists in Lagos on Saturday, Tinubu said the PDP destroyed Nigeria during its 16-year rule.  The APC chieftain said the PDP refused to pursue what was necessary for the growth and development of the country.

He said, “We want to stay focused and redirect Nigeria. We want to reverse the decay of 16 years. We are hearing comments from the PDP left and right. We are saying we want to clear the mess they created. For 16 good years, the PDP destroyed the country. We should not be lamenting over petrol queues today if they had seen what was necessary and done what was necessary for this country.

“We can’t be emotional and live in self-denial.  They should have done the Awolowo Road and the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway. If they put priority on our railroad, if they put priority on electricity generation and distribution, we will not be in this mess  today.”

Tinubu also debunked the speculation in some quarters that Nigerians were dissatisfied with the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government.

He said, “Nigerians are not impatient with the APC government; they just want to see the direction of the economic policy and want to be certain of the future. They want to be assured that we will not continue the leaderless, directionless and hopelessness of the past 16 years.

“The fact is that Nigerians do not want the importation of toothpicks to continue, we can make toothpicks out of our bamboo trees. Nigeria does not want to import rice or plastic. Nigeria does not want to continue in the direction of the past 16 years. What did they leave behind in our account? Why should certain things that we bring into this country become our priority? Why do we have to import those things that we can produce? The country needs surgical operation in the hands of a very honest Nigeria.”



  1. Tinubu …another politician needing to stay relevant. TALK. TALK TALK, can people just ignore this guy and all these clueless politicians who have nothing offer but brainwash and manipulate gullible minds. Think for the nation and not these useless leaders. Tinubu, sorry,leave trash for lawma

  2. Mr Tinubu, I think your APC government is in a confused state and you should be rest assured that there is a limit to your rhetoric’s cum human endurance. Nigerians voted for a change and not blame game however, if this is the kind of change as been experienced today, then we are in for bigger trouble. One wonders how long this will last.

  3. Mr Tinubu are you not the same person that blamed. Kachukwu for this scarcity just the other day? How come it has suddenly transmuted to PDP? hmm…….

  4. Tinubu is a joker of the first order. 1 year after hand over they blame their incompetence on the outgoing president. Fools. The whole lot of them.

  5. Tinubu is correct. What he is saying is that had PDP fixed the Lagos to Ibadan road, we will not be talking about fixing that same road today.

    The consequences of PDP’s looting and mismanagement is what we are feeling in Nigeria today

    Clearing the mess created by PDP will take several years to achieve. But we are moving in the right direction

  6. I wonder where all these ethnic and party bias will lead this nation, can’t we just unite for once and be sensible, because i have never seen a house demolished and built in the same number of days it took to distroy it, patience, Nigerians afterall we gave them 4 years to deliver, just one year we are shouting, God bless Nigeria

  7. Yes the PDP spoilt the countries economy but what measures are you putting in place to change things. I need to hear what you are doing to effect a turn around more than what PDP has done in the past.

  8. Tinubu and those who support their stupid talks are cawards and a bloody idiots. why?
    1) if a football coach is sacked and another coach is employed should he also fail to deliver and start blaming the former coach for his inability to deliver will cause the fans to want to kill him. People fail to understand that tinuba is also one of the cabals. Blaming PDP is like blaming your friend for your inability to impregnate your wife.
    Most people have lost their mind to the propaganda of APC.

  9. APC is in a confused state. Because of lack of wisdom APC government had failed to understand that there is no problem without a solution. Because of shock a shock absorber was made for vehicles. Because of inadequate rainfall irrigation was made. If APC led government had lost directions of how to move this nation forward, they should try and contact me for help. I promise you within a month or two Nigerians will start smiling again.

  10. When Jonathan just left office and we had some electricity, you folks said it was Body Language.
    Whatever happened to that sweet smelling “Body Language” that made things work at the beginning of this Govt ?
    Please #BringBackOurBodyLanguage

  11. Oga Tinubu, we hear you! You own almost all Lagos asset and you are not corrupt. You and your APC cohorts are saint in Buhari’s Government. Instead of instituting the positive change you were voted for, you are blaming past government. Meanwhile you people are looting the nation dry both at state and Federal. No wonder your supporters now have ‘APC shame’ in place of ‘APC change’. People like you should start repenting and redistributing your wealth to the people. That is when we start listening to you.

  12. He had been relegated to the side all this while and he had no voice. Now that they are willing to tolerate him, he wants to take centre stage. The Fulani Oligarchy will soon put him where they want him to be. It is almost a year now and PDP is still all that we hear from those who promised us transformation. They may have been a bit believable if they at least laid out a plan of action before us and we see them following it through bit by bit. God help us!

  13. Patient! Patient!! Patient!!! My fellow Nigerian patient please. If you have a sick child, who was very sick for a a very long time, you can not feed him in just one day and expect her to recover her lost weight immediately. It’s takes time. This is always Nigerian problem no patient. Quick solution that would never last always.

  14. APC led govt, unfold your socio-economic plans for Nigerians to see. It seems they don’t want to believe your change strategies because they couldn’t feel it but they are feeling economic hardship!

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