Disgusting! see how this Nollywood Actress ‘Bleached’ Her skin (photos)

I was first like…WTH?? Nigerian celebs toning or bleaching their skin is becoming alarming and one of those who has just gotten a skin transformation, i mean prosthetic makeup is actress, Eki Osagie.







The actress, who is best known for being a dark skin actress has totally turned White all to act as Junchung in a yet to be released movie.

Gotten her skin transformation was not difficult for one of Nigeria’s most sought after movie effect maker, Hakeem, as he was able to use prosthetic makeup to give the actress a new look.





  1. Don’t you dumb asses read before commenting? The white skin is a makeup effect for a coming movie! Too many illiterates on Adelove. Even the grammar too can be appalling at times.

  2. Haba… peeps, can’t you spot the difference? Biko understand the story before you start nailing them with insults.
    Na just make up for movie and people have started talking about yoruba actresses. I am sure most of those commenting are not exempt from toning their skins.

  3. This make-up artist is so good. Thumbs up for a job well done. He even transformed her to a man. This shows a significant improvement in our movie industry.

    And to all the people that reads headline and jump to conclusion, its just a make-up for an upcoming movie, she didn’t bleach her skin.
    Adelove, i’ll also blame you too for the headline, its misleading!

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