Senators ask Saraki to honourably resign, name a credible successor

Some members of the Senate Unity Forum have asked Bukola Saraki,  the embattled Senate President, to honourably resign his position and name a credible senator among his loyalists as his successor in case he is found guilty and convicted by the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

saraki appeal

It can be recalled that Saraki is currently facing trial at the CCT over allegations of false, anticipated and outright non-declaration of assets while he was Governor of Kwara State between 2003 and 2011.

Reports gathered that while his loyalists in both the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party in the Senate believed that Saraki was being persecuted by his political enemies within his party, SUF members have maintained that Saraki should resign if he is found guilty of corruption at the trial.

Members of the SUF had opposed Saraki’s emergence as Senate President. However, many of Saraki’s supporters in the senate had vowed to ‘swim and drown’ with Saraki, saying they would resist any attempt by their opponents to move for his impeachment.

But some of the anti – Saraki senators, who spoke with our correspondent on the condition of anonymity, ruled out any form of impeachment against Saraki.

They said their request to the senate president was to honourably resign his position and anoint a successor in order to save the image of the Senate as an institution.

Spokesperson for the Senate Unity Forum, a group of the anti – Saraki senators,  Kabir Marafa, said Saraki should be the one to determine whether to resign or not.

Marafa, who stated that his opinion was personal, said, “Since the Senate President has chosen not to resign, he is free to continue in office provided he could bear the moral burden.”

As of Friday, it was not certain that the senators were mounting any pressure on Saraki to resign as some of them maintained that the senate president remained innocent until proven otherwise by the CCT.



  1. The Iceland Prime Minister has stepped down because of the Panama Papers report. Is Saraki ready to step down too?

  2. The current dynamics of our polity will b better served if PDP takes over the upper chamber of our National Assembly. I hope something is done as quickly as possible

  3. Nigerian Law makers are just ignorance of the institution ( The senators ) they refused to face reality by supporting saraki!!!! Saraki as the senate president should be blameless and have no skeleton in his wardrobe that can open up his wound to the nation, Yet some people are still aiding him to stay. The best for him and his family is to resign with dignity long time ago, but he cling to the power as if he leaves the world will come to an end, he is jeopardising his political career for the sake of I have money and i will fight on. Have you forgotten the proverb that says he who fight and run away live to fight another day?. Be wise and be a personal judge of yourself and dont let the so called loyalist be pushing you up and down, A word is enough for a wise.

    • Have you ever asked yourself why Saraki’s case came up shortly after he defied APC order not to context for senate president. Have you ever ask again why out of thousands of petition written against APC members no other one has been interrogated or taken to court either by CCB or EFCC. This clearly shows Saraki is been persecuted for going ahead to realise his ambition and resigning will only make the APC cowards to triumph over true democracy which I think is a shame not just on Saraki but all Nigerians.

  4. Whether prosecuted or not does he deserve to be our senate president with his dirty past. It is his dirty past that opened him up for persecution by his enemies. Coming to court with 60 lawyers is a pointer to his guilt. Let his N300m plus fleet of cars at a time when we are suffering save himl. God will judge them for all the pains they are inficting on us.

  5. Can’t you people see that there’s a corruption case going on with this guy for God’s sake? Why the hell are you still supporting him? How will Nigeria ever be good if you guys keep behaving like this, when are you going to learn that you’re all been taking for a ride by these so called leaders, bad politicians, criminals in suites. Looks like it’ll take some time before you all wake up from your slums and slumbers and know your rights.

  6. Saraki is a thief and he must be punished. The situation you g on right now in Nigeria is a collective damage done by the likes of him. One down, more to go.

  7. Chei, our people are afraid of big men. They have never experienced a big man facing justice within Nigeria. Decades of criminal governance, ignorance, and poverty has ensured that the ordinary Nigerian is unable to think logically and rationally anymore. Tribe, religion, culture, political persecution have become good excuses to not deliver justice.

  8. To realize your dream do you need to betray you party? He disobeyed party teamed up with opposition the effect is what we are seen in the house on budget and appointments made by him.
    Kwara state have suffered under his governorship. I pray if not for anything for the sake of. Kwarans whose commonwealth has been cornered by this family he will NEVER get out of it. God is not sleeping I think his cup it full if not why is the Panama issue coming out now. God please expose more of his misdeeds for justice sake.

  9. Saraki is not the only past govenor that is a thief. Ex govenor Tinubu is a bigger Thief. What is CCT waiting for. Saraki must nt resign. God hates double standard. Shame tinubu. God will punish Tinubu soon.

  10. Saraki is a animal in human skin simple, PDP to the core in APC colour, he has a mission and that mission will fail. And, the so called loyalist to saraki Nigeria is no more Nigerian of Yesterday that we worship money, name and position, however, abuse of position is a very serious crime in the western world but Nigerian always think that is what they can do away with with there influence? No and no more paddy paddy government.

  11. Mikeobi, Tinubu is a bigger thief but he hide his public shame by not taking any public position or appointment, so he is still hidden however, Saraki knew his hand were not clean yet he want to be seen by the public because of his political ambition of contesting for presidential election in the future, take note, for him to have violated the rule of party that he said he belong to with the support of the opposition!!!! then he has hidden motive and a game plan for the present government.

  12. I wish Bukola Saraki, his loyalists and family members what they wish Kwara state. I pray with all my heart that his family, loyalists and family will enjoy to the maximum the comfort and support he and his father have given so far to the citizens of Kwara state since inception. May the Almighty God who is greater than any person – the CREATOR OF HEAVENS AND EARTH reward them adequately for all they have done for Kwara state. May the Creator of the dead and living people people of Kwara bring this to pass.

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