Photos as Buhari, Osinbajo, Minister of Budget and Nat Planning, Udoma scrutinizing the 2016 budget earlier today

This happened at State house earlier today. It was reported that only one Minister did not have problems with the budget when it was discussed at the emergency Federal Executive meeting presided by VP, Prof Yemi Osinbajo. See more photos detailed:

screen fg

screen fg1

It was learnt that the lawmakers reduced amounts allocated to some major projects and inserted what was not originally included in the budget by the executive.



  1. Very funny President indeed . You wrote a budget filled with errors . you sent someone to stole it . Then you wrote another one and repeated the same mistakes . Then national assembly members helped you to write correct ones . Then you called your camera men to film you looking at papers as if you know what was written therein. you are wasting our time dullard !!

  2. One year is almost gone, yet Mr president is still scrutinizing budget, God please deliver me from this one chance change.

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