Miracle! Woman Finally Carried Her Own Baby after 23 Years of Fruitless Marriage (Photo)

A woman married for as long as 23 years without a child has finally held her bundle of joy in her arms.

long years

Long years1

The woman who passed through horrific ordeal in the quest for childbearing -is filled with joy and happiness for welcoming her first child after 23 years of marriage.

Her story indeed proves there is always light at the end of the tunnel -all it takes is patience and faith.

Her brother-in-law took to his Facebook page to share the good news.. He wrote;

There is no impossibility with God , my in – law carrying are baby for the first time after 23yrs of marriage.Yours is the next in Jesus name.



  1. Glory be to God in highest, I congratulate you ma/sir,for your patience and endurance in waiting upon the Lord. God who gave you this special/wonderful baby, proof he is God that wipe your tears away and turn your sorrow to joy.Your womb is open for TWINS by this time next year IJN amen. Congratulations.

  2. They that wait upon the Lord, He will renew their strength. Congratulations. God has repay your faith in Him. After all, there is no shame for them that wait for Him. Jehovah you are too good.

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