Mum locks up her children at home and goes to work daily with the key!

This story was posted by Nigerian journalist, Seun Oloketuyi who wants to know your opinion in regards to a mum who locks her children up at home while she goes to work daily with the key. He wrote:


I want you guys to analyse these two pictures very well, it’s been bothering me but I don’t know what to do.

THIS is where I live in Onitsha, and this pic is my neighbour’s flat, we share the ground floor.

The mother of the house is a teacher who teaches in Ebonyi state and leaves Onitsha everyday to Ebonyi. She has 5 kids,12, 6, 3, 2 and 1 year respectively.

She travels with the one year old everyday and locks the rest at home..she goes out with the the 12 year old is the one I circled in the pic, I came home for lunch now and I saw the boy crying there, his mom locked him in that place and locked the younger ones in the house, ofc she took the keys ..Prior to this time,she used to lock them all in the house, but the 12 year old will scale thru the toilet window which is the no 1 picture, go out and leave his younger ones in the house from morning till night. Yesterday, his mom came bk around 4pm, earlier than expected and he didn’t come bk till 7pm..that’s what prompted her to leave him in the mini cell with no food or water.. Firstly , I think locking kids in the house is a bad idea.

Secondly, I don’t know what to think, how to advise her and all coz she needs help.. A 12 year old boy scaling ?his younger ones are watching ,what do u think will happen?



  1. Just few days ago, here in Newyork, 2 children were burnt to death because their mum locked them in d house to go n do laundry just opposite d house. Despite d loss of her children, she’ll be sent to jail. Several others like this happen every now n then. If u don’t talk to her u will be haunted by guilt for d rest of ur life if something happens to d children. I feel so sad for the children. Just imagine there is an emergency how will d children escape. It is well.

  2. Don’t the children go to school ? She is a teacher and she goes to school to teach so why would children of that age be left at home . Is this story real at all? Or just a teaser as o can’t place the fact that the children of these ages are not in school .

  3. She needs to visit the psychiatric hospital. Am sure she is sick. I can’t just believe this. This must be fabricated story

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