Saraki’s supporters disrupt CCT trial, demands fairness of trial

A civil society organization known as Citizen for Defence of Democracy, CDD, on Tuesday organized a mass protest at the Code of Conduct Tribunal,CCT, demanding fairness in the ongoing trial of the Senate Present, Bukola Saraki.

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The protesters were seen playing drums while displaying banners with the inscription, ” Leave Saraki Alone”, “Nigerian Youths/Student to CCT, be courageous and strike out the charges against Saraki,” among others. Saraki is currently standing trial for false declaration of assets at the CCT.

Convener of the protest and National Coordinator of CDD, Tochukwu Ohazuruike while speaking with Newsmen just outside the tribunal premises where the protest is holding said Saraki was being subjected to persecution and not prosecution.

Ohazuruike wondered why the CCT Chairman ,Danladi Umar who is on administrative bail from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, would preside over saraki’s matter.

“Why would a man who was granted bail for corrupt practices by the same EFCC be allowed to preside over Saraki’s matter?

Ohazuruike berated the tribunal Chairman for his action during yesterday’s sitting. He said, “At yesterday’s sitting, the Chairman of the tribunal was busy correcting the witness who was giving his testimony, this is unacceptable.

“I practice this same profession as the Chairman and the judge is not allowed to explain to the witness what to say.

“Under the Inquisitory system of law, the judge can only ask the witness questions to indict him, but in the adversarial system which Nigeria practices, the judge is not allowed, he has to be independent,”

“We wonder the special interest in the Saraki’s matter. “This tribunal has been sitting for years now, never has it been heard that the Chairman declared that a matter shall sit from 10am to 6pm”

Advocating for fair trial, Ohazuruike said, “This Chairman was recommended for prosecution by the last Attorney General, but the current one has shelved off that recommendation, why? And the same person is now presiding over Saraki’s matter, there is need for fairness in Nigeria’s judicial system.

Uhazuruike further stated, “We are not saying he should not be tried but the judicial institution in Nigeria should be fair in its dealings especially this particular proceedings.”



  1. This so called youth protesters should not mortgage there life for some coins . Please, let the law take it course, nobody is above the law.

  2. It’s unfortunate that this nonentity called Tochukwu Ohazuruike should make himself and other misguided youths available to be used for what they barely understand. But I have bad news for whoever is organising all these touts: Nigerians have long passed this stage where anybody can intimidate or blackmail anybody into dropping corruption charges against suspects,certainly not with my able and fearless PMB. They can drum in front of the CCT all day and even night throughout the duration of the trial, I am guaranteeing them that it’s not gonna change anything,they are rather just wasting our (stolen) money, their energy and time!

  3. My first question is, is the judge also an ex- convict. We should learn to reason before we judge because there is Sense in nonSense. Lets look critically into politically motivated trials. Who among them i.e the politicians are clean. What have the government done to the man who shared the money meant for buying arms to fight boko haram. His own trial should be every seconds. Fairness is good in any trial we must accept that.

  4. Those people don’t even look like people that went to primary school, those are the kind of people they can now use. No reasonable person will support Saraki. His supporters don’t represent Nigerian youths and students. #kpakam

    • Is it true that the chairman of CCT is on administrative bail for corruption? If yes, then we can go and call Anini from the grave to come and judge an armed robber.
      @Kareem, what has EPL or Arsenal got to do with a case before CCT, if you don’t know what to write why don’t you keep quite.

  5. Association of corruption sympathisers who will rather the status quo remains where free for all public fund looting was the other of the day
    These rogues are really hurt by Buhari blocking those avenues from where they practice their racketeering
    If they really love Saraki,they should advice him to resign and focus on the criminal charges levelled against him

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