Female Lawmaker beaten by security operatives for overtaking Prisons boss’ convoy

For overtaking the convoy of the Comptroller-General, CG, of the Nigeria Prisons, Dr. Peter Ezenwa Ekpendu within the premises of the National Assembly yesterday evening, a female lawmaker, Hon. Onyemeachi Mprakpor, was allegedly beaten by security operatives attached to the convoy.

kaduna police

According to the petition presented by the Minority Leader, Hon. Leo Ogor, before the House of Representatives at plenary on Thursday, Mkrakpor who represents Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency of Delta State, was driving out of the National Assembly when she made to overtake the 20- car convoy.

“They blocked her car, and started bashing her car. When she wound down the windows, an aide slapped her in the face. The CG sat in the comfort of his car while this happened,” Ogor narrated.

Ogor’s report was corroborated by the Majority Leader, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, who added that Mkrakpor had called him, crying, immediately the incident happened. As at press time, the lawmakers were still deliberating on the course of action to take.



  1. This is madness, must every body carry gun in this conutry before our right to humanity will be respected? Buhari caused this.

  2. I condemn the action of the para military men.My sympathy to the house of Rep member who incidentally represents my constituency.Having said that,i wish to state that what she experienced in the hands of the uniform men, that is been debated in the House, is what Nigerians experience every day in the hands of uniform men and political office holders, especially members of the national assembly.You need to see the convoy of some of Assembly members during rush hours.Other road users are virtually chased off the road.This is a big lesson to our political office holders.We all must be civil.

  3. Whats all this for God sake? A comon prison controller gen, balancing while d stupid aide or ape is outside cursing harvock. Those idoit must not go free, sue d idiots an if notting is don about its,u take it to high level, babaric aide claiming supper man.

  4. Nigeria is becoming complete useless under Buhari. Common Controller of Prison.. God will punish him and his boys for the action. Everybody has to be very careful unit God remove Buhari. Many atrocities are happening under Buhari government. Please God save us from Buhari

  5. t’s a good one , same thing they have been doing to the less previleged . now it’s their turn and they are crying foul. what if it was just an ordinary Nigerian would they take any action ? God catch una.

  6. If it is constitutional dt no car should be allowed 2 overtake prison convoy irrespective of ones identity, so equity is equality.

  7. She’s a clown! why must she overtake the controller general of nigerian prisons not even state…make god punish her 100k times. .#b***h

  8. The culprit is an Igbo, so shall we then generalise dat all Igbos are indiscipline? I think your hatred for PMB is making u to loose your senses.

  9. You see hoe stupid N foolish you are. Wetin concern Buhari with prison CG slapping somebody. If you dont say any thing to say or comment why not kip shout.

  10. Sectionalism should not be seen in our atitude as good citizens of nigeria, though i’m not supprised, for you are a seed of sectionalism.

  11. The speed at which the reps member overtaking the CG’s convoy poses security threat to the CG, hence his boys reactions was in defence of the master. However, the exceses of the few privledged in power must be checkmated

    • @ Ashly.. in defence of their master my foot! Common CG,Prisons,who wants to harm him,except the ex-prisoners he embezzled their feeding money and wz giving them only watery beans all the time.

  12. Please Buhari no get hand for this matter. So be realistic in your comments. The CGP is no sacred cow and the aides has no right whatsoever to behave that way. Same goes to all the irrational, uncultured uniformed men and politicians who dehumanise civilians.

  13. The brazen abuse of power by some VIP convoy should be checked. Good a thing this one happened to a law maker, it’s a good opportunity for them to look at the law guiding VIP movements and abuses.

  14. Hope everyone here knows well the meaning of “convoy”… this can happen to anybody… constitutional… no body have the right to overtake any convoy…I was so surprised that even a lawmaker happen to be in this shoe when u know what it means anyway, uniform or none uniform official… convoy needs to be honored

  15. Incidences like this should happen to the people in power so they can make corrective measures. Y should a CG Prison service have a convoy of 20cars? This has happened to so many innocent citizens. They should just make a law and ban all this convoy crap.

  16. She does not have my sympathy. What happened to her is common occurrence in Nigeria. That it happened to her does not make it more of a crime! What she needs to do is take the matter to court for redress so that a proper message will be sent to all men in power if he is found guilty. I am equally tired of our NASS playing the afflicted, the prosecutor, the jury and the judge.

  17. Good for the lawmaker.
    Her action was a treat to the life of the CG.
    Considering the situation of the book haram issue in the country.
    However, were is she rushing too?
    To go a make law abi? lol.
    Good for her.

  18. I think the law maker need to explain her reason for overtaking a convoy in the first place. In my view I think she wanted to show who she was without knowing what the out come would be, if not a lawmaker should be law abiding citizen too. God bless Nigeria.

  19. Uhmm, Firstly I sympathised with d Woman, but, it is no news, or is it ? There are catalogues of worst incidents like that experienced daily by Nigerians from the hands of their supposed friend and protector Military/Para-Military. Until those nincompoops in uniform are made to pay for their arrogant behaviours under the law, there is no end in sight. By the way, is everybody in Nigeria under the LAW and nobody above the LAW ? This beaten is ok for NA to make law if none was in place, I pray the National Assembly will not wait until one of them is got short before they ACT.

  20. Those “security”operatives must be mad, So even Prison officers expect us (civilians) to run away whenever they are passing? Wonders shall never end in this country,that is. Etu, Prison officers ! Unbelieveable ! They should be so dealt with such that in future if they see other vehicles ,it is them that should run away.

  21. We hope this incidence between the Prison CG and the Lawmaker will make the President and the National Assembly take a critical look at the many of such bullying, Nigerian road users are subjected to everyday by the so called ‘big men’ of Government and her MDAs be they Civllian, Paramilitary or Military.

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