(Episode 1) The Man at night Club, my reckless love trap

“Abeg o, na God I use take beg… Mama Ijeoma leave me this morning.” Toks was awakened by a vague unfamiliar voice. She thought to herself, who left my television on at the crack of dawn? PHCN bill go high this month. Tossing and turning on the bed, Toks stretched her arms out on the large bed. I could stay here forever, she thought to herself as she felt the warmth of the early morning sun hit her pretty round face.

Me: STOP! Where am I? Her head gave off several warning signals. What worried her most after trying vigorously to remember where she was was that she still couldn’t remember where she was. Toks opened her eyes slowly, trying not to get blinded by the sunrays of vitamin D. To her surprise, she saw a huge flat screen TV staring down at her. Last time Toks checked, she didn’t own a flat screen TV this big.

Me: Oh my, this is not my room… not my bed, and definitely not my house.

Toks jerked up when she heard a knock. Looking around her, she grabbed the TV remote and held it out in front of her as a weapon, ready to attack whoever walks through that door.

Man: “Good morning, beautiful,” A deep Barry White like voice with a mix of Boj said behind her. “How was your night?” He added. Toks could tell she was not dreaming as the voice sounded more firm and a tad bit more familiar.

A little squeal escaped from her as she dropped the remote control and fell back into the bed, faking that she was still asleep. She muttered to herself,

Me: “Toks, what have you done?” Toks stopped and took note of how soft the bed was; the feeling of silk on her skin was amazing, and … what? I still have my clothes on from last night? A flash back of a typical Friday night in the streets of Lagos, “chopping life” as her friends called it came flooding back into her memories. I drank too much… “Chai Sewa, Toks” she called her name in a way she knew her mother would have.

love trap

Man: “I said Good morning,” He moved closer to her. Toks tried getting up, it was awful; the worst hangover ever. Her head felt as if she’d been in one of those Yoruba movies beat down with those fake punching sounds. It hurts; Toks held her head.

Man: “Here, drink this. It’ll relieve the pain,” As Toks looked up, she thought that the shirtless man standing in front of her was nothing less than perfect. His frame was as firm as firm could get. Speckles of water ran down his chest and down the cuts of his abs. His morning shave made him look a bit rough and Toks totally and completely fell for his eyes. Perfect sets of hazel brown distant eyes pierced into Toks’s soul. She bit her lips to ease her thirst for the man in front of her. She wiped her eyes but no difference…

Toks cupped her hands forward to receive the meds the stranger had for her. She collected the bottle of pills, read the name on the bottle and surveyed it before taking them. As Toks popped one of the pills into her mouth, the stranger spoke again.

Man: “I don’t think you remember anything about last, my name is Ajose Adeogun but you can call me Ajose.”

Me: “Hi,” Toks greeted. “I’m… you know what, don’t even worry about it.” Toks got up. She began looking for the other pair of her new Christian Louboutin spikes that came in last week from the states. She held the other pair close to her stomach that was making all sorts of noises.

Man (Ajose): “Here you go,” Ajose handed Toks the pair of her shoes. Without hesitating, she grabbed her bag and shoes and headed for the door.

Ajose: “Whoa! Wait, have something to eat before you go. I can drop you off later.”  Ajose respected Toks’s choice for wanting to run away after waking up in a stranger’s bed. He hadn’t done anything to her last night except offer her his shoulders for her to cry on and moreover, she wasn’t his type.

Me: “No, thank you very much; I think I’ve over stayed my welcome.”

Ajose: “What welcome?” Ajose chuckled, “I haven’t even welcomed you yet.”

Is this man playing with me?

Me: “I’m sorry I intruded on your privacy, I’m sure your family will be very upset. I’ll take my leave quietly.”

Ajose: “Oh… I stay here by myself; this is my house.” Ajose didn’t know what prompted him into wanting to clear up the misunderstanding.

Me: “Oh I see well thank you for yesterday,  Mr…?” Toks tried to remember what the man who she was having a hard time getting past his physique called himself.

Ajose: “Call me Ajose. I tried to get your address so I could drop you off but you fell asleep.” Finally, Toks gave into this guy. She knew that whatever happened last night was partly her fault. She knew she shouldn’t have drunk too much. Toks followed Ajose out of his bedroom to a gorgeously decorated living room. He led the way further into his dining area.  Ajose pulled out a chair and gestured for her to take a seat. Toks wondered what type of scope Ajose want used on her. “The pulling out the chair thing isn’t working,” she wanted to say to him. She had seen way too many so Toks wasn’t flattered one bit.

Ajose set a tray on the table and served her. Impressive wooing skills, Toks had to admit. Ajose gestured for her to eat. Surprisingly to Toks, when she took a bite from the plate of fried eggs in front of her, a sigh of fulfillment mistakenly left her. The eggs melted into her mouth like butter and all she could think about was how Ajose lips would fill like on hers.

Me: “I’m dead!” Toks blurted out, eyes now glued to the wall clock in front of her. She’d totally forgotten about the meeting she had with her sister.

Ajose: “What’s wrong?” Ajose asked.

Me: “I have to go… I have a umm, a… a meeting to attend to and if you don’t mind, I’ll take my leave now.”

Ajose: “Then let me drop you off.” he was the first to get up. He went to collect his keys and they headed out.


Caller: “Toks, where are you?” Toks shut Ajose’s car, fixing her cellphone closer to her ears as her elder sister spoke. She increased her pace towards the entrance of the restaurant Ajose dropped her.

Ajose: “I guess this is it?” Ajose announced. He had no intention of  pursuing Toks, he was only glad he could help her last night. As he watched her leave him, the sight of her swaying hips as she walked away was all he could concentrate on.

Toks: “I’m sorry.” Toks shouted back.

Before going into the restaurant, Toks whipped out her little mirror to check her face. She was surprised to see that the MAC face beat she’d given herself last night was still intact. She reapplied more lipstick, sprayed a half empty bottle of the Victoria Secret’s perfume she found in her never ending handbag and went in to meet her sister.

She spotted Simbi sitting in the middle table facing the door and a male figure sat in front of her. The figure was dressed in a fine well-tailored all grey Ankara attire.

Me: “I’m so sorry I’m late,” Toks apologized as she approached her sister’s table.

She went around to her sister to give her a hug and then turned to shake the hands of the unknown man seating with her. As their eyes jammed, Toks almost let out a curse word. Under her breath she muttered,

Me: “Shit!” This man was the furthest thing from a stranger to Toks; it was Jude, her Jude. Toks couldn’t believe her eyes.

What could Jude be possibly doing back from the states, here in Lagos and with her sister?



  1. please make full episodes of these 2 stories of adelove accessible for me especially.”am scared my crush could break my heart and the man at night club my reckless love trap

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