The Storm is Over! Mide Martins Reconciles with Husband

The Nollywood actress opened up recently on how her husband had abandoned her and her kids after she was criticized by her fans for not celebrating him on his birthday. She had penned an emotional message, saying. See what she wrote on instagram below:



“My husband why are you trying to destroy me? Why do you wanna kill me? Why do you wish to destroy my career…Why do I deserve this kind of hatred from you?Is this what I get for having stayed by your side and supported you for good 13yrs? You can read about it here.

Then last week Saturday, the actress was reportedly rushed to the hospital after she was said to have suffered an unnamed health emergency. It was later revealed that she had ‘faked’ a heart attack just to win her estranged hubby back and now the couple have been reunited. Happy for them



  1. Thank God, Myde close your legs to your other sugar daddies, respect your husband and don’t be like mercy aigbe who has turned larry to house husband while she frolics around with all shades of men, your association with her can only bring pain and sorrow

    • when u have issues in your marriage u will go to any length to make it better even if going to social media will solve it

  2. Mide and Afeez, I congratulate you on forgetting the feud and moving on. That is just one of what happens in marriages and which people should always try to live with because of our kids. God bless you both and protect your family. Ameen

  3. I am happy you both are back together. My advice? Resolve the issues that led to this in the first place, and keep your marital disagreements private.

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