Why I fell out with President Jonathan – Saraki explains

Senate President Bukola Saraki has explained why he had problems with the country’s immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan.

Saraki in response to Dele Momodu’s Op-Ed cleared issues surrounding his emergence as senate president, the role he played in his party’s 2015 general elections and why he objected a Muslim-Muslim candidature proposed by some in the All Progressives Congress (APC).

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In his response titled: “PENDULUM: A Candid Response from the Senate President”, Saraki said he began to have issues with Jonathan after he exposed the N2.3trillion fuel subsidy racket.

He said his security was withdrawn and he was invited by anti-graft agency, EFCC on a number of occasions. Explaining to Momodu, he said:

“Do you know the genesis of my real problems with President Goodluck Jonathan? I have had a touchy relationship with him, but the turning point was in September 2011 when I moved a motion on the floor of the Senate that exposed the N2.3 trillion fuel subsidy racket.

“I remain proud that I was the Senator that blew the lid on the most elaborate corruption scheme ever in this country. But after that I became a marked man.

My security was withdrawn. I was invited and re-invited by the EFCC and the Special Fraud Unit.

“I was even declared wanted at a point. I believe I am still one of the most investigated former governors in this country.

I have no doubt that if the Jonathan government was able to find anything against me, they would not have allowed me to go unpunished,” he added.

He then added that he does not expect the APC to shield him but he also does not expect his party to prosecute him.

“I do not expect to be shielded from prosecution because of my contribution to APC, if there was genuine basis for such action to be taken against me.

But I have every reason to expect not to be persecuted by the party that I contributed so much to build.

“The New PDP may not have given APC victory in 2015, but it was an important factor in the dynamics that produced that victory. And with all sense of modesty, I was an important factor in the formation of New PDP; in leading that group to the APC; in ensuring our group’s support for the candidate during the primaries and in mobilizing substantial resources for the election. For these, I have not expected any special compensation. Rather, I only expect to be treated like every loyal party member and accorded the right to freely aspire!”



  1. So you spotted the kwarruption in Jonathan but forgot about yours and your party men? However, someone else has reminded you of yours sir, though in an ignoble manner. Good luck to you conviction as Jona is laughing last.

  2. Carry your cross, a treacherous man deserves no sympathy, if God visits sins this way, i bet you there will be less sinners
    All of you that betrayed Jonathan and PDP, are living dead, an its coming to you one by one
    where is the voracious Kwakwanso, APC has buried him politically, the other day Kwaraje is opening his dirty mouth as he has gone into oblivion
    EFCC should revisit savana bank etc, and cut this guy to size. How i admired his father in the then NPN as the senate leader

    Saraki, truth is you are a Serial THIEF! Greed and Ambition is killing you; Karma has also overtaken you ( did you not disgrace your father bcos of politics? Don’t you know he placed you under curse?). You are neither a Christian or Moslem because if you are, you will give yourself peace by withdrawing from politics, return all ill gotten wealth, beg Erastus Akingbola who has been praying seriously to GOD to avenge him over the evil you did to him (he has not stopped praying over the years); and after all these, “be at Peace with all Men” as GOD commanded, then seek GOD and find him otherwise you will certainly kill yourself.
    Forget about friends, you don’t have any. Those that surround you as friend are people of dubious characters just like you bcos like can only attract like. This is the first lesson Jonathan learnt after losing at the election. All his friends deserted him.

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