I will give you date for your burial – Apostle Suleiman dares El-Rufai over Anti-preaching Bill

Apostle Johnson Suleman, Fiery preacher and Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministry has declared that the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, is already dead for insisting on the religious bill prohibiting public preaching in the state.

apostle el rufai

Suleiman, had in his recent messages warned El-Rufai not to pass the ‘license for preaching in Kaduna State’ into law or he would die.

But El-Rufai, in his response said Suleiman should tell him the exact date of his death, bearing in mind that death is irrevocable.

“If that apostle is truly an apostle, he should mention the day I will die. There is nothing in that law that prevents or infringes the practice of religion. It seeks to ensure that those that preach religion are qualified, trained and certified by their peers to do it,” El-Rufai had said.

However Suleiman, in his latest message, said: “Pray for the plan of the enemies, those in authority, to turn Nigeria to a country of one religion; it will not work. I said something sometime back about one governor that is trying to Islamise Kaduna, he said he want to put a bill to try and control preaching and the reason he wants to do that is because of the Islamic uprising i.e. the issues of insurgency in the Islamic world.

“I do not fight with the government of the Kaduna state, it’s too small to fight with me.

“If you want to correct your people, correct your people; we don’t have problem with Christians and if you want to balance your people, balance your people; we don’t have problem with Christians and the man said I should give him the day of his death.

“You are dead already, ask for the day of your burial. I don’t give date for death but I can give date for burial.”



    • Servant of God has the same authority therefore always careful because there are the weapon of war of God ……God says

  1. May the Lord confirm the words of His Servant so that the world may know that thou art God. For mortal men have for too long boasted themselves arrogantly against thee. The word of the governor is not against thy servant but against thee oh Lord. Arise and execute judgement

    • You’re an ignoramus. May God open your eyes and brain. Read your Bible more often. The Governor has not offended God. Keep your preaching in your church. Everybody in the city already knows Christ. Let your way of life win them. Your noise and open crusades are not acceptable. Start by winning your neighbor.

  2. That’s a stupid apostle, is Nigeria different from other party of the world? These thieves who called themselves pastors, apostle of whatever, travel round the world with poor church members money, where in the world have they heard Christians disturbing others with their preaching if not Nigeria that take all sorts of non sense for practice. The governor should go ahead and pass the bill, let that apostle go to he’ll.

  3. This is ridiculous , I’m a Christian and I do read the bible sometimes , wot about the Lord “forgive them coz they don’t know wot they are doing” ? Why is a man of God threatning someone about death ?

  4. It isn’t threat, its actually El-Rufai who is threatening the gospel and I pray what happened to the prophets of baal will happen here,we’ll know if truly God called the Apostle. Do not forget that the bible said “say unto the wicked it shall not be well with him “

  5. Another basketmouth pastor. Habinger of bad news, Nigerians stop being dogmatic these pastors are milking you dry living in luxury. A true pastor will be like Jesus, no house to call his own

  6. I’m shocked about some comments here!! Aj, Akin kudos. It is obvious that a lot of Christians are still living in ignorance. What has Christianity got to do with governance? Is Kaduna the Vatican? This cheap pastor is simply looking for relevance and El Rufai played into his hands by dignifying him with a response. I’m sure his church has witnessed an upsurge in attendance by the likes of the ignoramuses on this forum. Who is he to pronounce death?
    Just has loudspeakers in mosques has been banned, preaching to disturb public peace should be banned. Let the preacher take his evangelism to the villages and win souls just like the early missionaries. Souls are not won by noise but by the Holy Spirit who convicts. We as Christians make this possible by living right, bearing good fruits and showing love to others. This is the only way we can attract souls for Christ. Definitely not by declaring war on the leader chosen by God. Even Jesus recognizes authority. Give unto Ceasers……..

  7. @Dodo, you make sense. Pple should try and think positively. We should be objective. We shouldn’t be a dogmatic followers. As far as I’m concern, that man is not an Apostle.

  8. I know of this pastor from some years back, he is always too busy receiving gifts of Range Rover SUVs to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Bottom line this man is a sham and fraud. Let him come out and say he does not force his congregation to buy such gifts for him. I have evidence. Nigerians are gullible and he knows and preys on this. Smh

  9. Dodo, Gab and boluaise, I think you should not be quick to judge a pastor and take sides against a ruler who intends to restrict the preaching of the gospel under the guise of regulating religious activities.
    I am not judging your Christianity, rather I have objectively decided where you have pitched your tent.
    Lets remove sentiments from this discussion the pastor has made a pronouncement. It is a matter of time we will soon know who is working for God and against God.

  10. There are a lot of areas were rulers can make impact. Progressive leaders devote there time and energy to fighting crime, poverty, oppression and not the gospel.
    The gospel stands for light and development
    Hindering the gospel stands for darkness.
    Take a look around anywhere and every place, where the gospel has been welcomed is far more progressive and successful compared to where the gospel has been rejected.
    This is a fact. You can use Nigeria and other countries in this world to test this hypothesis!

  11. It is a pity that Christians are never united to defend their beliefs. One day, you shall wake up to see no trace of Christianity. Rise up now!

  12. God bless you adetunji and Babs,with the bill u will queue up at the supposed office for over a year to get a pass that will last for 1 or 2 yrs? Shaking my head at some that call themselves Christians but cant discern when the devil is attacking the church,mind u its not about the apostle but ElRufai’s motive.
    When so many of us do not even live right talk less of “going to the world to preach the gospel to ALL nations”
    So many problems for a governor to battle with in his state but Elrufai decides to face religion, its a sorry case for christians who talk any how, go to Turkey and make ur findings, we are just following step by step what led them to being an islamic state.
    May God help us tho he wont come from above.

  13. I am shocked at some people’s comments. God in heaven knows that I oyoyo, can never support the governor to stop preaching in Kaduna state. I asked myself questions about the so called apostle the very first time this issue started if this guy is a real man of God? Does he read his bible at all? Why predicting death upon someone? The bible says we should pray for the unbelievers so that they will repent and know Christ. And the same bible says we should pray for our enemies Romans 12: 17-21.Does he know what God said about judgment? Who is authorized to pass judgment upon man? God or pastors? Who gave him the power to judge El-Rufai? Was it Suleiman that created him and made him what he is today? If El-Rufai will die cos of preaching bill, what happens to boko haram that kills people and burnt churches here and there? Why can’t people mind their business and allow God to do his work. If what the governor is doing is bad in the sight of God, definitely he will receive punishment from God. Guys, this apostle is just looking for cheap popularity. He is should be in his church praying for better Nigeria and forget about what is happening in government cos he is not a politician. His own pastoral work is pronounce death upon people. End time pastor. Even those that crucified Jesus was forgiven. God is a merciful GOD. He does his things in his own way. Lastly, the governor has to take this matter serious cos the guy can kill him to take that glory. So many of this End time pastors are into juju and diabolic .

  14. I imagine if Jesus was to be confronted with a situation like this, El rufai, law review, restriction of preaching, licensing the preachers and all that. From religious history, will Jesus forecast death for the actors? Has he ever done that in the scriptures?
    Is threat to kill or predict death is one of the ways to spread the gospel of Christianity? is it the best way? It is amazing how the preachers and their fans abandoned debate on the law in question, discussion on its merits and demerits and how it could be fine tuned to serve the purpose of peaceful and happy living of all shades of human in Kaduna and reduced the whole arguments to El Rufai, Christians, death, burial and all that . What a generation?

  15. Uhnnnnn, its well, for what ever reason,are we suppose as a man of God, determine death or a burial Date of God’s creature, d chief judge of the Day of judgement is listening

  16. Surprised at some of the comments made by Christians here..(This is when the devil is at work, the point here is not what the pastor thinks or is saying but about kaduna going to the direction of being an Islamic state …Please can anyone give a criteria of who a qualified pastor should be, Infact whose going to be put in that position to determine who’s qualified and whose not ? The governor should be more concerned with other issues affecting the state or how to curtail Islamic extremists and he’s there talking about pastors been qualified, trained and recognized by their peers….what are the Christians or other pastors doing about this and thereby making suleiman look like the scapegoat.el rufai knows he may succeed if he try’s because Christains could be funny Atimes ecpecially if it directly doesn’t concern them… I know they are fake pastors and all but who are we to determine who is, except God and their punishment awaits them.. Who says there are no fake imams,but we do no here other states(Christain populated) talking about regulating Islamic activities(in which shouldn’t even be wrong because of their role in imbalance in the society today ) ….May God help us all and may he fight for his people, if indeed el rufai has any hidden motives …

  17. @Linda. You are very correct and wise. I hope Christians (leaders and followers) would learn from your wisdom to support in protecting this great belief. God bless Nigeria.

    Thank you, Linda!

  18. All of you saying all sorts of rubbish against the pastor that is normal for a government to pass a bill for the betterment of the people they govern,you better go and have revolutionary mental attitude.Why don’t they pass bill against the menace of the Fulani herdsmen killing people all over the places rampant in Igboland,Yorubaland and Niger Delta in other to achieve urthman Danfodio agenda Awake. Your consciousness

  19. After going through all comments I want to salute everybody for their comments because there is Sense in nonSense. What informed everyone’s comment is their believe system, level of wisdom and understanding. But let me shock you all by asking how many of you have the gift of the Holy Spirit and revelation. Who knows the mind of God save the spirit of God Deut 29vs 29. God also said he will do nothing without reviling it to his servant the prophet. Everyone should pray that God should open his or her eyes to know what is going on in the realm of the spirit against the body of Christ. We have many so called Christians but few child of God. Pray to God to be among the few and live a life worthy to be called a child of God. God have mercy on the body of Christ

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