(Episode 2) The Man at night Club, my reckless love trap

Jude: “Toks, we have to talk.” Jude said to Toks who’d refused to take a seat.

Toks: “Talk about what?” Toks replied, quickly collecting herself to avoid creating a scene in a public place. “What’s there to talk about? Ehn, tell me? Should we start from the part where you cheated on me or no, let’s talk about the day you walked out?” All the anger that’d been building up inside of Toks came loose.

toks doctor

It’s been almost two years since Toks and Jude parted ways from the three years relationship they once had. They’d met in the states where Toks was completing her residency. Jude came into the hospital with a broken arm that night. They’d hit it off and began dating immediately. The break up was painful for Toks. Her playlist throughout the breakup consisted of Waje’s “I Wish I didn’t have a Heart,” followed by Beyoncé’s “Broken Hearted Girl.”

Toks suffered from depression due to the breakup and one time, she even had to be hospitalized. But luckily for her, after several weeks passed, she found closure in her work. The breakup had helped Toks with her decision of moving back to Nigeria to work. She needed to get away from Jude and the energy from the aftermath of the breakup that his presence brought. So far, Toks loves Lagos and the last person she expected to see was Jude.

Simbi: “The guy just came to talk, Toks, give him a chance.” Simbi requested, taking Jude’s side.

Toks: “Don’t talk as if you don’t know what this guy did to me, how could you let know where I was? I can’t believe you did this without asking me.”

Simbi: “I don’t care what your problem with his guy is, but you’ll watch your tone when you talk to me.” Her elder sister shot back.


Toks: “You know what, I’m going to be the bigger person here and leave since I no longer have a sister who cares about my feeling.” Toks hissed and walked out. She got into a taxi and went to pick up her car at the club where she’d left it last night. The drive home was long and Toks used that time to do a lot of thinking. She just couldn’t understand how Jude had gotten in contact with her sister and above all, she sided with him knowing how bad he’d hurt her.

Toks pulled up into her garage. She went in, had a snack, showered and went straight to bed. She watched African Magic till she slept off.

The next day was Sunday morning. Ajose couldn’t remember the last time he attended church service. As much as his mother had forced him to attend when he was still a boy, Ajose knew that once he grew a bit older he’d be unable to keep God in his life with the sort of lifestyle he wanted to live. He picked up his cellphone and dialed her number. He had an excuse. He just wanted to check up on her to see if she’d gone home safe yesterday.

Toks began to prepare for church. It was time she went to face God and ask for forgiveness for the way she’d acted yesterday and certainly on Friday. As she stepped out of her bedroom, her phone rang. She got out her phone and the caller ID read, unknown number. Toks had five minutes to spare so she answered the call.

Toks: “Hello?” she placed her phone to her ear.

Ajose: “Good morning,”

Toks: “Hello? Who is this again?”

Ajose: A short pause and he answered, “Ajose.”

Toks: “Ajose!” Toks dropped her keys. “How… how the hell did you get my phone number?”

Ajose: “You gave it to me last night. Anyway, I’m calling to make sure you got home safe. Happy New Month.”

Toks: “Thanks…” Toks said slowly, unsure of what else she could say. “Umm, I was just on my way out, thanks again for the call. Bye.” She quickly taped the end button.

Monday morning came. Toks woke up at 5:00, got ready by 5:30 and was on her way to work. As she drove, she jammed to Dr. Sid’s Surulere, and to some of her other favorite Nigerian songs to serenade herself. Thank God she had her windows up; people would have thought she was running mad with the way sing her lungs to pieces. Her phone rang putting an end to her karaoke morning. Caller ID read, Momsy.

Toks: “Hello mummy, Ekauro ma.”

Toks’ Mom: “Ha kauro oko mi. Se dada lo ji?”

Toks: “Yes ma. I’m on my way to work. How are you and daddy?”

Toks’ Mom: “We are Fine jare. You didn’t even come to see us this weekend you were off… Kilode?”

Toks’s father is a Benin man but her mother was a full Yoruba woman. Since Toks spent most of her time with her mother, she learnt her mother’s dialect instead.

Toks: “E ma binu ma, I was catching up on my sleep, and trying to get things done but I will come see you soon Madam Dixon. I have to go, I’m at work ma.”

Toks’ Mom: “Okay o. Don’t work too hard o. Bye bye my dear.”

Entering the hospital couldn’t have felt any better. The hospital was Toks’s second home. She went straight to her office and found a bouquet of flowers on her table with a small card in it saying, “I’m sorry. Let me make it up to you -Jude.”

“Mscheww,” she hissed, throwing the card away. Toks’s day started off smooth as her patients had no major requirements other than writing down some prescriptions. As soon as she had a little time to rest before her next patient, she went over to the lobby area to pick up some documents.

Nurse: “Dr. Dixon, your attention is needed in the conference room.” Nurse Toyin said. “I think we’re getting a new doctor today, do you know any clue who this person might be?” she added, handing Toks the patient document she asked for. Toks shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

Nurse: “I heard the person came from America o. All you Americanized Nigerians sha!” Toks laughed. “Abeg, Toyin no start.”

Nurse: “Am I lying ni? When you start talking now, you be using ‘gonna, gonna’ in every word. It is well o. Make person no go twist tongue for work.”

Toks: “Go joor,” Toks shoed her best friend away.

“Aha, there you are…”  Toks’ HND, Dr. Uche sighted one of his best doctors. Dr. Uche was a bald elderly looking man in his mid-fifties with his glasses that always hung low on his nose.

Toks: “Yes sir, you called for me?” Toks stated, leaving her friend behind.

Dr Uche: “Yes Toks, I assume you’ve heard about the new surgeon we’ll be having soon.” Dr. Uche said as he reached for the hospital phone. He ordered for the secretary to let someone in.

Toks: “Yes sir, I’ve heard and it will be my pleasure to welcome our newest member on board.” As the door shut behind Toks, she prayed at least for new doctor to be a fine looking man because much of her department was lacking handsome doctors who were single.

Toks took a quick breathe and turned.

New Doctor: “YOU!” a familiar voice spoke, surprised to see the woman who was wearing a white coat.

Toks: “Me,’ Toks replied with a disappointing frown. Oh here we go, she thought with her head bowed.

………. Stay tuned for Episode 3 

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  1. But how could Simbi advise her own blood to experience another pain from former heart breaker? hmm.. getting more interesting!

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